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Alessio Ganci

I am born in 1996. I am an active Level 10 Local Guide on Google Maps and am part of the Google Product Experts program. I have an experience as a bug hunter and have reported security vulnerabilities to Google and Apple.

I like Italian vintage TV and music, plus, I like Chinese food and culture, with China being one of my favorite travel trips.

I write articles about technology, music, Italian TV, and more. I like to make the world discover the beauty of Italian culture of some decades ago through its TV and music, plus, I like to show all the beauties of China and Chinese culture.

I am proud to have a strong tie with my family: when people find it normal to block their parents on social media or feel realized and independent when they leave their parents' house as soon as possible (without caring if they become dependent on a bank loan or if they keep working for other people), I am proud to open shops and find new business opportunities and make my family participate to them too, just like I will be proud to care of them even when they will be elderly instead of putting them in a retirement house.