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I consider writing about things that I love one of my favorite pastimes. I work online and I have plenty of free time. I often imagine about mighty superheroes and terrifying villains. I can’t stop wondering how it would feel if amazing powers were at your disposal. I also think of certain situations where my favorite superheroes face each other in an all out brawl. Who would gain the upper hand? If you share the same passion, read some of my hubs about super hero match-ups.

Playing DOTA, despite being a very old game, is one of my ways to break free from stress I often accumulate from work. It doesn’t offer so much graphic-wise but the limitless possibilities in every DOTA game excite me most. Do you play DOTA like me? I’m not the best yet a complete beginner will surely learn a lot after reading my tips and tricks in playing DOTA. Read about your favorite DOTA Hero and surprise your friends in your next DOTA game!

Every lady out there will surely understand how I feel about achieving a perfectly fit body. Gaining weight is probably one of the worst nightmares a lady would want to experience as it can bring upon a lot of insecurities. I’ve suffered from weight loss problems before. Good thing the internet was there to help me out. For those who still can’t find their way in fighting against ugly excess fats, read my best hubs about weight loss.


The internet is indeed a place of wonders. I found Hubpages more or less a year ago and the experience was nothing but astounding. I’ve gained new friends and enjoyed a lot while creating each of my hubs. It’s never too late to start your journey here in Hubpages. Why not take the first step? Join me in exploring a world of knowledge and fun! Register Now!