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Andrew C Ross

"Andrew is a very special person. What he has written will bring you to tears; make you laugh and give you hope. His journey has been remarkable and he is a true beacon of hope and perseverance for anyone. I hope all who are faced with adversity will make the opportunity to read this very well written testimony of will to overcome tragedy and feel his tremendous reach for life! Well done, my friend!!!"

"It pains me that my friend died from Hep C and never got the chance to read this amazing chronicle of the horrific journey Mr. Ross had to undertake. It is so well written that it is a page turner, a rare thing for a book such as this. This book should be used as a reference guide by doctors who are treating patients with Hep C, and patients with Hep C should read it so that they are aware of what is potentially facing them. Often the last thing, if ever that a doctor will share is the reality of a procedure, any procedure. Aside from the medical elements of the book, it also covers a most human tale of survival but at a cost that is beyond the limit of the sky. Finally, there are the plain and honest human lessons we all should know and live by. I am awed by the path Mr. Ross had to travel, tho not alone, through treacherous and unknown lands. Talk about being surrounded by minefields!"