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Born 19.03.1984


Republic of Macedonia

MSc. Electrical engineer

Computer geek

Passionate writer at

Renewable power sources expert

I know that sharing information is the only way to a better world, so my friends, I am always here to share my experiences and knowledge with you. My name is Mile Joncevski. My addiction to new technologial achievements has given me additional knowledge. I always look for new cool tech gadgets and achievements and constantly go forward in my area of expertise. That is what a geek means, of course.

My LinkedIn profile is Mile Joncevski, where you can see my professional experience. Throughout my professional experience I worked on many assignments. All of my customers return for additional services.

My Twitter profile is @EngMile.

On this webpage I will share information about GSM technology, Renewable power sources, new DIY gadgets which is my favourite subject and computer software.

I am glad that HubPages gave me the chance to express myself and transfer my knowledge to others.

At the moment I am currently involved into one project called This project is intented to all those people who are having trouble with any software application.