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Martin Wensley

I have a passion for writing that I exercise almost constantly for the last sixteen years. The kid sister of my passion for writing is my enthusiasm for research and knowledge.

I'm a perfectionist and edit what I’m writing while I’m writing it. I’m satisfied with what I write only after I’m hundred percent sure that the copy or content is hundred-percent perfect in every aspect.

I began writing amateur digital copy, and designing ads and writing their copy, in late 1994. I formally abandoned the amateur world in 2006. I began writing commercial copy and designing advertisements in late 2011.

The last two years I was getting acquainted with the best tools for my trades, and re-learning the 2D internet, after a long season in the metaverse environment.

I am finance-oriented, and try to give a financial or monetary spin on everything I do. I have an artistic side, but the logic and calculating one takes over most of the time.

I lived as an expat for years, and have many opinions on bureacracy and international finance, but they’re just that. Opionions that aren’t of any value to others, who might have had a completely different experience.

I chose to be a freelance copywriter and content writer because I love to be a drifter. My years as an expat weren’t something that was settled-down, or easy. I had to drift a lot, and not long after I started doing it I realized that I loved it.

Drifting and freelancing go hand in hand, and I think in this day and age, the choices to live this way are more abundant than ever. There’s no excuse not to do it, if one loves it.

You may be asking yourself by now, what does this have to do with writing? In my case, everything. I first felt it, and then I confirmed it: the environment, when you are a writer, is everything. Or almost everything.

Each one is different, but many will agree that you need a peaceful environment to write. Still, I think a peaceful, quiet environment is just a variable in a long list.

Take for instance the psychic atmosphere. That varies greatly from place to place, and it was hard to believe how I wrote with mania-like inspiration in some places, and how I was blocked in others.

Those who read this may think that I’m projecting, but it was scientifically proved, that living in certain kind of places stiffled one’s creativity, inspiration and even general performance.