Dina Blaszczak

I'm a stock photographer with passion for writing. I used to live in UK for 6 years and fell in love with this country, especially with its capital city London.

I've got Youtube channel with tutorials dedicated to GIMP


I bought my first DSLR (Canon 450D) in October 2009 and enjoyed photography ever since.  I love taking photos and developing my skills as photographer, but equally much I love to do photo editing.

 I love reading books, some of my favourite authors are:

Michael Robotham - "Shutter", "Bleed for me"

Paullina Simons - "The girl in Times Square", "Red leaves"

Ruth Dugdal - "The woman before me"

James Patterson - "Honeymoon", "Suzanne's diary for Nicholas"

Sylvia Brownrigg - "Pages for you".

 I can't live without music, listening to the music as well as reading books is my way of escapism. 

Portfolio with my photos can be found on my website.