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This Old Guy

I have redeveloped an interest in gaming to fill in the time I no longer need for academic studies. I will include some reflections on my gaming experiences here on HubPages

My experience with computers dates back the the early 70s, when military service threw me into a specialty that I rather enjoyed. I will not bore you too much with my military service but I will offer some of my Adventures in Information Technology.

I earned a Master of Science degree in Information Technology with a specialization in Information Security and continued as a graduate student to pursue a Ph.D in Business Administration, however, after successfully completing the Comprehensive Exam I could not develop an acceptable dissertation topic and withdrew from the program.

My studies took up most of my free time and I am presently an Information Technology instructor to lead learners toward rewarding careers. I am in class about twelve hours a day so there is very little of the above mentioned free time. Two of my favorite activities are performing research and writing, which fits in with the HubPages venue quite well.

Academic Publishing

I have written many papers in the tenure of my acadenic career. Some tips for aspiring students about writing are contained in the hub:

Learn How to Write before Writing a Research Paper

I have also repurposed some of weekly papers.and term papers to publish here on HubPages for other students to use as samples, or for students to follow the references and add to their sources for research. Some of those hubs follow:

Effects of Computer Addiction

The Critical Path Method

Sample Discussions from Enterprise Software Interface Design

Sample Information System Functional ERD

Term Paper: ATM System Sample Functional Requirements

Term Paper: Organizational Strategy Analysis

Term Paper: Processes of the SDLC

Term Paper Ideas: Business Driven Software Development

My latest endeavor here on HubPages is an ongoing series devoted to programming tutorials in HTML and JavaScript. These particular hubs were inspired by some of the questions my students ask.

The series begins with discussions of text editors and essential Html Tags. The final hub in the series leads the viewer through creating an amortization calculator.

HTML Tutorials

Text Editors for HTML Coding

Essential HTML Tags

Create a Table Using HTML

Create a Form Using HTML

JavaScript Tutorials

Run Your First JavaScript Program

How to Use JavaScript to Retrieve Form Data

How to Replace Content Using JavaScript

How to Validate Input Using JavaScript

How to Modularize JavaScript Functions

Create an Amortization Calculator

JavaScript Decision Structures