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ga anderson

Writing for the Daily Constitutional, my contributions primarily focus on U. S. political and social issues, but the Op-ed articles that emanate from the Curmudgeon's desk generally address human nature and societal behavior topics.

Caveat: "Seeing it does not make it real, and reading it does not make it true. Use a little common-sense and trust your instincts."

As an online content writer, I generally write topics of my own choosing. I also do topic-specific writing requests for website content and promotions.


Other GA Anderson sites: (no links allowed - so just copy and paste to your browser)


Other areas of interest that I write for personal pleasure include;

Political and social issues, and government waste and abuse commentaries:

"Of course I trust my political representatives - just not with my wallet or liberties." - GAW

• See the Curmudgeon ( - on Politics

Another personal favorite is a continuing series of stories about my childhood experiences growing up with a grandfather that was politically incorrect decades before the term was ever coined.

He was a heavy-equipment bulldozer owner/operator, an avid hunter and gun enthusiast, and to a young 6-year old boy he was 10-feet tall and my hero.

Penning these short stories about my summers, and hunting trips with Pop Cliff has been a wonderful way to relive those memorable times. Every young boy should be lucky enough to have a Pop Cliff to grow up with. Did you?

"From a motorized kid's tractor, to my first rifle, to week-long bear hunting trips - life was good!

The Growing Up With Pop Cliff series

**these articles have been moved to:


Recent new endeavors

As an avid life-long outdoor tent camper -an activity I still enjoy, I also write camping-related articles, and maintain a camping website,, with a focus on tent camping tips, guides, and camping gear resources.

With over 50 years of camping experience, (see the Growing Up With Pop Cliff series to see how my life of tent camping started), I have probably committed most of the rookie mistakes you could think of, and also learned from them. So it might be possible there is a tidbit or two there for you.

Camping Tips and Resources at

And just for fun...

For just plain fun, I maintain a free blog at to host most of my political rants and tirades. Rated "adult" purely because I like colorful language, you can get a little taste at: G.A. Anderson on Weebly.


Personal Information:

Greetings from Maryland's Eastern Shore, U.S.A.

I am technically old as dirt, but feel just short of middle-age.

I am so handsome that women stare at me in public places, but also humble enough to smile and nod thank you.

I have a wonderful wife and family, and my kids are doing great. They have to, I made them sign contracts when they were six, promising to support my wife and I. The details of said support requiring no less than eleven single-spaced pages.

I think Hubpages is a great writing platform that allows me to write articles that make $1000's of dollars per day, or ones that tell all the knuckleheads in the world where to go, and how to get there. These are just as enjoyable as the money makers - because there are a lot of knuckleheads that need my attention.