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Hi; My name is Alun. I used to be a hospital radiographer, working in cancer treatment in England, but now I do whatever I please - I travel extensively, and indulge in my hobbies and interests including the sciences, politics, history and photography. And most of all I write - hence my decision to compile these pages. I'd like to share a few of my interests and opinions with you. If you read any of my pages, I truly hope you enjoy them, and I hope you may find in them something of value. If so, please 'follow' or bookmark for future reference. Thanks.

I am also now developing my own websites, devoted to all subjects I am particularly interested in. So far I have three, including a 'home site' which has links to my other sites. This home website, as well as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google links can be found on the right.

*On this Profile, click on 'Show : All' which is below 'In The Spotlight' to bring up topic categories. This may save you scrolling through the entire catalogue of webpages.

* I would love to write in a more professional capacity. If any agent or publisher reading this believes I have this potential, then please contact me via 'Fan Mail' (below right). Thanks. Alun.