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Frederick S Januaries


I can write on a wide range of subjects, believe me!

My name is Frederick S Januaries (Jan Saints)—a webmaster and writer. I've done both on-page and off-page SEO and webdesign for at least 7 years.

When I find time, I sneak in here and publish a hub (article) and wait for a response from my readers.

If you are struggling with SEO, there are three articles here that may help you. Get to know SEO techniques that you need to incorporate into your webpages now. Learn also how to use keywords and how to create SEO friendly webpages. In addition, if you want to get quality content for your site or make money online, read the articles about iWriter.

I like the health and fitness niche, and this is the reason I have hubs on how to cure flu or cold faster. Get to know how to use blood tests to know your HIV status and overall health. If you are trying to lose weight or fighting drug abuse, see if the articles on weight loss supplements and rehabs can help you. And if you don’t have the cash for the gym, know how to make gym equipment at home. On animal health niche, I have hubs on betta fish diseases and how to prevent and treat them, and dog behavior and exercises.

Astronomy is a field that interests me a lot. So, I have done a little research and created a few hubs on the components, features and parts of celestial bodies like the moon and the sun.

How well do you know about electric cars? Definitely, there is a lot you can learn about these vehicles. See my hub about the same.

Kenya is one of the countries that I find interesting in terms of wildlife, scenery, and technology. Here, I have several hubs on tourist attractions in Kenya and its cities. Get to know the best national parks, tourist destinations, places for sightseeing, and things to do in Kenya. I also have useful hubs on college courses in Kenya. Ever heard of M-Pesa, Equitel, Jumia, Safaricom Internet or Equity Bank PayPal Withdraw service? Learn about all these technologies here and other things like computer software, email services, USB, and social media.

If you are into gardening, I have helpful hubs on leafy vegetables, fish, pigeon and bees farming, lawns, hedges, and flowers. I also have home-related hubs on painting.

In addition, I have done writing on football, ecommerce, and gaming.

Hope you will find my hubs helpful.

Thank you,

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