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Jason R. Manning

  Greetings, I have been on Hubpages for 4 years now and it was high time I change my biography.  Mostly you will find a major shift in my writing, when I first began on this site I had an axe to grind.  I have become so tired of the social and political garbage that I decided my blood pressure wasn't worth the aggravation. 

Now, you will find that I spend most of my time writing about different audio equipment and the music I love to listen to.  There is far too much negativity floating out in our modern world, access to information has changed the way we deal with tragedy.  I decided that life is far too short to spend it on subjects that detract from the beauty of God’s planet.  Now I keep broadening my interests, I still love reading about world history and the amazing people who came before us.  I have nothing but the best wishes and blessings for those who work hard and want to make life better.