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Welcome! Glad you decided to come find out a bit more about me. Yes, I know what you are I actually pick my nose? Erhm, well, boogers aren't exactly powering my laptop so I can type this, but that's as far as I'll go...don't get any more ideas.

In the meantime, I am a tech junkie, although I do surf the net quite a bit. Just constantly looking for the next big thing or just a bit of this and that, enough to catch my interest and give me something to write about. You'll probably see me doing quite a few reviews of some products I use as, well, you can never have too many of those especially with mine. Hopefully I can manage to have this perfect contrast between the technical details and readability, which I think many places lack.

I do write quite a few pieces that may seem to be off topic and you're right; they are! I am a tech junkie half the time and a part-time trader the other half and so you will also see quite a bit of investing related hubs. I do not like to reiterate many of the articles on the internet regarding money management techniques, trading strategies, and so on. I hope to keep things interesting while sharing my views on things.

If you have any requests, possible interests in getting a product reviewed, or just have some general questions, feel free to hit me up. Leave a comment in any of my hubs or just contact me directly and I'll reply ASAP if I'm not too know...powering my laptop.