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Mohsinul Hasan

My name is Mohsinul Hasan from Bangladesh. I'm perfect Tech Geek and Tech adimrer.

What's Made me diffarence from Others?


# Research technology deeply for make it more useful.

# Active all time for your assistance.

# I am a Human Being. I make mistake, make you bored but If anyone Point out my Error my Mistake and my lackings is treat as a Teacher not Rivals.

# I have Zero selfishnes .

As i mention first of My bio that I'm a Bangladeshi so My native language is Bengali. So you have to Overlook my English writing weekness as a Primary level Student :)

What Quality I have?


# I'm a content writer.

# Digital Media marketer.

# Technology problem solution Finder.

# I have a Patients to Hear from others.

Yes! this is me. Your beloved Co-worker/writer/Problem and solution Finder.

Most of all I love to share my tech experience with others.