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random anecdotes

Healthcare professional trying to aspire as a writer. Dabbles in writing when the creative juices start flowing... Once it does, there's no stopping me! ;)

Also trying to dabble at video making as well. I created my YouTube channel awhile back. The videos were inspired... by random thoughts... That was how Random Anecdotes was born I guess, some thought and a whole lot of creativity rolled into it! ;)

If you have some time to spare, please check out my awesome videos (although friends seem to beg to differ... Go figure!). You can hop on to my channel at the link below.

YouTube Channel ~

If you do like my videos, why not subscibe? I believe one cannot have too many subcribers. ;)

When I'm not busy working or creating random stuff, I usually hit the gym or catch up on shows on telly. I love all things gadget, and have been a huge Apple fan... Until iPhone 7 came along... Now don't get me started. Apple ruined it for me when they decided to omit the headphone jack. It struck a nerve and I don't think I'll get over it. Apple, I hope you are reading this, cos this dudette is not a happy camper... Well with the exception of going camping. Then I'm happy ;)