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Remy Francis

Remy Francis brandname Rembrandz practices in Dubai as an Independent Creative Consultant. She visualizes for an array of media such as animation, videos, interiors, web and is a popular Live Portrait Artist. She is also specialised in Illustration, Brand Design and Fine Arts in all genres and styles. Additionally her experience as a corporate trainer in her various categories of expertise makes her a well-rounded creative director in search of a canvas to transfer her art. Working with a specialised team of 10 who are specialists in the media like Designers, Animators, Artists, Musicians and researchers. Skillful at Digital Marketing, Social Media and as you will understand in her writings is also an established Blogger. Her greatest recognition as writer came about when Hubpages awarded her for her debut article here.

With over 20 years of experience under her belt as an A-Z Creative Expert she finds great satisfaction and peace in writing to share knowledge & memorable experiences as a way to give back and show that aesthetics are but only something to be experienced by everyone as a lifestyle.

Some of her star articles here which you may find useful are:

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She writes about creative arts and her insights as a traveling artist. What sets her apart is that her articles are interspersed with her art/animation/graphics derived from her originals as supporting material to communicate her message to the world. She is available to write to if you need permission before capturing her works in anyway to showcase any positive endeavours to complement any other offering.

As her purpose is to turn anything and everything into creative, beautiful things, if anybody is in need of a blog design, portrait, avatar, a cartoon, an info-graphic video film at a competitive and affordable rate, do get in touch with her via HubPages or her personal website.

Her Fine art/Illustration prints are available from &

She strongly encourages you to signup with hubpages and get into a whole new exciting world of writers doing what they do best while fine-tuning the art of writing with the help of the world's best writers community here while earning as you go.

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Welcome again to my Articles! And happy writing!!