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Phil Hobbs

Phil has 10+ year's experience working as a web and software developer both freelance and at a FTSE 100 company. During this time he has developed and been involved in wide variety of projects and applications; including various business-specific web apps, SharePoint apps and Office extensions, mobile apps, EPOS software, custom home automation systems, even implementing machine learning and object recognition as well as autonomous navigation into robotic systems.

He also has a passion for facilitating the education of others, firmly believing in the value of experiential learning (learning through doing and reflection). He writes about related subjects and often promotes resources that encourage the reader to get "hands-on" in the learning process.

Phil also has a wide range of interests outside of IT and Electronics and occasionally writes about some of these both on HubPages and elsewhere on the internet. Such examples include Chinese History, Culture, and Language; Kayaking; Skiing; Photography; and Cooking.