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Staci Stathos

Staci Stathos is an IT Professional, who studied Software Engineering and Computer Science at Southern College of Technology in Marietta, GA. She is the owner and creator of ThatNakedGirl, a website used to perform SEO experiments on Google.

A natural nurturer of words, both written and spoken, Staci now writes and edits for various websites, such as The Motley Fool. She is also an editor and archivist for the National Archives and Records Administration. 

As a volunteer, Staci offers technical assistance in various online forums. She devotes her spare time to the Public Library of Science, Open Society Foundation, and Linux Foundation. 

Although grateful to have lived in Greece, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, and Hilton Head Island, Staci is overjoyed to make her home in Charleston, SC, today. She considers being a Charlestonian one of the greatest blessings a girl could hope for.