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Steel Engineer

I am a Professional Engineer registered in California, working from Kiev, Ukraine. I specialize in steel building construction. I design everything from equipment storage garages to manufacturing buildings to health care clinics.

The majority of buildings I engineer are for large steel building firms and independent steel construction contractors. The residences I engineer are typically for architects, draftsmen and other designers.

I perform the metal building engineering for some of the biggest steel building contractors in the Central Valley. I also contract most of the work for an international dairy design firm in Oakdale, CA. Steel buildings I engineered are on four continents and in many nations.

You can contact me for engineering at

Even if your project does not require a building permit, engineering saves money. First, a properly engineered building has an economy of design. This reduces your material cost. Second, by not failing, your building's lifetime value increases. Third, if your region requires engineering in the future, you will have engineering calculations to show the buidling is properly designed. Once permits are required, any change over $600 requires a building permit. The entire building will require "as-built" engineering.

I am the author of "Pass the PE like a Pro," an ebook to aid future engineers pass the professional examination. I also authored "Pass the FE like a Pro."