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That One Tech Guy

Hello and welcome to my lair, I am here to confess my crimes...
*cough* I mean to help with your every day tech problems and make awesome suggestions as well as inform you about all things tech related! If you love technology as much as I do, well, you're in luck!

As for me, call me Ethan. I am a computer specialist with 2 years in computer security and also have a history in Ethical Hacking/Pentesting and other cybersecurity related and technological fields. I also had my share of blackhat hacking when I was younger as well but have decided to use my knowledge to help make sure others don't fall victim to cybercrime.

As you can see, I will be covering a vast number of technological and cybersecurity related subjects and would love to answer your questions if you have any! Please feel free to contact me by shouting me out on Twitter!