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Hi there, I'm Edward and thanks for viewing my pages.

Just a little about my background; I graduated from Materials Science and am working in Marketing now.

In short, I'm confused.

However, that would not be the full picture. I have a healthy sense of curiosity and loves a challenge. I feel I've graduated from finding out which material would be best for a product to how to best sell products. And everything in between.

My sites are all about what I've been learning, either through the 'Net or from books. Coming up with something I want to find out about, I will go find out more about them, and thinking that others can benefit from the knowledge as well, I've collected notes from what I've been learning so far and put them into these sites.

Whether computer skills or marketing tips, financial topics or automotive discussions, I will distill what I've learnt into easy-to-read paragraphs and photos, hopefully helping anyone who needs to know about those issues along the way.

A quick disclaimer, I am not an expert in every domain that I post about, and things may vary from country to counter. Please, seek expert advise should the issue be pressing enough.

Thanks again for reading, and let me know what you think in the comments section!