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Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile.

I love spending time on the internet learning new things and 'meeting' great people like yourself!

I'm a supply chain procurement professional by trade, but I really, really enjoy writing blogs and reading your work as well. If I could do that for a living, wow, that would be the life (although rock star-god isn't a bad idea either .... where's my Kazoo :-)

See below for great sites I write for.

Click the referral link to join for free (the site will give me loot out of their own pocket for this favor from you).

Here are some other sites as well as my own that I write on. I'm not allowed to link them here but copy the blog name and paste into your browser and (hopefully) it'll be there

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1. TurtleDog's Blog. My Blogger blog on wide ranging topics.

2. Best Movie Reviews By TurtleDog. My blog reviewing films I have seen

3. Things To Do Near Norristown. A great site of cool things to do in Southeastern Pennsylvania

4. Squidoo. Another cool site I contribute to.

Please check out my posts

My real name is Rick by the way! Nice to meet you!

Things I love:

The beach and it's grey white grains.

A cunning backgammon game.

The ballet of a major league double play.


A belly-laugh.

Waking up to find I made a penny (literally) on the internet today.