Renz Kristofer Cheng

Living in his twenties, Renz Kristofer Cheng is graduate of BS in Applied Economics and BS in Accountancy trying to keep his sanity intact through writing. Well, aside from occassionally writing in this community (i.e. Hubpages), Renz Cheng also shares about food, restaurants and interesting places in his blogs called "A Not So Popular Kid" and "Wander Kid Travels"

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He has written articles under the following categories:

1. Arts and Photography - artworks, guides, etc. "Art for me is very much fascinating, and I would like to share my fascination with you throught the articles here. "

2. Business and Economics - regarding business and economics." I'd like to share to you the knowledge I'm getting from my course."

3. Ideas and Insights - ideas to be shared. There are often thoughts running inside my mind, and there are times that I write them. This category may also include those that induce ideas and insights.

4. Travel and Tours - articles related to traveling (tours, hotels, places to visit).

5. Food and Taste - This category includes dining experience, good restaurants etc.

6. HubPages Community - "as I continuously grow in this community, I started learning some things that could benefit the Hubpages community. Hence, I want to them through writing hubs."