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6 Best Apps for Football Statistics

As the UK football betting industry and smartphone usage both continue to grow, the number of apps dedicated to the beautiful game is also increasing. 6 of the best apps available on the market have been reviewed, but which comes out on top?


Does the Google Pixel Still Hold Up in 2019?

The Google Pixel was one of the best smartphone releases of late 2016, featuring one of the best cameras around. Does it still hold its own against the newest flagships? Let's explore it in this article, and find out if it is something that you can use as a daily driver in 2019, like I still do.


12 Disadvantages of Texting

Text messaging has had a revolutionary effect on the way that people communicate, since its introduction to the public in the 1990's. Although there are many positives, this article lists the 12 main disadvantages of texting.


12 Advantages of Texting

People have been sending SMS messages, or texting as it is commonly called, since the 1990's. This article lists the main advantages of texting over other forms of communication, such as email and phone calls.