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10 Apps That Improved My Quality of Life

Verity is a physics with teaching BSc (Hons) graduate. In her spare time, she likes to cook, read and play video games.

Apps that have improved my health and organisation, and have helped me reduce stress.

Apps that have improved my health and organisation, and have helped me reduce stress.

I like being able to streamline processes in my life, and if there is an app that can perform an action for me, better than I can, then I love it! This article is going to detail 10 apps that I cannot live without. Some of these apps are based on organisation, some on health, some on fitness and some on stress-reduction. If you have any recommendations for apps that should be on this list then please comment below!

1. Fabulous

Fabulous (on Google Play and the Apple Store) is a very versatile app that you can use for lots of different personal growth. You can set it up to help build positive habits for a better lifestyle. The app will send you reminders for drinking water and eating a substantial breakfast, and will gradually increase the number of habits until you have a fully functioning morning routine.

Fabulous also has built-in meditations, stretching exercises, yoga sessions and work-outs. I like to do the 11-minute stretching exercise, followed by 6 minutes of fast-paced yoga, and then finish with a 7-minute high-intensity work-out. These sessions are guided with a voice that tells you what to do, and an on-screen image of what positions/stretches look like. So they are perfect for multiple different fitness levels.

2. Meditation & Relaxation: Guided Meditation

Meditation (on Google Play and the Apple Store) is an app that I use almost every night to help me to sleep. I love the guided meditations that are available on this app. The voices are very soothing, and there are ones of different lengths to suit your needs. My favourite one is the 21-minute Body Scan meditation. This relaxes me so much that I fall asleep before I reach the 5-minute mark.

3. Hold - Technology Tamed

Hold (on Google Play and the Apple Store) is an app that helps you claim back your time. If you find that you procrastinate too much and spend too much time getting distracted on your phone then this is the app for you.

When you use this app, you tap the hold button and then you are officially on hold and able to work on your projects! For every 20 minutes that you are on hold, you earn points that can then be exchanged for rewards such as free coffee, draws to win gift cards, charity contributions and much more. You can "compete" to be productive with other people within your organization/school/university. The app is also locked between 1am and 6am to encourage you to get some sleep and to work at healthy times.

4. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur (on Google Play and the Apple Store) is a highly customisable app that plays ambient noises, this is especially useful for either meditation or to help focus on an important project. This app is also useful to me, to help me calm down if I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

There are 10 different sounds that you can play (all at once or mix and match): rain, thunder, waves, wind, fire, birds, crickets, coffee shop, singing bowl and white noise. You can adjust the intensity of these sounds to your preference. My favourite settings are: rain on low intensity with thunder on half intensity, fire on full intensity and singing bowl on low intensity. You can set your sounds on timers and have them fade in and out, and when you find a mix that you like, you can share it too.

5. Google Opinions

Google Opinions (on Google Play) is a micro-survey app. It uses the data that you send to google anyway (e.g. maps, youtube) to ask you 3 very quick and very simple questions about places you have been or videos you have watched. They are always simple yes/no questions and never require typing and you cannot be screened out of them! You usually earn between 6p to 25p per survey, and this money is in the form of Google Play Credit so you can spend it on apps, subscriptions or in-game items (e.g. Pokemon Go). Since I installed the app on February 28th (today is September 2nd) I have completed 88 surveys and earned £11 exactly.

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6. Loop - Habit Tracker

Loop (on Google Play) is a simple, elegant and effective way of tracking positive actions and forming good habits. With this app, you can set a task that you want to do daily, input a time, and then the app will set an alarm or notify you to do this task. You can then tick it off on a checklist which enables you to track, with a graph and colour-coded system, how often you are sticking to good habits and what you need to work on.

I use this app to remind me to take my medication at the same time every day, to ensure that I drink enough water every day, and to ensure that I remember to floss my teeth during the day.

7. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle (on Google Play and the Apple Store) is an app that you can use to read ebooks. These books can be university textbooks, recipes or romance novels, it is all down to what you prefer. Kindle has many classics that are completely free, so it is the perfect app to use on the commute to work to read those novels that you've always been meaning to. There are many recipe books too, which means you can have the recipe open on your phone or tablet while you cook. With Kindle, you can also highlight passages of books that you feel are pertinent and you can search for meanings of words. It is the perfect app for bettering yourself and keeping your brain active.

8. Samsung Health

Samsung Health (on Google Play and the Apple Store) is an app that I use all day every day. With this app, I track my weight, my sleep, my exercise, my heart rate, my stress levels, my step count, my caloric intake and my water intake. I also take part in a monthly fitness challenge against other users of the app, where you aim to walk 200,000 steps per month. You can also add friends and compete against them. I love being able to see my exercise condensed down to statistics, and being able to compete with others provides me with the motivation to get out more.

9. One Pulse

One Pulse (on Google Play and the Apple Store) is another survey app. Similar to Google Opinions, you never get asked more than 3 questions and you never get screened out of surveys. The surveys are always interesting topics, some of which are pertinent to recent news. Once you have completed the survey, you immediately get to see a breakdown of other people's answers.

The reward depends on your level, I am level 12 and I get $0.36 per survey. You can cash out to a paypal account as soon as you reach $5. I have been using the app for 11 months, and I have earned $65.

10. My Calendar - Period Calendar and Ovulation Tracker

My Calendar (on Google Play and the Apple Store) is an absolute must-have for anyone who experiences periods. I input the start and end dates of my periods and the app does all of the rest of the work. This app calculates your cycle length and gives you reminders before your period is due, reminders if your period is late and you can set it to track when you are ovulating if you are trying to get pregnant.

You can input methods of birth control too in order to receive reminders, and you can track PMS symptoms in the app and rate their severity. There is also a pregnancy mode, so if you do become pregnant it will pause the tracking for you and instead give you information on the development of the foetus.

I never have to worry about tracking my period now, I get the reminder from the app and then I am prepared, I have never been caught by surprise and the app is always spot on with its predictions.


These are my personal recommendations for apps that have completely transformed my daily life. I realise that a couple of these apps are only available on Android, this is because I use an Android phone, so I am not familiar with similar apps for ios. If you do use ios and have recommendations, or if you have apps that you cannot live without, please comment below and let me know.

Thank you for reading.

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