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100 Conversation Starting Text Messages to Send to Friends

Beth is an expert at and social engagement. She enjoys to encourage people to reach out to one another.

What message should I send to my friend?

That feeling when your long-lost friend sends you a text!

That feeling when your long-lost friend sends you a text!

Staying Connected to Friends Through Text

A lot of people find themselves asking. "What message should I send to my friend?". The pandemic taught us that not getting to see friends isn't easy, and sometimes we just have to do with a text. If you are struggling with how to start text conversations, then copy and paste these text messages to show your friends you care and are thinking about them. Don't worry, reaching out is easy with this list of text messages to send your friends.

When texting friends you never want to copy and paste the same message every day, and starting with a simple 'hello' doesn't always promote conversation. Sometimes the hardest part is getting the conversation started. This list of text messages will help you overcome that hurdle.

The text messages below are separated by mood and situation. Simply browse through the list to find one that is appropriate for the situation! Once you get the ball rolling, you will find the conversation rolling along in no time.

Text your friends with ease.

Text your friends with ease.

Kind Texts to Show You Care

Kindness is a great way to start an uplifting conversation with your friends.

Send them a compliment, remind them that you care, or be a little silly. End the message with a question. This encourages them to respond and shows that you value their opinion.

  1. We sure do have great times together! Making memories with you is so much fun! Do you think we are more like Ethel and Lucy or more like Bert and Ernie?
  2. They say kindness is the new cool. Then you must be the coolest person ever because you are always so kind! How did you learn to be such a great friend?
  3. With a friend like you, I can weather any storm. I appreciate your friendship, and I should say that more often! How are you? Are you having a good day?
  4. Do you think our weirdness is what makes us such great friends? You know I like asking deep questions because you always understand.
  5. Not to get cheesy, but if there is a zombie apocalypse I choose you to survive it with. I would hold the line with someone brave like you. What is the source of your bravery?
  6. If they made a movie about our friendship it would be a bestseller. What kind of movie would we be?
  7. Thanks for always laughing at my bad jokes! That is the sign of a true friend! You will still be laughing at them when we are old and grey, won't you?
  8. You are the nicest person! I hope that some of your kindness rubs off on me. Your good influence will keep me on the right path! What motivates you to be so nice?
  9. I was just thinking about how much fun we have together. I am so relieved that I have you to keep me out of trouble! Where did you learn how to be such a great leader?
  10. You are amazing! Having someone like you always be there for me makes me feel so blessed. Smile and know someone is thinking about you! Did you know you inspire me?
  11. Did you know that I will always be there for you no matter what?
  12. Whenever I need someone to talk to, you are always there for me! I appreciate that. Are you Ok? Is there anything you need to talk about? I am here for you too!
  13. You are strong when I am weak. I don't know how you do it! But you never cease to amaze me. How do you feel today? You deserve to be on top of the world.
  14. When I am sad you make me laugh. When I am happy you make me laugh. You are the kind of friend everyone needs! Has anything funny happened to you recently?
  15. Reality can be good or bad. But no matter which it is I know I can rely on you. I want you to know you can rely on me! Is there anything you need?
  16. Loneliness doesn't stand a chance when you are around! It doesn't take any special day to remind me that I can rely on you! May your day be filled with sunshine! Is there anything exciting you want to talk about?
  17. I gain three intelligence levels just by knowing you! Have you been keeping track of how many times our friendship has leveled up?
  18. Solitude is a time of reflection. It reminds me how much I appreciate your time. I am sending positive thoughts your way! How are you keeping busy?
  19. When I don't hear from you I get withdrawal symptoms! I find myself curious about what mischief you have been into. Have you got any fun stories to share?
  20. You are a barrel of fun! What should we do for our next adventure?
  21. Just thinking about happy memories we have made. I surely would have lost my head by now if it wasn't for you! It's a good thing you are stuck with me! Did you have a nice day?
  22. Better days are ahead, but even through the hard times, you make a difference to me. What kinds of things do you want to do when we can get together again?
  23. Laughing with you is the reward of our strong connection. It reminds us of the joys in life! You make alone-together make sense! But I prefer together-together more! Heard any good jokes lately?
  24. I wanted to remind you how awesome you are! Let's catch up! What have you been up to?
  25. Out of all of the other humans, you know how to make the stress go away best. I commend you for calming my worries and anxiety! Thanks. How are you coping?
  26. Times sure have changed, but our friendship has only grown stronger! Through sadness, happiness, fear, and anger you have been a rock! It's my good fortune to have a friend like you. Have you patted yourself on the back today? You should because you have earned it!
  27. Through the old normal or the new normal, our friendship gives me hope! What do you think the new normal will end up like?
  28. Lifting up your friends is easy when that friend is you! If you ever want to keep busy text me. You never bother me and sometimes you teach me something new! Have you picked up any new hobbies recently?
  29. Don't forget to do a little self-care. You are worthy of your hard-earned relaxation time! Just a friendly reminder that I care! Have you been getting enough sleep?
  30. Pandemics are the worst, but you are the best! I have always admired your ability to look on the bright side. There has never been a better time to remind you of that! What's on your post-pandemic to-do list?
  31. I am awarding you the most patient friend medal. No matter the interval in which we speak, I am always left feeling happier. Have you made any interesting discoveries today?
  32. What are you up to? I am just checking in with my favorite friend!
  33. This is a check-in! When thinking of you I realized I should just send a text and see how you are! Is there anything that you need to talk about today? I am here to listen.
  34. I miss you! How have you been spending your free time lately? I have been getting too acquainted with my couch! I hope you are having better luck than I!
  35. No matter if it is two steps forward or one step back I look forward to every step with you. You are the best! Where do you think this journey will take us next?
  36. If you ever need a pick-me-up let me know. You have my back, and I have yours! Are you feeling social these days?
  37. Our bond is classic and motivates me to be my best! I thank you for that. How have you been keeping busy?
  38. Just in case I haven't told you lately, our friendship motivates me each and every day. I am on a quest to be more positive and caring. Did you know that you have been a good influence on me?
  39. I am reaching out to you just because I enjoy hearing what you have to say. Is there anything you want to talk about? If the answer is no, then have you seen any good movies lately?
  40. On the outside, it looks like we have a perfect friendship. On the inside, we do have a perfect friendship! Do you think we should start doing the high five regularly?
  41. Being alone reminds me how important you are to me! I miss you! How are you coping?
  42. I am feeling a little bored. I thought I would live vicariously through you. You're great at figuring out what to do. What was the last fun experience you had?
  43. Even though I can't see you I know that you look great today. I hope you feel great today too! What was the last thing you did to pamper yourself?
  44. Do you feel stressed about anything? My mind and ears are at your disposal if you need me!
  45. You are always glowing. It's probably because you have such a beautiful soul! What inspires you to be so creative and compassionate?
  46. We both deserve lasting happiness. I was just pondering emotions. Do you think happiness and well-being are the same things?
  47. The world seems to be changing so fast. It can be a distraction for the more exciting parts of life. Have you been participating in any creative pursuits these days?
  48. Our friendship helps give my life meaning. You are important to me! Do I remind you of that often enough?
  49. I find myself rethinking a lot of my goals as the times change. Your opinion matters to me. What are your current life goals?
  50. I read that the path to happiness must contain both happiness at work and happiness at home. How has work been going for you lately?
A sad or lonely moment can quickly turn into a smile for your friends.

A sad or lonely moment can quickly turn into a smile for your friends.

Uplifting Messages for a Pick-Me-Up

Sometimes your friends need to be cheered up. In those situations, it might be difficult to know what to say. These text messages are meant to give you an idea of how to give your friends a little pick-me-up.

Just reaching out and showing you care might make all the difference. Try motivating your friends with one of these text messages.

  1. Challenges seem to be around every corner. Yet, you always come through them with such grace! What drives you to bounce back so quickly?
  2. I have confidence in you. But if you want to cry a few tears on my shoulder, then I am always here for you! Do you need a virtual hug today?
  3. You are my hero! Your inner strength always impresses me. But, if you need me I am here! Is there anything I can do for you?
  4. When the monsters come out I will come to chase them back under the bed! I have your back. Are there any monsters you need me to chase away?
  5. You are successful, kind, and caring. I am proud to have a friend like you! Have you done anything to make yourself feel special today? You deserve it!
  6. Standing by you is what I do because you always stand by me. The hard times can't stop us. Are there any burdens I can help you carry?
  7. You make me want to be the best I can be. You changed my life for the better! What would make you feel happy right now?
  8. My life would be so dull without you! Our flourishing friendship is always an adventure. What would you like to do for our next adventure?
  9. Breathe in, breathe out, and remember that you are special! Getting outdoors always helps me feel better. Would you like to take a walk with me?
  10. We share everything, and it enriches my life! I will be your rock just like you have been mine. Is there anything you want to share with me? I am all ears.
  11. There is nobody like you. You are special and unique. These changing times can't break our friendship. Where do you see us in ten years?
  12. It is natural to feel sad. It is ok to cry. It makes us human. On the other side of tears, there will be smiles and laughter. Do you feel like crying or laughing right now?
  13. You are so valuable to me. I don't know what I would do without you. But, what can I do for you?
  14. It is hard to believe what great change this world has seen. I am glad I have a friend like you to go through it with. What are you feeling right now?
  15. What is your biggest challenge right now? In the face of challenge, you are incredible! I will face every challenge with you?
  16. When I feel lonely I think about you and it makes me feel better. Have you been feeling lonely lately?
  17. On a personal level, I think you are the best. On a collective level, I think you are the best! Have you patted yourself on the back today?
  18. I was just remembering all the times you helped me with my problems! Is there a problem you need help with?
  19. You can overcome anything because you have a strong mind! I believe in you! What is on your mind! You can tell me anything!
  20. My sense of identity isn't complete without you! You make me feel more whole. What do you need to feel more whole right now?
  21. If you have a problem, I will get all CSI and find the solution! Are there any life mysteries I can help you work through?
  22. Life is full of surprises! May the next surprise you have to bring you much joy!
  23. Here is a virtual high-five because you are tops! Do you think we should have a secret handshake?
  24. Have you been keeping up with your routines? I am trying! Let's be each other's motivation!
  25. I don't tell you enough how much gratitude I have for our special bond. What's a memory of us that always makes you smile?
  26. You are the sweetest person in the world. Have you been making time to eat, sleep, and care for yourself?
  27. We are like a garden. Our friendship grows bigger and better blossoms every year! What kind of flowers should we be?
  28. I miss you! I can't wait to see you again. I love living on the edge and pushing the envelope with you. Do you want to get together soon?
  29. How have you been sleeping? I hope you don't mind me worrying a little about you!
  30. Tough times are temporary, but your strength is forever! Can I give you this virtual hug now, and a real one later?
  31. Time heals all wounds. Keeping busy helps your mind rediscover the beauty in life. Want to do something?
  32. How it is supposed to be and how it often differs. But you are the rock who holds it all together! Can you give me a smile?
  33. Don't worry what other people think, or worry for them. Remember that it is ok to put yourself first sometimes!
  34. As your friend, it is my job to cheer you up with you need cheer. Or to offer you an ear and a shoulder when you need to talk. Which one do you want right now?
  35. Let's make a deal. You cheer me up and I will cheer you up. Does that sound like a plan?
  36. Don't give up! If anyone can keep putting one foot in front of the other you can! You will be back on the bright side before you know it!
  37. Even on dreary days, you bring the light. I have faith you can overcome anything. But in the meantime, do you want to talk about anything?
  38. You are more patient and kind than you could ever know! I can remind you as often as you like! Should I shower you with compliments?
  39. I remember the feeling I had when we first met. I still feel that way, only now I know how awesome we both are for building such a great friendship! Do you remember when we first met?
  40. If you need hope, I will share mine with you. If you are sad, I will try to make you smile. I am here, do you want to talk?
  41. The beauty of our friendship is that it gives us strength through the tough times, and laughter through the happy times. We rock! Do you feel more like laughing or crying right now?
  42. You impress me with how you make me smile with your words! I only hope that I can return the favor!
  43. It is a pleasure to listen to you. I know you have a lot on your mind. What is on your mind?
  44. Burdens are not meant to be carried alone. If you want to talk about your burdens then I will help you carry them.
  45. When you are down I get the urge to cheer you up. But sometimes that takes a journey through sadness or anger. Can I take that journey with you?
  46. There are no limits as to what you can accomplish. Each day is yet a step in the long journey to success. If you need to lean on me during that journey I am here for you! How are you feeling?
  47. I am on a mission to make you feel special over text! If that fails then I will make you feel special in person!
  48. Even if the rain never stops I would either bring you an umbrella or dance in the rain with you! Which one suits you best at the moment?
  49. What can I do to brighten your day? I was thinking about you, and admiring how you navigate the many challenges of life. Plus, you help me navigate mine! I want to return the kindness.
  50. Neither the darkness nor the dawn can stop you! I am proud of you in so many ways! Would you like me to remind you about some of them or just come give you a big hug?
Make your friend smile with a quick text.

Make your friend smile with a quick text.

Inspirational Video to Get You in the Mindset to Text Message Friends

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