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40 Things the iPhone Has Replaced

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

My Smartphone Might Be Smarter Than Me

Owning an iPhone is like having a genius on hand, at all times. This small, yet powerful bit of technology packs a punch. Even though there is no app that could actually punch some one, even though owners might want one.

Having a iPhone is like having a personal assistant, who works free of charge. Even though you do have to pay monthly fees, which in comparison to a personal assistant is still a lot cheaper.

The iPhone has replaced countless things that at one time or another we all used. We no longer need to have so many items that required storage and took up space. Now all we have to do is click on our trusty friend and touch an app.

Mind you, an iPhone is fragile. If you are not careful, the phone could crack or break. Be gentle with yours and it will treat you right. Be sure you have a protective case and give it plenty of Apple Juice, so it never runs out of energy.

On the list you might be sad about some things that were replaced by the iPhone. You might not be ready to part with certain things since they have become a way of life for you. You might be lost without them. Change isn't always easy, but like every thing else in life - we get use to it and learn to adapt.

Chances are you might not have an iPhone, but your smart-phone also replaced many similar things...

Created via my iPhone

Created via my iPhone

Out With The Old, In With The New

  • The land-line phone. Seriously, who still owns a land-line? It's just an additional monthly expense. You could use that wasted money towards your smart-phone wireless bill.
  • The payphone. With each generation of children being born the payphone is becoming more obsolete. There are people who will never know what it's like to stand inside a phone booth and chat on a phone. That has a cord.
  • A calculator. No need to ever have to seek and try to find your calculator. It even has a scientific calculator, but no cheating allowed for the students.
  • DVD's and DVD players. You could now watch movies via an iPhone. You won't get the big screen cinema, but it'll be a lot cheaper than paying movie theater prices.
  • Flashlight and those expensive batteries. You lose power and with your trusty sidekick nearby you will have a flashlight. No need to have extra batteries on hand.
  • A camera and video camera. The iPhone has a camera which even includes a panoramic option. With the additional apps you could edit your own photos. You could even send your photos to CVS or Walgreens to print, directly from your iPhone. For real! I kid you not. No need to lug around a video camera, just pull your phone out of your pocket and the video is ready to get 'er done.
  • CD's and Boom-boxes. We now live in the world of iTunes and digital music. No more CD's to run out and buy on their release date...just download them. We no longer need boom-boxes since iPhones could be attached to a port and you could blast your personal tunes when ever you want.
  • Rolodex and address books. With the Contact list installed and automatically alphabetized you no longer have to keep your Rolodex updated.
  • A calendar. The iPhone has a calender and date reminder. Just enter the occasions and events you need to be reminded of and you will be alerted. No longer will you need an excuse because you forgot a birthday, anniversary or sales meeting.
  • Alarm clocks and timers. Set your alarm clock to the music of your choice. No more beep, beep, beep - when instead you could wake up to Keith Urban singing to you. No more throwing your alarm clock across the room, because, well...that would be an expensive repair.
  • Books, magazines and newspapers. Many of us still prefer to read an actual book, magazine and one time, I was one of the many - I've now flipped sides and enjoy not having the clutter of reading material in my space. I prefer online reading. I won't officially flip on books until I finish reading the stacks of books that surround me in my space.
  • Phone calls. With texting being faster and more convenient, who needs to make a phone call. That's actually sad. I use to be a phone person. For hours on end. I now place phone calls only when I NEED to. The ironic thing is the iPhone is built around a "phone" that's rarely used.
  • A compass. For some one who has NO sense of direction a compass will become very handy - once I learn how to use one.
  • A GPS and fold out maps. Again, same as above. Once I learn how to use a GPS. I can read a fold out map. Yay, me!
  • Watches and wall clocks. No longer do you have to replace batteries or change the time due to daylight savings time - the time is always available on your iPhone.
  • Greeting cards. You could simply send greeting cards that you create via an app. No more stamps to buy or cards to purchase.
  • Baby's crib mobile. There are apps that play soothing music for your tiny tot to fall asleep to.
  • Photo Albums. You could store thousands of photos in your iPhone with iCloud and then transfer them to your computer.
  • Business Cards. Instead of buying business cards in bulk, purchase less and instead of handing out cards, you could text a photo of it with a little help from your iPhone camera.
  • Trips to the bank - mobile deposit. No need to have to run to the bank to deposit a check any more. Just get 'er done with the banking app.
Greeting card I made with my iPhone

Greeting card I made with my iPhone

More Things the iPhone Has Replaced

  • Coupons. Instead of clipping coupons for certain specials, bar codes are now scanned instead. So much easier. Saves time. Less hassle. IBotta is an app to try.
  • Social Interaction. With all the various social media sites, socializing in person is becoming more scarce. I also find this sad, but we continue to make an effort to hook up with our friends and family as often as possible.
  • Dictionaries and Encyclopedias are not needed anymore due to the many apps and Google's assistance. Those bulky books did serve a purpose for many years.
  • Asking some one to take your photo...Selfies are the way to go now.
  • Phone Books. Just search for the number you need and the iPhone will even dial it for you. You'll feel so pampered.
  • Pagers/Beepers. It's all about texting now.
  • Board games, Video games. Download an app and the game is ready to play when you are. You could even play along with family and friends. Sadly, this practice takes away from social interaction.
  • Weather Channel. No longer do you have to wait and wait for the weather channel or local news to announce the weather in your neck of the woods...just search the weather app.
  • Post-its. Now, you could just use the memo app and write reminders. Or even send yourself an email, which is what I do. For the record, I still use post-its. My desk is a rainbow of colors.
  • Having to print a boarding pass while traveling.
  • Bulky headphones. With the modern compact style of earbuds, those large headphones that compressed on our heads are no longer needed.
  • Pedometer. Measure your steps with the pedometer app. Challenge yourself to walk so many steps each day. Go on now, get to stepping.
  • Pens. Your finger is now your pen. You no longer will be accusing others of stealing your pen.
  • Order Pizza. On those evenings that you don't feel like cooking just have your iPhone call and order for you. OK, the phone isn't that smart YET, you will have to help it out a bit. The point is you can order pizza while stuck in rush hour traffic.
  • Schedule Appointments via Zoc Doc. Sounds like a good idea to me!
  • Check the stock market.
  • Watching the news. Most major news stations have livestreaming news. You could watch while laying by the pool.
  • Computers. The iPhone is a mini computer that you could carry around in your back pocket. I rarely need to turn on my laptop any more, unless I really need to.
  • Video Chat with Facetime. When you are missing a family member or a friend, you could just have a Facetime chat. Granted, they must also have an iPhone. When they begin to annoy you, just hang up and blame it on a weak internet connection. Not that I have ever done that!
  • Purchase movie tickets. Avoid long lines at the theater and buy your tickets in advance. How is that for convenience?

This concludes my list of things an iPhone has replaced. I'm sure I missed a few. If so, please let us know in the comment section.

Reminder: Be as smart as your smartphone and never use it to "Text and Drive."

With an iPhone (or most smart phones that support the app) you could create your own comic strip (BitStrip). Who hasn't always wanted to star in their own comic?

With an iPhone (or most smart phones that support the app) you could create your own comic strip (BitStrip). Who hasn't always wanted to star in their own comic?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2014 Linda Bilyeu

What has your smartphone replaced?

Whit on September 07, 2018:

I tuck my license and a couple credit cards in my phone case and no longer carry a wallet.

Goken on November 21, 2017:

Though I lose my phone a lot, I usually find it and I need it or I don't wake up for school

moonlake from America on July 09, 2015:

I love my iphone but I still have land-line and I still use checks. The phone is too small for me with many things, because of eyesight problems. When trying to shop on it, gets a little confusing. I agree with Mary, I hate seeing people constantly looking at their phones. Enjoyed your hub voted up.

Mary Craig from New York on July 09, 2015:

I had to come back and comment. A smart phone grows on you. You've nailed it here girlfriend!

Voted up, useful, and interesting.

Mary Hyatt from Florida on July 09, 2015:

I resisted getting an iPhone for a long time, then one of my kids bought one for me last Christmas. I must admit I am having a great time with it.

I do object when I visit someone or have lunch with a friend, and they just can't put their phone down. People should watch their manners when they have one, and just not get addicted to it!

Voted UP, etc. and shared.

My Kitchen on April 09, 2015:

I still own a landline :D because i needed it to have net. I phone did bring revolution and did effect life of everyone including those like me who do not have I phone but other phones did copy it and for the better.

poetryman6969 on December 10, 2014:

Compared to everyone else I do almost nothing with my phone but whenever boredom strikes I play Sudoku on it.

Claudia Porter on November 25, 2014:

Pretty soon the iphone is going to replace humans! Ha Ha, fun hub.

RTalloni on November 22, 2014:

Convenience verses …

real social interaction

getting lost meaning a great adventure

alone time for serious thinking

getting surprised by a caller

...hmmm, I'll probably keep it, but it is indeed important remember that it's smart to consider its use well!

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on November 06, 2014:

Hey Sunshine dear sorry it took me 8 days to finally land here. I have a lot of stuff going on presently so I am in and out of HP also there's a certain time that i just lose inspiration where i don't feel to read or write much. I think i am going through that phase lately.

I am thankful for technology but on the other hand its creating more stupid children and people that do not use their BRAINS . I am afraid that in the next 15-20 years if so much mankind would literally be robots, they'll be so programmed to science their brains will start shutting down for lack of use LOL.

Well i kinda got turned off with "Apple" because i had bought an Apple I-pad and it was too creepy having to download "I tunes " on your PC then to transfer pics, music, videos etc via syncing who still do those silly stuff like syncing? Unlike my Samsung tablet and phone i can simply send via Bluetooth or connect the USB and transfer anything i want to.

I do not own an iphone i have considered it but i really enjoy using my samsung so i don't know if i may switch sometime soon . Yes i know for sure phone booths have phased out in my country. I use to use it a lot when i was a kid and we had no house phone or sometimes it was cheaper. I remembered my cousins and I kicking up the phone booths when it steal our monies before making a phone call. Money would come gushing down and we'd keep kicking it ha ha ha . Of course we did not leave the coins behind. WHAT A SHAME!!

Nell Rose from England on October 08, 2014:

Just came back for another read, I do prefer using a laptop for all sorts of things, and doing stuff the old fashioned way for other stuff, I don't have an iphone still! lol! maybe one of these days!

Cynthia B Turner from Georgia on September 07, 2014:

A very comprehensive list. There are some things that I absolutely love the iPhone for, but there are others I will not give up like my books and magazines and as great as the iPhone camera is, I think it has limitations. I also still use a planner. Some habits just don't die. Thanks for the list because I do love my Apple products. Voted up.

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on September 07, 2014:

The all powerful iphone has edged out so many things in our life and you have compiled a great list that would have never occurred to me. Great hub, enjoyed reading.

Samuel Franklin on September 05, 2014:

The big ones for me that my iPhone has replaced would be watch (never wear one anymore), alarm clock (don't even own one anymore) and phone calls (texting is just too easy!)

Joyce T. Mann from Bucks County, Pennsylvania USA on September 05, 2014:

Call me as old-fashioned as you'd like. I have never owned a cell phone and don't care to in the future. Yes, I have my desk-top computer but that is as "techy" as I'm willing to go.

Barbara Tremblay Cipak from Toronto, Canada on September 04, 2014:

So true! every item you listed, pretty much going the way of the Doe-Doe Bird. Sad about social interaction, although, in a strange way I think I socialize more (although not in person) online than I ever did offline. It's like having your friends over every single day! Payphones yep, them too. There's a beautiful payphone near my moms house, very retro, painted red, I love that thing, hope it stays there forever!

Hezekiah from Japan on August 29, 2014:

You've got it all well covered there. Not forgetting the Android phones too though.

Elena from London, UK on August 24, 2014:

They are incredibly smart. I enjoyed reading your phone. Wow... I didn't know we could find 40 things. :-)

Suzie from Carson City on August 23, 2014:

I can always count on you Bat Girl! OK...I'll upgrade! Love, Robin

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 23, 2014:

I'm thinking the dumb operators might want to consider an upgrade :)

Suzie from Carson City on August 22, 2014:

what about the smart operators and the dumb operators?

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 22, 2014:

Hi Y'all, I appreciate you sharing your phone stories. The smart phones, the dumb phones and landline phones are all needed and useful in one way or another.

Mary Hyatt from Florida on August 20, 2014:

You sound just like my three daughters who could not live without their smart phones. I life in the dark ages, I guess. I just have an old dumb phone. I get along very well. Maybe I just don't know what I am missing, huh??

Fun Hub; I enjoyed the read.

Deborah Neyens from Iowa on August 20, 2014:

I don't have an iPhone; I'm an Android girl. It has replaced a lot of things for me (alarm clocks, maps - hell yeah). But call me old-fashioned. I still prefer to read a real book or magazine to reading on my phone. And my second choice for reading is my Nexus tablet.

Audrey Howitt from California on August 20, 2014:

You know, I used to use it more, But lately I am using it less--not sure what that says about me really--but here's to my smart phone--which I know is smarter than me!

Nell Rose from England on August 20, 2014:

When you put it like that Linda, how amazing? I never thought or realised just how much we used to have now we can use our phones! I am getting a new one soon, I miss mine, it broke a while ago, well quite a while ago now! lol! and I have been using my little cell phone that just makes calls!

Mary Craig from New York on August 19, 2014:

You've certainly nailed it. I've only had my iPhone a short time but thanks to my kids, it is certainly necessary.

Being and old fogey I found if I listed all my meds in my iPhone I could just give it to the nurse at each doctor's office.

Voted up, useful, and interesting.

Dianna Mendez on August 18, 2014:

I used to be so connected to my wrist watch and calendar planner. I would be lost without my iPhone. However, if I had to do without -- it may not be so bad. Enjoyed reading your post.

Judy Specht from California on August 18, 2014:

Android person myself, but the smart phone has certainly made great advances. Went off the grid for nearly three weeks with a bunch of college students. We all survived.

Must confess the camera feature is awesome.

I still have a land line, but it's getting so expensive. Voted up, interesting and useful.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on August 18, 2014:

Linda, I recently upgraded from a dumb phone to a Smartphone (not an iPhone). I must admit: although it can do all the things you mention above, I still use it to make phone calls and text. About the only other thing I use it for is to record and upload videos to You Tube. That feature alone has saved me a lot of money. I was in the market for a video camera, but the quality is so good on my LG G2, that I don't need to buy a separate device.

Suzie from Carson City on August 18, 2014:

All those.........(pauses) are proof that I actually take a breath or two as I'm opposed to just babbling and spouting. HA! Nice try, huh?

travmaj from australia on August 17, 2014:

Oh my, I think I'm lost in a technological free zone - a sort of lost cause. Never say never though - I'm impressed by your stats and might have to put the old brain into gear...wish me luck and thank you for the info.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

Today I was walking towards a mom and three teens. The mom was handing her iPhone to the teen and they both miscalculated the hand-off and I watched as the iphone went flying and crashed onto the sidewalk. My heart hurt. I loudly said, "that's HORRIBLE!" The mom said to me, "You seen her drop the phone, didn't you." I honestly didn't. I told her it was a bad hand-off. The mom was quite upset when she picked up her phone and the bottom of it was shattered. Very sad. Treat your smartphones with gentle care.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

Perspycacious, There are always good deals going on that are cheaper than a pawn shop. I actually got my iPhone 5 for free when I traded in my 4 because I treat my smartphone kindly and keep it in perfect condition. Thanks for stopping by.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

Hi Effer, I knew you would relate more to Dzy's comment! Your comment rocks, as always. Even with all the ....'s :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

Hi Pamela, I'm with not text while speaking! :)

Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on August 17, 2014:

Now I don't have to make a list of what I could use one for, if I had one. I'm like my Dad, waiting for the eventual price lowering. Then again, there is always a pawn shop where someone dropped theirs off when they couldn't pay their phone bill for all those iphone services! Good article.

Suzie from Carson City on August 17, 2014:

GF....Do I really need to comment here? You pretty much know what my comments will be.....but for the sake of being community-minded, I'll say a few words. Dzy and I can be the old fogey twins.

Truth is, my response is very much like Dzy's.....I too have a Trac fone w/ a dbl minutes plan. With the one purchase of 450 minutes (x's 2) plus the promo codes for 40 FREE min.we get for each month of the year, I have 940 minutes that last me nearly one full year. I use this fone only when not at home.....and I will also text with it. No plan with any company anywhere can even come close to being that cheap! It does have a calculator, stop watch, alarm, flashlight, camera and access to the internet---which I've never needed to use.

I also have the land line YES REAL PEOPLE STILL HAVE LAND LINES, Internet and cable (the pkg deal) with my cable Co. Hi Dzy!!!

I don't have an i-phone, a smart phone, an android phone, or an i-anything.....NOR do I own a kindle. When reading, which is EVERY day.....if I am not holding a BOOK, I feel lost, lonely and naked. I like the feel, looks and smell of real BOOKS. Call me crazy.....Don't turn me in to the authorities please...but I still enjoy visiting the LIBRARY. Libraries are like sanctuaries to me. Holy Places!! LOL

If I ever find myself needing to look up a word.....and am not at home near my DICTIONARY....I will struggle with all my might to survive without knowing what that word means or how to spell it.......until I can look it up. If it is a matter of life and's time I re-evaulate my life in general.

Oh...and yes, dear sweet Faith.....If I see a crime in progress.....Bless your heart and bet your money.....I'm RUNNING....not video-taping.

My days of impersonating "Mighty Mom" are well behind me. I have ceased singing, "Here I come to save the day!!"..............LOL

I love you all.......Happy i-phoning!!...............Peace, Effer

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 17, 2014:

I like the iPhone and the Android phones, wich are similar in their many feats. I keep my calendar up to date, set alarms and do various other things that have nothing to do with talking on the phone.

It does drive me a little nuts to be attempting to have a conversation with someone who is also texting some friend, but that ia bout my only complaint.

Very interesting hub with your 40 benefit list. Voted up!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

Hi Catherine, You sure are ahead of the times. I do like having my Kindle Fire when my iPhone is retrieving some apple juice :) I hope you are enjoying Orlando's beautiful sunny Sunday. I am.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

My thoughts exactly Faith...I use to have to wait until I got home to catch up with contacts, emails, messages...etc. Now I could do what I need while waiting in line at the grocery store. I appreciate the convenience of the total package of an iPhone. Thanks for your entertaining comment :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

Hi MM, I actually thought of you when I listed the greeting card option...I had a feeling you would debate that. I always enjoy your personal cards :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

Bill, You'll know if the time is right, or not, for an iPhone :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2014:

Flourish, It continues to amaze how far technology has come along. Not just with personal gadgets, but with the medical industry too. I'm impressed.

Catherine Giordano from Orlando Florida on August 17, 2014:

Great list, I've been thinking about ho many things smart phones have replaced. I have a cell phone. I use it only so I can make a call in an emergency. I did get a tablet to with a kindle app and netflix so I'm not entirely behind the times. You did a really good job with this post.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on August 16, 2014:

I will have to admit, I use it for all of the above pretty much, but now you have me thinking. I initially did not like it at all when I first got one and wanted my "dumb phone" back, but being I am on the go so much with traveling into the city during the week it comes in handy. It certainly takes care of everything, except maybe do my hair. LOL I was never good at all with a regular camera, and now I can snap and go and it takes great photos instantly and there you have it. I love the video as I can video my precious grandchildren and all of there antics right then and there!

I still have to learn a lot about it, as you say, it may be smarter than I am LOL ... well, I will admit, it is. I love having all of my emails, texts, contacts, social media, right at my finger tips no matter where I am. If I am waiting in a doctor's office, I can get a lot done via my phone.

Plus if we see a crime in action, we can take a quick photo or video it and there you go ... crime stoppers.

Great list here! Up and more and away

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on August 16, 2014:

No more greeting cards...oh no can do!!

OK, I'm tweeting and I never thought I'd do that, Sunshine. At this point, I'll 'never say never...'

Excellent job...hope you are having a great weekend! Love, MM

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 16, 2014:

Amazing, really, how I've made it through life without one. :) It was interesting to read your list, though. I'll have to re-evaluate my life and see if I need one. LOL

FlourishAnyway from USA on August 16, 2014:

It's amazing to consider all the advances we've made in such a short time span thanks to this small piece of technology. Great list!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 16, 2014:

DzyMsLizzy, I absolutely love your response. Voted Up, Awesome, Funny and Interesting...I learned a few things too about how the other side lives. Haha! Thank you for sharing :)

Liz Elias from Oakley, CA on August 16, 2014:

I guess I'm just an old fogey hold-out. This household is "i-free."

I have only a pay-as-you-go TracFone, to stay in touch with my disabled hubby when I'm away from home. It makes and receives phone calls. Yes, it has a 'contact list,' but I store very few numbers there--mostly family. It takes pictures, but there is no good way to download/upload to computer; they must be e-mailed, and since its so-called "texting" capacity is that old-fashioned 'press each number key the right amount of times to get to the letter you want' style, it does not work well, and I don't bother.

In fact, I miss my trusty 35mm camera with all the special lenses, filters, and so forth. The search for phone booths? Not so much; I do like having the TracFone for that. And no matter WHAT "plan" you subscribe to, they're ALL very expensive, more so for those of us on fixed incomes. I buy 3 months worth of minutes for just 20 bucks. Can't beat that! And yes, we still have a land-line, bundled in with our TV and internet service--cheaper than the phone company. (And since I don't feel the need to spend all day every day with the phone glued to my ear, talking as I shop...that's plenty of minutes!)

I still maintain a paper bad electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from either a solar flare, or human activity, and POOF!! All your fancy electronics are instantly dead, useless, unrecoverable...and that includes our modern cars with computer chips telling the engine how to behave.

Thanks, but I'll stay in the 'dark ages.' ;-)

(Voted up and interesting, however.)