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6 Mobile Apps Every Entrepreneur Must Absolutely Have

I am an entrepreneur and a research analyst by profession, a blogger and traveler by passion.

Entrepreneurship can be a challenging task to start with. With all the little details that need to be personally managed and supervised, entrepreneurs are the ‘super-managers’ of today’s businesses. However, an entrepreneur is more than even a super-manager. An entrepreneur lays the foundation of the company and builds it up from there.

Since entrepreneurs take up the initiative to think something different, their job of managing everything can be a very tedious task. Managing a start-up may become a big headache for several entrepreneurs as they are mostly on their own and have little sense of how their newly appointed team will perform.

Fortunately, there are several apps that can help an entrepreneur or would-be entrepreneur to manage their start-ups. Here are a few apps we would like to recommend.



This is undoubtedly the top app on the whole list. Evernote provides a plethora of functionalities and utility. You can create digital notebooks for each task you require and start jotting down every detail. It is like maintaining a folder of everything but in digital format. Evernote offers simple note-taking, to-do lists and much more in a very reasonably small app. It does come with some money upgrades which add much to the utility and are worth trying. Evernote, however, is fully free and you can avail of its core benefits for absolutely zero costs!



Dropbox is a free uploading cloud-based platform where you can upload some of your necessary files and documents in digital format in your fully customized Dropbox folders. The app is extremely simple to use, works similar to iCloud or Windows Drive and is absolutely free of cost unlike a lot of other cloud-based platforms. No wonder why Dropbox is so popular not just among new start-ups but in large organizations as well.

You can download Dropbox easily through Appstore or Google Play Store. Initial storage of 1GB comes free with your first account. You can later upgrade to higher storage capacities by paying a certain amount of money. Dropbox is a relatively new application and still evolving, so you can expect a lot of improvements in the future.



Many people may have not heard of LISTEN, a wonderful app developed by RealNetworks, LISTEN is an auto-replying application that proves very useful when you’re in the middle of a meeting or managing a crucial task. It supports automatic call responding, auto SMS reply capabilities and much more. You can also customize your calls and SMS replies for each contact to give it your own personal touch.

The app allows your callers to hear music or listen to status messages specifically chosen for them. You can save both formal messages for a formal contact such as a colleague or a business partner as well as an informal message for a friend or family member.



This little app is a no-brainer when it comes to managing contacts and your history with all your partners and colleagues. Being an entrepreneur demands you to constantly build your network and maintain contact with several business partners, plan meetings with them and manage the way forward. Humin allows you to truncate your contact list and make it uncluttered and simple.

Differing from the usual contact list that is saved on your mobile, Humin allows differentiating each contact and saving it to your Humin list. So, the next time you want to call one of your crucial business partners, open the Humin list and call immediately, rather than looking up in your entire contact directory. Humin also allows for customizing history details, where and when you met with which business partner, the time and place details and all the crucial details that can prove very handy in the future.



Although an iOS exclusive app, for those of you who do use iPhones, Letterspace is an excellent note-taking app with a very easy-to-use interface and neat, seamless visuals. It once used to be free but now has a price tag to it, considering the utility it provides for quick note-takers.

One of the best features of Letterspace is its cursor that sits directly above the keyboard which you can simply drag with the help of the cursor line. This makes note-taking and editing comfortable and without the hassles of pressing the cursor where you want.



As an entrepreneur, you would appreciate those thousands of millions of articles and quotes that will keep you moving ahead. This is where Instapaper comes to the rescue. This app allows you to save several web pages in your Instapaper directory and allows you to read them in a readable format as if you were reading a PDF or a page from an e-book. It also allows for e-book readability. This app is definitely worth downloading and saving.

Which of these apps do you already use or intend to use? If not these apps, what other apps do you use? Please let us know through your comments below.

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Business Tech content from Kolkata on July 06, 2020:

Thank you for sharing this information!! This is really useful for the new entrepreneurs

Karthik Kashyap (author) from India on March 04, 2019:

Thanks a lot for the comment, Doris :)

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on March 04, 2019:

Interesting article because sometimes I just need a little push. I've been using Evernote and Dropbox for years. As an editor, sometimes I worked weekends from home and Dropbox became a necessity before we started a network that we could access at home. I don't remember why I used Evernote. Letterspace and Instapack look interesting to me. As a retiree who sometimes freelances, I don't see a use for Listen. thanks for the suggestions.