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6 Best Apps for Football Statistics

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Football Statistics in the Modern Day

As the UK football betting industry and smartphone usage both continue to grow, the number of apps dedicated to the beautiful game is also increasing. Regardless of which leagues or markets you bet on, the right mobile app can give you the insights to find the value in the market.

Below, I have tested and reviewed 6 of the market-leading apps that show football statistics, with a slant towards statistics for betting.

The Best Apps for Football Statistics

1. Edge Football Stats

2. Statszone

3. TeamForm

4. SofaScore

5. TLS Football

6. BetData


1. Edge Football Stats

Edge Football Stats is a new app on the market, offering detailed stats on upcoming football matches. The developer has followed a different path to other apps reviewed, as they specialise in one particular area. Although this means the app does not include every feature, Edge Football Stats is so far ahead of the market that this is a vital download for football fans and bettors.

The most impressive feature within the app is the match preview screen. The match preview screen gives the user the ability to customise the stats to a period of their choice. This feature allows a level of analysis that is not available in other apps. The user has the option to split the stats to show the home team's stats for home games, and the away team's stats for games on the road, to give additional insights.

Although the information will be of interest all football fans, the app details the stats in a way that mirrors the key betting markets. Additional stats shown include Both Teams to Score (BTTS), the number of times a team scores over 1-5 goals and their recent results, side by side. There are also full corners and card stats for both teams.

Edge Football Stats

Although the information will be useful for all football fans, the app details the statistics in a way that mirrors the key betting markets.

Although the information is useful for all football fans, the app clearly displays the statistics in a way that mirrors the key betting markets. The analysis and trends are not limited to match previews; the league table can be customised for home and away form and for a set period of the users choice. Although the app only covers six UK leagues and six international leagues, an impressive feature is the league stats, which shows the league averages in several key categories. There are no leagues averages on any other app reviewed.

Edge Football Stats also gives the user the option to build their bet slip, which allows the majority of markets to be selected and saved on a separate selections tab. Although there is no odds integration, it is a useful way of highlighting the trends spotted to place a bet. Included within the app is a banner advert, which is non-intrusive compared to other apps as it sits at the bottom of the screen and does not cover the content.

Overall, this is the best football stats app on the market, one that sets a new bar for this genre of apps, and an essential one for all football fans to download.

2. Stats Zone

A unique app. With the data powered by live Opta Stats, you can review and analyse a myriad of data points, including goals, shots, dribbles, passes and many more. These data points are available for matches in 11 competitions, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Champions League and Europa League.

Despite not being the clearest app to use and only available from the App Store, the data is undoubtedly superior to other apps. The app excels when used as a "second screen", by viewing the app alongside the live game. By using the app, this can help provide context to what has occurred and analyse the flow of the game.

Although the level of statistics is exclusive, it is a significant investment of time and effort to find benefit in the knowledge and is more suited to professionals. While this may appeal to the professional analysts, it is unlikely to prove beneficial to the casual football fan.

Such a level of detail does not come cheap, though. Although the app is free to download, the only leagues which are available to view without any charge are MLS and the Chinese Super League. The other nine leagues are behind a paywall, which costs £10 annually, with an option to pay £20. All historical leagues and data are available to view free of charge.

For those football fans who want a full, in-depth analysis of all actions in a game to find knowledge, this app is comfortably the best on offer. For the football fans who want a quick look across stats in a wider variety of leagues and markets, Stats Zone is unlikely to be worth the investment.

Football Statistics

The right mobile app can give you the insights to find the value in the market.

3. TeamForm

Team Form aims to give the user a more detailed indication of which teams are in and out of form. The app is bright and well laid out, with helpful instructions pointing out where the hidden and locked parts of the app are, and what specific icons mean. Although the app is free to download, all of the content is locked, which can be unlocked for a chunky £4.99 a month.

TeamForm gives each team a rating, which represents their ability based on past performances, using TeamForm's own statistical modelling and algorithm. This system is an interesting approach and at a glance, gives the user a good indication of the two team's form leading up to a game. The app also includes other features, including game insights and head to head record; with stand out stats.

The amount of locked vs free content is excessive, and it is a question whether the locked content is worth the price. This app is also only available on the App Store. One exciting feature that catches the eye is 'results vs similar opponents' which is something that is not available on other apps. The data that Team Form produces with their form ratings form the basis of this feature.

This app is a halfway house between a stats app and a tipster app. Although TeamForm does not give direct tips, the rating system is predicting matches and comparing the likelihood based on their ratings to the actual odds. Although there are no stats available measuring the long term success of the predictions, the algorithm can not take external influences into account. These include the availability of key players and the motivation levels of each team to win the game.

Overall, this is an unusual concept which is different from other apps. Still, questions remain as to whether the in-app purchases are worth the investment.


4. SofaScore

Sofa Score contains scores from a wide range of leagues, not limited to embedded Twitter feeds, phase by phase scoring stats and in-app player rating system. Furthermore, it includes a list of which streams and TV channels the match is being broadcast.

The referee stats page is impressive, with a detailed breakdown of the number of cards issued in each competition. This page is especially useful for users that are interested in the booking points, which is increasing in popularity. The layout is clean, and the breakdown of each match is helpful for the user.

Included on the upcoming match screen was the 'featured players' comparison, which compares one player from each team's last match. This feature may be useful when looking at potential mismatches; however, the benefits of this aren't immediately apparent. Comparing a defender and an attacker in all critical attributes doesn't bring notable value or insights to the user.

Although the app has a lot of information and statistical graphics included, it feels as though the designer has tried to include every possible statistic. They are bunched close to each other regardless of the usefulness or relevance. There doesn't seem to be any logical order to the layout of each section, which creates a cluttered feel.

Overall, this is a solid app that presents a wider range of features than other apps on this list. However, there is no stand out feature to separate it from the market.

5. TLS Football

TLS gives a retro-looking feel to a football scores app with its chunky format; similar to that of an old school Football Manager game. Although this may be appealing to some users, those wanting a modern feel may look for an alternative option. The app still has strong features, with live commentary being available and an informative stats screen, updating live in-play and after the game.

Pre-match, TLS Football doesn't offer many stats, other than the form table of both teams and their head to head record. However, you can see a team's record in each competition that they have played since 2011, which is a smart feature. When looking back at your teams' fixtures, the opportunity to remind yourself of a match that you may have forgotten about is pleasing, especially if it was a win.

TLS Football also provides referee stats, which is a rare feature. This page gives average card stats but cannot be filtered other than a table of all referees. Overall, this is a solid app but does lack features compared to other apps.


6. Bet Data

A modern and feature heavy app. This app is one of the rare apps to contain live scores and more than the most basic stats on upcoming games, making it stand out from many other apps on the market.

The range of leagues is excellent with odds displayed ahead of the majority of the upcoming matches. The range of different visuals such as pie charts, tables and block charts provides a wealth of information to the user. However, there is no customisation of the statistics available to the user's preference; the user can see only the full season statistics.

With a splattering of different colours across over the app, Bet Data is visually powerful. However, the amount of features that the designer has tried to cram on every screen makes it seem squashed and doesn't aid the user experience. Although there is a good use of borders in an attempt to separate them, it still feels cluttered.

A subscription is needed to access certain parts of the app. However, although membership will give the user access to the tips, there are no details regarding the additional benefits. No records are given as to the success of the advice.

Overall, this is an app with several positive features, but the app design feels outdated and makes navigation difficult.


The market for football statistics has come a long way, with many different apps available for download. Edge Football Stats tops my rankings, but each app has strengths and weaknesses that can appeal to all football fans.

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