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List of Mobile App Builders to Create Apps Wysiwyg

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BuildBox - Game Development Tool

Buildbox allows you to create No-Code mobile games. This builder tool gives you the power to design, build, and publish 3D & 2D mobile games without needing to know how to code. This tool allows anyone to get into the mobile gaming space and create simple and fun games to play. Gaming has always and been and continues to be the hottest space in the Apple and Google app stores and with Buildbox it is now accessible for people that don't code. The biggest barrier to entry for game development is the coding learning curve and graphic design and with the support of the Buildbox tools it is now possible for creative people to focus on the engagement and storylines of their games and reduce their costs for making an MVP version of a mobile game.

Create a iPhone or Android App

If you are interested in creating a mobile application for Android, iPhone, the mobile web, blackbery, or even Windows mobile, but lack some of the technical skills to do so on your own there are many creator / builder tools available to quickly turn your idea into a functioning app that can be submitted to the app stores. The following list of WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" mobile app creators all will allow the average blogger to turn there blog or website into an app on the fly. Take a few minutes to read through the help sections and forums on these websites and you can have an application that provides more complex services for the users. If you are small business owner, in charge of an organization, or a running your social media marketing for a band / musician, than check out these tools and get a presence in the most popular mobile app stores where your customers likely will be happy that they can engage the brand directly through their phone.

Current Favorite App Creator Tool


Tiggzi - Create Fast and Easy Mobile Apps


Tiggzi Mobile App Creator

The Tiggzi mobile app creator tool is a cloud based builder for HTML5, JQuery Mobile, and Phone Gap Apps, that allows you to easily build application for Android iOS or just the mobile web in general. My experience with Tiggzi for building a simple application in Android replicating a website blog and a couple of data rich pages was surprisingly awesome. The drag and drop features are simple and the help section in Tiggzi was by far the best I have used with "what you see is what you get" app builders. Each time i needed to look something up it appeared in my first search and the solutions and locations where each action is placed is intuitive, it just makes sense. Being non technical is OK if you are building with Tiggzi as it does not require coding knowledge to get from start to finish with a mobile application.

Tiggzi Pricing

  • 1 Project with 3 screens for free
  • 3 projects with 10 screens for $15 per month
  • Unlimited projects, unlimited size and screens for $50 per month

Appmakr - No Coding Required


Appmakr Mobile App Creator

The solution provided by Appmakr is great, there are many features that can be included in the application that may make it more advantageous for you to build the application of your dream with Appmakr. It is also a no coding required app builder that follows the simple WYSIWYG principles in development. A couple of the benefits to Appmakr is it is easy to add in analytics, push notifications, and is designed for monetizing the app from the get go. I have built an application using Appmakr as well, however the free version does have some drawbacks due to the fact that ads will be run on top of the application that provide you no revenue. Build applications for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Mobile Phone to reach the maximum audience of smart phone users.

Appmakr Pricing

  • Unlimited free apps, contain ads but can be sold on the app stores
  • $79 per month per app subscription fee allows you 100% control of the application, access to premium features and the ability to monetize the app through advertising while providing it for free.


So many different options out there. Check out Biznessapps for an interesting solution to quickly deploying a mobile app for iPhone of Android devices. This service has a great business model, never pay a dime until your app is actually published in the app stores. Design, build, and publisher in this easy to use 3 in 1 system for app development. They also have a great resource page set up with lots of content to help you navigate the adventure of developing and publishing your own mobile application.

Snappii - Create Custom Mobile Apps


Snappii App Creator

The Snappii mobile app creator tool has been used by over 4,000 business and is easy to to create a rich mobile app and deploy it easily regardless if it is for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Snappii is designed for non technical app builders so you can do it all by yourself, however they do have a full service development service available for customers that would prefer to have the benefits of a Snappii app build without all of the costs associated to building an app with independent app programmers. The app built is 100% yours and can be monetized by you in several different methods from ads to paid downloads and more. The basic pricing structure is simply $39 per month for a single platform and then $10 per platform that you want to add and additional charges to white label the app solution and have dashboard and notifications included.

Appy Pie

Drag and Drop, No Coding Required app Development

Appy pie makes making an app super simple. They have drag and drop no coding features for fast and easy development. It is possible to integrate with many of the most popular web services such as Sound Cloud, Open Table, and many more to make a rich app experience for the user.

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The following features can be added to your AppyPie custom application: Push Notifications, Passbook, GPS, Social profile, Photo Gallery, Pocket Tools, Student Tools, Restaurant Tools, Blog, analytics, iBeacon and much more.

A very unique feature that separates this company from the other WYSIWIG App tools is the game builder feature designed to help you make your own hand held video game with ease.

Publish both on Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

Favorite Builder?

Additional Mobile App Creators

As additional mobile application creators and tools come available I will list them here. If there is ones that I am missing please add them in the comments and I will make sure to get them added to the list.

  1. Mobile Roadie is a slick mobile application creator tool that allows brands and individuals to build content rich mobile applications with many built in features. They have also incoporated a great library of mobile app API's to use for your app such as Instagram, facebook, foursquare, youtube, and many more. There is several analytic features and other elements that be used when developing your app. To simply use Mobile Roadie for creating a mobile website the service is free, a mobile app that can run on the iPhone or Android costs $99 a mont hand for creating iPad apps is $299 a month.

Tips and Tricks for Building an Easy Application

If you have an existing website then extending that to the appstores for iPhone and Android is simple, however there are a few requirements and details you will need to take care of in orderto get the apps listed.

  • iPhone will require going through their developer registration process which does cost $99 and takes a few days to a week or two to get approved.
  • Android can be down very quickly and has a low $25 developer license
  • Take screen shots of the app in the creator tools using a chrome extension tool like Annotate and then resize the images according to the app store specs for including screenshots.
  • Set up a simple email for support with your apps.
  • Utilize sites like if you are having difficulty with any of these app creators or getting images for the requirements.
  • Always refer to the forums and help sections, as a non technical individual I have found that there is a lot of help available and most searches for issues I have encountered have been easy to find through simple web searches and searches in the online help desk / FAQ.
  • For you first version just replicate your blog and go through the whole process of getting your application live on the store. You will likely encounter issues along the way with just the procedures and so learn those and get a simple app live before making a second version or newer more complex application.

There are many other application builders as well as tools that are designed for technical individuals to create apps more efficiently. Do your research and make sure that you pick the right tool with the pricing model that you can afford and feel comfortable with.

Have fun making and publishing your own mobile apps.

No Coding Required

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


CZCZCZ (author) from Oregon on July 04, 2014:

Thanks for sharing the solution

CZCZCZ (author) from Oregon on December 05, 2012:

If a website does not display well on a mobile device than it very well make sense to make it into an app or at least have a mobile version created for it. Many content producing websites can benefit from having a dedicated mobile app that support the site visitors. thanks for asking the question and commenting.

Richard Mankiewicz on December 05, 2012:

I was looking for info like this... then started on another project!

BTW one Q: is it really worth turning a website into an app when the user can find the site on the web anyway?

CZCZCZ (author) from Oregon on November 21, 2012:

The Tiggzi version of app building is one of the better solutions for a cost effective app builder. Depending on how many pages you will need for your app you might be able to make it for free.

Jackie on November 21, 2012:

I am search for a web app / mobile website builder in which my customers can self design to white label and not pay per site per month.

Any suggestions?

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