Why Does the Facebook App Keep Closing?

Updated on May 22, 2018

Why Does the Facebook App on My iPhone Keep Crashing?

If you are one of the millions of Facebook users who have the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad, you will unfortunately also be one of many who encounters the frustration of the app crashing and closing unexpectedly. This can be a frustrating experience because it can seemingly happen at any time.

Sometimes it will just not open at all, while at other times you could be browsing the news feed or attempting a photo upload and it just shuts off. The app can also crash when you first click on the icon, with the Facebook window appearing for a few seconds before disappearing.

There are a number of easy to apply solutions which can help resolve the problem and in most cases the fix will be super fast and more importantly free.

Take a look at some of these quick, free and easy solutions.

What to Do if Your Facebook App Closes

Here are some quick tips for resolving your Facebook app issues on your phone. Depending on the situation you may need to go through this list and through trial and error, figure out which one will give you the best results. Keep in mind that issues may also be caused by your cellular or WiFi connection: the app cannot load correctly if there is no signal.

1. Quit the App

Double click the home button and all ‘open’ or ‘active’ apps will display. Make sure you close the Facebook app there before doing any of the reset options. Once you have done that, click on the Facebook icon again to launch the application.

When you get to this screen, swipe up to quit the app.
When you get to this screen, swipe up to quit the app. | Source

2. Do a Hard Reset of Your iPhone

Hold down the sleep/wake and home buttons simultaneously for about 5-10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears. It will shut down and restart automatically. Then try re-opening the app.

3. Delete and Reinstall the Facebook App

Try deleting the Facebook app and reinstalling it from the app store. Hold your finger onto the Facebook app icon until it, and all other apps jiggle and then select the cross (x) that appears to delete it. After that, go to the app store and download the Facebook app again. Then reload and restart and see if it works normally. You may need to re-enter your login information once the download is finished.

4. Update Your Facebook App to the Latest Version

Ensure you have the latest version of the app available. You can check the app store for any updates. The app store lists when the latest version of the app was made available so check and make sure that the version you have is up to date. If it is not the app store will prompt you to download the new version.

Check the app store to see if you have updated to the latest version.
Check the app store to see if you have updated to the latest version. | Source

5. Update Your iPhone to the Latest Version of iOS

Ensure you are using the latest version of the available software for the device that you are using (iPhone or iPad etc.). Click on the settings icon and then go to the tab labeled general and then check to see if you have updated your phone/device to the latest OS.

This screen will show up if you have the most up to date version of iOS.
This screen will show up if you have the most up to date version of iOS. | Source

6. Close Out Conflicting Apps

You may be experiencing a conflict with a newly installed app and your Facebook app. If you have recently installed something, try to remove it and then open Facebook. Sometimes having too many apps open at the same time can cause your phone to run slow and apps to have difficulty loading. Use the same process outlined in step #1 to exit an app and see if it makes a difference.

When you get to this screen, swipe up to quit out of the applications.
When you get to this screen, swipe up to quit out of the applications. | Source

7. Resync Your iPhone With iTunes

You can always resync your device with iTunes via your computer. That often alleviates a lot of problems. Doing so may also give you a chance to download and install the latest software version of the iOS and give you the option to back up your data to the cloud or your computer.

8. Clear Your Memory

Sometimes if your device is very low on memory, there is not enough capacity for the app to operate normally. Go to: Settings>General>iPhone Storage and see the available space. If it is low, try deleting any apps you no longer want, any photos no longer needed, and any videos or music. Many people do not realize when they have reached the limit of their storage capacity on their phone. The closer you get to that storage limit, the slower your phone will perform.


9. Log Out of Facebook and Reinstall the App

Another option is to open the app and attempt to quickly log out before it crashes. Once logged out, delete the app from your phone and reinstall it from the app store. Launch the app and log back into Facebook.


Quick Tip

If you are able to access Facebook even for a short period of time before it crashes, try to open the app and then quickly select the menu icon in the top left and select your personal timeline.

Once it has fully loaded, go back to the News Feed and let it load and may then allow you to access it without issue.

Final Solutions

When all else fails, and none of the above solutions have assisted, you can always restore from back up or reset your device to factory settings. It could be a system issue. Unfortunately, popular applications like Facebook are prone to having glitches. If you have to reset your phone to factory settings, make sure that you have recently backed up all of your data to your computer, so you do not lose any data.

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    • profile image

      Sisco flores 5 months ago

      Face book is trash

    • profile image

      Pamela Coakley 5 months ago

      FaceBook App keeps dropping the Password what is the reason for this and what can I do?

    • profile image

      Myra 6 months ago

      I can't get into my saved posts it keeps shutting down on me

    • profile image

      Catelyn 8 months ago

      I tried all of these, none of them working. I sincerely apologize if this changes your way of thinking about this, but it should. You need to think about all the possibilities of how an app might be crashing, list them, and their either easy or hard solutions. Then, you need to organize them from easy to hard, but what do I know? I'm only in 4 different online computer classes.

    • profile image

      kathleen peyton 9 months ago

      my facebook won't stay open, keeps closing to a white page, this has all my business on it! PLEASE HELP!

    • profile image

      Nancee Consos 15 months ago

      This is so frustrating. I have done everything. It happened right after I updated.

    • friendlywebguy profile image

      The Friendly Web Guy 2 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Facebook is a platform of the past. There is a reason why they ban the use of the word Tsu on Facebook. Tsu is taking over the social media platform. It is invite only, and pays users to post unique content! Here is my invite link if you would like to consider joining!



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