The iPhone X May Not Be as Great as It Seems

Updated on October 5, 2017
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Expectations for the iPhone X

As it always is for the latest iPhone, the hype for this year’s model has been huge. At this year's Apple Special Event, they revealed to us all the new innovative and exciting features that will debut with the iPhone X; wireless charging, a nearly bezel-less screen, augmented reality, and 3D facial scanning. But, before you go crazy for the 10th year anniversary iPhone, take a step back. You might realize that it might not be as spectacular as Apple wants us to think.

Wireless charging is a little late to the party

The iPhone X is set to include wireless charging, but it's honestly something that Apple should have introduced years earlier, seeing as Android phones have had it for almost half a decade. And yet, I'll be surprised if Apple doesn't market it as some amazing all new technology.

Should it take the company that was the birth of modern smartphones four years before they include technology that's now standard for most of their competition?

The Screen: Seem familiar?

Next, as we all know, the iPhone X will have super small bezels, and a large screen that curves at the edges, made possible by ditching the home button. Sound familiar? That description perfectly matches the Galaxy S8, which once the iPhone X is released, will already have come out 5 months ago. Innovation, I think not. But sadly, even this change will seem like it to brainwashed iPhone users who have been stuck with the same design for three years.

Facial Recognition: A risky move

With the home button left in the dust, and Touch ID along with it, how are iSheep going to unlock their phones? Apple has revealed to us that the front facing camera will have 3D facial scanning capabilities, which will be used to unlock the phone and authenticate purchases. This seems like a bad move to me, especially if the only other unlock method is going to be a passcode, considering many companies have tried their hand at some sort of facial recognition, most with lukewarm results. If Apple’s scanner works no better than the one on the Galaxy S8, it'll be a big problem, and so far it looks like that might be the case, as both reviewers and Tim Cook can't seem to make it work. Even if Apple does pull it off, it’s not really any different than the iris scanner on the S8 and Note 8, so there’s no reason to be impressed.

If Apple’s scanner works no better than the one on the Galaxy S8, it'll be a big problem, and so far it looks like that might be the case, as both reviewers and Tim Cook can't seem to make it work.

This year in gimmicks: Augmented Reality

And last, and probably least, the iPhone X is going include Augmented Reality, or AR, technology. Theoretically, it could recognize objects using the camera, replace a character’s face in a game with your face, add 3D characters to the real world through your phone, or perform useful tasks, like finding your seat in a stadium. While this sounds great, we all know that every year, Apple comes up with a gimmick that turns out not to be not that useful. Last year it was live photos and 3D touch, this year we got portrait mode, and it looks like augmented reality is going to be next.

Was it marketed to no end?
Is it actually useful?
Live Photos
Not really
3D touch
Portrait mode
Not really
It doesn't take a genius to guess how useful the iPhone X's gimmicky feature is going to be.

The iPhone X doesn't need to be special

Granted, there are rumors that the iPhone X is going to special, that it’ll redefine the smartphone industry, but here’s the thing: Apple doesn’t need it to. For the past 3 years, iPhones have featured the same boring design, so a new one will seem like crazy new technology to most iPhone users. Why should Apple spend time or money on creating new features that they don’t even need in order to still sell an absurd number of phones?

Why should Apple spend time or money on creating new features that they don’t even need in order to still sell an absurd number of phones?

So before you join the hype train for the iPhone X, remember that Apple is the master of minimalism. No matter how little they innovate, as long as they have one good gimmick, their massive customer base will still break the bank for the latest iPhone. So, I don't think we can count on Apple to do anything but.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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      2 years ago from Cascadia

      Just updated it to add information from after the Apple Special event. Sorry if it's been a little slow.


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