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20 Advantages of Mobile Phones

Paul's passion for technology and digital media goes back over 30 years. Born in the UK, he now lives in the US.

Mobile phones (also known as cell phones) have radically altered the way that we work, socialize, organize, and play. Although there are definitely some negatives, there have also been many benefits. Read on for the main advantages of mobile phones.

Mobile phones (also known as cell phones) have radically altered the way that we work, socialize, organize, and play. Although there are definitely some negatives, there have also been many benefits. Read on for the main advantages of mobile phones.

The Benefits of Cell Phones

Mobile phones (or cell phones as they are often called in the USA) have radically altered the way that people work, socialize, organize, and entertain themselves.

From their beginnings as bulky car phones in the 1980s, mobile phones went on to become multimedia communication devices with a level of computing power seen in desktops only a short number of years before.

20 Mobile Phone Benefits

  1. Communication
  2. Small and Convenient
  3. Photos and Video
  4. Texting
  5. Fashion and Self-Expression
  6. Entertainment
  7. Notes and Reminders
  8. Video in Real Time
  9. Calendars and Organization
  10. Maps, Navigation, and Travel
  11. Online Banking and Finance
  12. Address Book and Contacts
  13. Remote Working
  14. Emergencies
  15. Watches and Alarm Clocks
  16. Calculator
  17. Flashlight/Torch
  18. News, Sports, and Live Events
  19. Crime Prevention and Evidence Gathering
  20. Learning and Research

I will explain each of the advantages above in more detail below.

1. Communication

Mobile phones provide the means to communicate with friends, family, coworkers, and indeed most of the world's population instantly. Unlike previous communication devices, they can be on hand for the caller at all times and used in any place where there is a signal.

2. Small and Convenient

They fit easily into your pocket or bag. They don't weigh much. There are inexpensive models available for those with a limited budget. If the battery gets low, you can recharge them in your car, plug them into an electrical outlet using a cable, or even charge them wirelessly in some cases.

3. Photos and Video

Many people don't even own a camera nowadays because their phone has all the image and video capturing capability that they require. Once the media has been captured, it can be sent to others via email, messaging, or Bluetooth; or posted on the internet with just a few clicks. Many phones also offer extras, such as photo editing.

More photos are taken on mobile phones than traditional cameras nowadays, thanks to improvements in technology.

More photos are taken on mobile phones than traditional cameras nowadays, thanks to improvements in technology.

4. Texting

Text messaging (also known as texting) enables people to communicate with short written messages. Originally, phones used SMS technology, allowing the sending of letters, numbers, and symbols, but more recently, MMS technology has allowed multimedia, such as photos and videos, to be sent too.

Texting is a great way to send someone an important instant message, as unlike email, people are more likely to read their texts straightaway.

5. Fashion and Self-Expression

Choosing which model of phone to carry, customizing things like the ringtone, or buying a more personal phone cover have all become a means of self-expression for mobile phone owners, informing others what sort of person you are.

6. Entertainment

As long as you have your mobile phone, there is no reason to get bored. There is a multitude of games to download and play; you can read an online article or get involved with social media to pass the time. Smartphones allow video watching, as well as listening to radio, podcasts, or music. Plus, if you attend a real-life event, you can often store your ticket on your phone to display at the door.

Mobile phone games are an extremely popular way for people to spend their time.

Mobile phone games are an extremely popular way for people to spend their time.

7. Notes and Reminders

Whether it's a shopping list, an important password, or a complicated set of instructions that would be difficult to memorize, mobile phones are a great way to carry notes and reminders. These don't always have to take the form of text or numbers either; you can also use photos, audio, or video to record important information for later use.

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8. Video in Real Time

Many people now like to see the person that they are talking to, as well as hear the sound of their voice. Live video chat makes this possible. Real-time video also enables the live streaming of live events across the internet, as well as to other phones and devices.

9. Calendars and Organization

Mobile phones are great devices for organization, and their calendars are an excellent way to manage a busy schedule. Your phone will alert you when you have a doctor's appointment, it is a loved one's birthday, or simply help you to organize your daily work tasks and personal schedule.

Mobile phones make great devices for calendars, and usually the information is synchronized and backed up online.

Mobile phones make great devices for calendars, and usually the information is synchronized and backed up online.

10. Maps, Navigation, and Travel

Finding our way around has never been easier since phones started using GPS to direct us to our destinations.

Whether driving, cycling, or walking, we can get live updates on our location, roadworks, accidents, and other causes of slow-moving traffic, plus information on nearby facilities, such as restaurants, gas stations, and hotels.

When traveling by plane or train, you can use your phone to explore timetables, purchase and display your ticket.

11. Online Banking and Finance

Mobile phones are an excellent way to organize your finances. You can check your account balances, transfer money, and pay bills, all with just a few clicks. It's often way more convenient than going into your branch or using your computer at home. There are apps that tell you your credit rating, how stocks and shares are doing, and other economic information.

12. Address Book and Contacts

Phones enable you to have all the necessary contact details for family, friends, and coworkers in one easy to access place. There's no reason to forget or lose any person's phone number, email address, or property address. Address books can be synchronized and stored online so that if your phone breaks or is lost, you can still access them from other devices.

Chatting to others no longer necessarily means audio only, many people enjoy seeing the person that they're talking to too.

Chatting to others no longer necessarily means audio only, many people enjoy seeing the person that they're talking to too.

13. Remote Working

Mobile phones enable work on the move in almost any location. This allows workers and managers to remain in contact with their base while out on-site, while traveling between locations, or to communicate with colleagues and clients when working from home.

14. Emergencies

In the event of an accident, injury, criminal incident, or other emergency, mobile phones ensure that emergency services, as well as family and friends, can be contacted immediately. Phones for children reassure parents and enable them to know where the children are at all times.

15. Watches and Alarm Clocks

Mobile phones allow you to check the time whenever you need to, ruling out the necessity for a watch or a clock in many circumstances. Many people also now use their mobile phones to awaken them each morning or remind them of an action they need to take at a certain time, rather than a traditional alarm clock.

Rather than using a traditional alarm clock, many people now use their mobile phones instead.

Rather than using a traditional alarm clock, many people now use their mobile phones instead.

16. Calculator

Having a calculator 24/7 can come in very handy, both in the workplace or outside of work. It's useful for adding up the bills, working out invoices, taxation rates, percentages, and many other things. Most people no longer use traditional calculators.

17. Flashlight/Torch

One of the most practical functions of the mobile phone is the flashlight/torch feature. (The light is called a flashlight in the USA and a torch in many other English-speaking countries).

If you lose something important in the dark, such as your keys or wallet, or if you cannot see to unlock the door or read something important, the light from the phone comes to your aid.

18. News, Sports, and Live Events

It seems strange that not long ago, we couldn't keep up with live events in real-time. The phone can alert you when there is breaking news or your favorite team scores in a match. Many live events can now be followed via video, as well as text. Also, ordinary people can use their phones to capture photos and video at important events and actually become the news broadcasters.

Mobile phones allow users to keep up with sporting and news events in real time.

Mobile phones allow users to keep up with sporting and news events in real time.

19. Crime Prevention and Evidence-Gathering

Just having a camera and video recorder always at your disposal can sometimes have the effect of deterring crime in certain situations. If a crime does happen, then phones can be used to capture evidence of crimes in progress or in the immediate aftermath. Even in civil disputes, such as car accidents, injuries, or antisocial behavior, phones can play an important role in evidence gathering.

20. Learning and Research

Your mobile phone is like having the world's biggest reference library on hand everywhere you go. You can search for just about anything in any situation as long as you have a connection. At the store and unsure which part your specific model of car needs? Need to translate a phrase in a foreign language? Need to find a recipe for dinner that night? Your phone can help you find the answer.

5 Benefits of Mobile Phones for Children

The decision regarding when and whether to give a child their own mobile phone can be a difficult one. Although there are certainly some downsides, there are also a number of particular advantages of mobile phones for children.

1. Security

Having information as to where children are and what they are up to provides parents with the comfort of knowing that their child is safe in live time. Children feel more at ease when their parents or guardians are only a text message or phone call away. Children can, therefore, have some independence without sacrificing their safety.

2. Social Benefits

Mobile phones increase children's opportunities for social engagement. Social media enables contact with other children that have similar interests. This can be particularly important for children who live in isolated areas or have other limitations.

3. Transport and Meet up Arrangements

If a child wants to leave a social or sports event earlier than originally planned and needs a ride home, they are able to use their phone to contact their parents. Likewise, if they are running late and need picking up later, they can message or call without having to wait around and potentially putting themselves in a vulnerable situation.

4. Technological Experience

The modern world is increasingly dominated by digital technology, and children need the skills to engage with it. A phone effectively gives them access to a small computer, where they can learn to operate apps, use a keyboard, and develop other useful skills.

5. Education

Mobile phones enable access to information that can help children with school projects, homework, and other learning tasks. Many schools now offer learning resources online that specifically cater to this purpose.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2018 Paul Goodman


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