Evutec Magnetic iPhone Cases Review: Best Mix of Style & Protection

Updated on June 25, 2020
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Northill Series - Blue/Saddle & AER Series - Karbon/Black
Northill Series - Blue/Saddle & AER Series - Karbon/Black | Source

The Evutec iPhone Cases Look Fantastic!

The Evutec iPhone Magnetic Cases have military grade strength that will protect your phone from multiple 4ft+ drops while looking wonderful in the process.

So I stumbled upon these cases a few weeks ago because I was looking for a strong, protective case that I enjoyed looking at, and the Evutec cases offered something others didn't...no charging interference.

That's right the AER & Northill Series come with invisible metal inserts that are neatly placed to allow for wireless charging, and they don't impede Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC or GPS signals.

They also come with a magnetic car vent mount for added convenience. The AFIX+ mount magnetically attaches itself onto the case and holds your phone firm during the roughest drives. I would've liked if the mounts had built-in Qi charging but that's okay.

But do the cases actually look good?

Of course...Evutec has several case styles and color schemes to choose from but for this review I'll focus on their Northill and AER series.

I tested each with an iPhone 8 but they can also fit an iPhone 7/6/6s/SE and there are cases available for other iPhones like the XR/X/XS and Plus variants too.

Surely you'll find something to love about these cases as I did, but if not, then I'll be thrilled if I made your decision somewhat easier.

Evutec Product Information

Northill Series
AER Series
Blue/Saddle - Canvas/Black - Brigandine/Lava - Chroma/Sage - Tweed/Tan
Karbon Black
Premium Leather + TPU Shockproof Honeycomb 3D Interior
Advanced Composite Material (Carbon Aramid Fiber) - Smooth Touch
Phone Compatibility
iPhone X/XR/Xs, 8/7/6/6s/SE, Plus Models (varies per case)
iPhone X/XR/Xs, 8/7/6/6s/SE, Plus Models (varies per case)
Built-in Metal Inserts
Works With Wireless (Qi) Chargers
Includes AFIX+ Magnetic Vent Mount
Yes - Works With Horizontal Vents Only
Yes - Works With Horizontal/Vertical Vents
Anti-Slip Grip
Tactile Buttons
Non-Slip Grooves
Advanced Drop Protection (EVUSOF+)
Military Grade Protection (4ft drops)
WiFi/BT - NFC/GPS Interference
What's Included
Northill Leather Case - AFIX+ Magnetic Vent Mount - Instruction Card
AER Aramid Fiber Case - AFIX+ Magnetic Vent Mount - Instruction Card
Product info taken from Amazon product pages, item pages, and box covers

Evutec Northill Series Review

Out of the two series I'm reviewing, I prefer the aesthetic of the Northill version.

The Northill variants come in:

  • Blue/Saddle
  • Brigandine/Lava
  • Canvas/Black
  • Chroma/Sage
  • Tweed/Tan

I currently have the blue/saddle case and it's probably the best looking one though that's highly subjective.

What caught my eye initially was the leathery exterior and the color combination, and the saddle base even looked like a card pocket (it wasn't). That wasn't enough to deter me once I had the case in my hands.

The leather felt soft to the touch, it had a great grip, and inside was a stylish 3D Honeycomb interior that tied the look together.

But that wasn't all I was looking at either.

Will the Northill Series Case Protect Your Phone?

The case was scratch-resistant, eye-popping, and had anti-grip capabilities but it was very strong too.

Evutec cases underwent a military grade drop test where they were dropped 26x from 4ft on multiple sides, faces and edges, and neither the case nor phone was damaged.

I generally believed this to be true but I was skeptical at first. However it turns out that after a few unexpected drops, I can gladly say that their claims hold true...that's a relief!

Some other things I noticed were how tactile the side buttons felt. I never noticed anything being in the way and there were no signal issues either. This is just a solid iPhone case that's worth checking out.

And it comes with a magnetic car mount too, which doubles as a stand, so that's good.

Evutec AER Series - Karbon/Black
Evutec AER Series - Karbon/Black | Source

Evutec AER Series Review

The AER Series is different but in a good way.

I didn't think this case looked as good as the other one but I felt safer using it, and that's due to the case's powerful carbon aramid fiber material.

This stuff is 5x stronger than steel of the same size and incredibly thin & smooth to the touch. Aramid fiber is also used in bulletproof vests, jet planes, race cars, and spacecraft due to how strong it is.

I love the textured pattern too as my current phone uses a similar aramid fiber Pitaka case, but this case definitely remains unique in its own way.

Furthermore, the AER cases went under a similar military grade drop test and offer the same advanced drop protection, but I'd be willing to bet this case is tougher.

As mentioned in the opener, both series have invisible magnetic inserts so that your phones can wirelessly charge without having to take the cases off, and this product comes with a magnetic phone mount as well.

Design wise I believe this only comes in karbon black, meaning there are far less style options vs the Northill series. I stand by that I prefer the other case but I would be more comfortable using this one.

And sometimes it's not bad to have both options in play too.

Evutec Northill Series - Blue/Saddle
Evutec Northill Series - Blue/Saddle | Source

Evutec Magnetic iPhone Cases: Final Review

I'm picky when it comes to phone cases but Evutec had me sold from the jump. They offer plenty of fantastic options for your iPhone that you can't find anywhere else.

They're also very durable, comfortable to hold, and have functional options like the metal inserts for wireless charging that other cases don't have.

I give the Evutec Magnetic iPhone Cases: Northill & AER Series 4.5 out of 5 stars.

If the AER series had more design options and if both had card holders then I'd probably bump up the rating, but as is they rank pretty high.

They look great, feel good, aren't obtrusive, and they come with features many cases don't have. The magnetic car mounts are fantastic additions too; the AER car mounts even work with horizontal & vertical vents.

I strongly recommend both cases to anyone in need of a solid iPhone magnetic case that will protect your phone & not be an eye sore.

The Evutec Northill & AER iPhone Magnetic Cases are welcomed additions and they're certainly worth trying out.

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    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      2 weeks ago from Philippines

      Usually, I don't give much thought to phone coverings. For me, they are just "clothes" for my phone. But this article on Evutech taught me that there is a lot more to consider when buying a cover for my phone. Especially the part that said the phone can drop from 4 ft. and still be functional if it has an Evutech cover. I'll see if they have this brand in the Philippines.


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