The Best 8 Flip Phones on the Market

Updated on November 22, 2017

Why I Think There's Still a Lot of Value in Flip Phones

As someone who is on the move a lot, I put a ton of wear and tear on my phone. After breaking 3 smartphones a few years back, I decided to return to my roots and get a good flip phone that can handle my on-the-go lifestyle. It's amazing how good it is to be back with a phone built more for functionality than anything else.

I've handed down that functionality to my young kids who need a phone for communication but aren't ready for all the dangers that come with smartphones.

That functionality translates into additional ruggedness, a better battery life, and what I consider to be a better phone overall. In this article, I'll take you through a few of my favorites and give you the pros and cons of each.

Top Flip Phone Models

  • Samsung Convoy
  • LG 450
  • Samsung GT-C3520BLK
  • Motorola RAZR
  • Samsung Gusto
  • Samsung Intensity
  • Blackberry Style
  • Nokia 6350

Samsung Convoy

One of the best flip phones that I have ever owned is the Samsung Convoy 3. It's rugged and can handle just about anything. While it isn't 100 percent waterproof or guaranteed to be indestructible like more expensive models, it can handle a whole lot of dropping, throwing, dripping, etc. It will have no problems.

Another key feature of this phone that can be both fun and useful is the push to talk feature. If you've ever used a walkie talkie, it is basically the same function. You can talk instantly with up to fifty people on a channel. I've only used this once, but if you do things that require walkie talkies, this is a cheaper way of doing it.

It should be noted that an updated model, the Convoy 4, is also available. It is exclusive to Verizon.

Flip Phone Spec Comparisons

Dimensions & Weight (in. & oz.)
Screen Resolution & Size
Battery Capacity (Talk Time)
Razer v3m
3.9 x 2.1 x 0.57, 3.49
176 x 220, 2.2 in.
780 mAh (3.3 hrs)
Gusto 2
3.82 x 1.93 x 0.75, 3.90
128 x 160, 2 in.
1000 mAh (7 hrs)
Gusto 3
3.82 x 1.92 x 0.71, 3.49
128 x 160, 2 in.
1000 mAh (8.19 hrs)
Samsung Intensity III
4.41 x 2.12 x 0.57, 4.06
240 x 320, 2.4 in.
1000 mAh (5 hrs)
Samsung GT-C3520BLK
4.02 x 2.05 x 0.66, 3.42
240 x 320, 2.4 in
800 mAh (9 hrs)
Convoy 4
4.26 x 2.18 x 0.93, 5.82
240 x 320, 2.4 in.
1300 mAh (8 hrs)
Convoy 3
4.07 x 2.04 x 0.82, 4.4
240 x 320, 2.4 in.
1300 mAh (6.5 hrs)
LG 450
3.86 x 2.01 x 0.73, 3.63
220 x 176, 2.2 in.
950 mAh (3.5 hrs)
Blackberry Style
3.78 x 2.36 x 0.73, 4.62
360 x 400, 2.7 in.
1150 mAh (4.5 hrs)
Nokia 6350
3.67 x 1.86 x 0.68, 3.61
240 x 320, 2 in.
1050 mAh (4 hrs)
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LG 450

If you're looking for a newer and more up-to-date option, check out the LG 450. It has a 2.2" display, 1.3 MP camera with camcorder, and text to speech functionality.

It's simple, rugged, easy-to-use, and has a clear transmission. You can set it up with T-Mobile's Pay As You Go plan for a senior, your kids, or just enjoy the simplicity for yourself.

In addition, it comes with a sim card. You won't have to pay the $10 to $20 that the T-Mobile store wants to charge you.

Samsung GT-C3520BLK

For a flip phone that has a few more features, I highly recommend the Samsung GT-C3520. It works with carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile and gives you access to social applications, SMS, MMS, e-mail, and instant messaging options.

This makes it a good middle ground between having a few smartphone features but still having the flip phone options you want. Battery life for this phone is around 9 hours while talking and up to 610 hours on standby.

After using this phone for a few weeks, I really fell in love with it. The long battery life, ruggedness, and how well everyone can hear me on it make it the perfect solution for someone like me.

Misc. Features on Flip Phones

Notable Features
Razr V3m
Bluetooth connectivity, plays mp3 files, 1 megapixel camera, supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Gusto Series
Micro usb connection, bluetooth connectivity, 1.3 megapixel camera, compatible with M4 and T4 hearing aids.
Intensity III
2 megapixel camera, bluetooth connectivity, micro usb connector, rechargeable with usb, M4 hearing compatible, dust, shock, and temperature resistant.
1.3 megapixels, bluetooth and micro usb compatible, plays mp3 and mp4 files.
Convoy 3
Flashlight, shock, dust, and sand resistant, compatible with m4 and t4 hearing aids, supports English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean, bluetooth connectivity, 3 megapixel camera.
Convoy 4
Water resistant for up to one meter for 30 minutes, micro USB connectivity, compatible with M3 and T4 hearing aids, supports Vietnamese in addition to previous languages, 5 megapixel camera.
LG 450
Micro usb compatible, bluetooth compatible, plays mp3 files.
Blackberry Style
Full keyboard, 5 megapixel camera, compatible with M4 and T4 hearing aids, bluetooth and micro usb connectivity.
Nokia 6350
Compatible with M3 and T3 hearing aids, supports English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, bluetooth and micro usb connectivity, 2 megapixel camera.

Motorola RAZR

Another classic that has been out for awhile, but it still a big hit, is the Motorola RAZR V3m. The main benefit for this phone is its size. It is one of the thinnest phones on the market, and still manages to feature quality and speed.

It also features a color screen on both the inside and outside. Everything that is viewed on the inner screen can be viewed on the outer screen.

This is especially beneficial when trying to take pictures of yourself with the camera. You can face the camera towards you and see on the screen exactly how the picture will look like.

Samsung Gusto 2

One of the most basic phones on the market is the Samsung Gusto 2. This well-built and small flip phone is made to perform just the basic functions you would expect.

If you are not a very tech-savvy person and are looking for an easy to use option, then this is the phone for you. It comes with basic talk and text features and is small, light, and easy to carry.

The Gusto also has a few add-ons that are both easy to use and incredibly useful. One of these is Bluetooth capabilities which make it possible to drive and talk without having to look at or mess around with your phone. It can connect wirelessly to an earpiece, or through many car radios.

It also has a camera which is standard on most phones today. Everyone has had a time where they wish they had a camera and almost all flip phones today eliminate that problem.

This model has seen an update with the Gusto 3. It is slightly smaller and features micro USB connectivity.

If you'd prefer to have a traditional keyboard, then the Samsung Intensity might just be the phone for you.
If you'd prefer to have a traditional keyboard, then the Samsung Intensity might just be the phone for you.

Samsung Intensity

Another phone I have seen being used by friends and colleagues is the Samsung Intensity. This phone caters to more social needs and is great for anyone that loves to be in the loop. This phone can turn sideways and then be flipped open to reveal a long, sideways keyboard for the user. Most people, upon getting used to QWERTY keyboards, find that they are easier to use. They are much faster than 9 key phones.

The Intensity also comes with Facebook and Twitter applications that make it easy to connect to friends. It also comes with a camera which has built-in infrared, meaning you can take pictures at night and still have them be clear. This is not found on many phones.

Blackberry Style

Here's a more high-tech flip phone that comes with wireless internet. It is called the Blackberry Style, and it runs with Boost Mobile. This model combines a few of the best features of a lot of different phones. One thing that many people enjoy and struggle to find on a flip phone is a QWERTY keyboard. The Style flips open and reveals the small, but perfect QWERTY keyboard that is super easy to use.

One thing that makes the Style a good phone to choose is the camera. We have already discussed cameras a little bit. However, the Style has a 6 megapixel digital camera that also has video capabilities. This is nearly as good as a lot of digital cameras out there. It can give you a quality image that can be blown up to a much larger size, and still maintain clarity. This, combined with its video capabilities, makes it one of the best cell phone cameras out there.

Nokia 6350

The Nokia 6350 brings me back to using my phone as a communication device. I get a better signal and more battery life from it. It's easy enough for me to use my iPad Mini while I'm home or away and much simpler to read.

Reasons to Use a Flip Phone

You may be asking yourself why someone would pick a flip phone over a smartphone. There are actually many benefits and advantages they can offer. Here are some things that make them appealing.

  • They are smaller and lighter while smartphones seem to get bigger and heavier. Some people don't like the idea of carrying a brick in their pocket. That is, if you even have pockets big enough to fit them.
  • Smartphone design has become pretty boring. They all look fairly similar with their appearance as mini tablets. Flip models have more diversity in their design, giving them more character.
  • They allow you to disconnect from the internet and social media. Many people hate being glued to their phones and getting bombarded with information. Flip phones create a separation that can feel refreshing.
  • They are much cheaper as the most expensive models typically go for around the $100 range. They are a great deal considering you probably won't use all of the features on a smartphone.
  • They offer more simplicity with their use. Some people struggle with the interface of a smartphone, such as unlocking the screen or accidentally swiping when they didn't intend to. Flip phones are more manageable. Answering and ending calls is done by merely opening and closing the phone. You can easily handle a flip phone with just one hand.
  • These phones are way more durable. They can take much more punishment than smartphones, which are more prone to physical damage and the elements.
  • More resistance to hackers. The perk of less advanced hardware is that they don't save your sensitive information like smartphones do.
  • They make a great statement against the overeliance of technology in society. A flip phone will turn heads and get more attention these days. You will certainly be seen as unique.
  • Don't you hate it when you get accidentally dialed or when your smartphone calls somebody because something in your bag hit the dial? This pretty much never happens with flip phones.
  • The battery life on these things last much longer since they have less features to power. Internet and gaming can take up a lot of juice. You can also easily remove and replace a battery on a flip model.

Final Thoughts

Many options for flip phones are still available. Remember that the key is to decide what you want to do with it and how much your willing to spend each month. You then have to find a phone that falls in line with your criteria. While some salesman might put the pressure on you to purchase more than you need, I highly suggest you go with what fits your budget and needs.

As a communication device, flip phones are simply more capable and rugged than their smart counterparts. Durability, simplicity, and ease-of use are all a plus. They still hold a lot of value in the market. What's your experience with them?

Do You Still Use a Flip Phone?

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    • profile image

      Hazel 41 hours ago

      I would love a nice flip phone again, it's been a while since I had one, they are compact and easy to use.

    • profile image

      Paul 3 weeks ago

      I would be all over the Black Berry Style flip/semi smart phone, if somebody would bring it back with update internals, capable of using The 4g system.

    • profile image

      Bob 5 weeks ago

      Looking for flip phone about 4 long, must have easy to read letters&numbers, must have long battery life, can give me some ideas as what is best

    • profile image

      m mchenry 7 weeks ago

      flip phone are easier to use and easier to handle, most people don't nee d

      all the features of smart ohones. The flip phones have to be charged mor often \, not as sturdy. lots of reason flips are more practical and easy to use

    • profile image

      Theresa G. Olson 7 weeks ago

      I have had the LG Wine 2 and the LG WIne 3. i am 5 days away from turning 72 years of age. My LG Wine has a Google search bar. It is not an Android phone so thrrd are many websites that I cannot get on to anymore so I had to give in to an Android phone. I still use my LG Wine 3 for conversation, texting, and I still attempt to try and google a website. I just want to read the information only. My android is not relaxing at all. it is constantly shutting off. Then I have to keep touching the screen all the time. I mainly just use my Android phone to get on to my email and access websites that I cannot get on with flip phone mobile browser phone. Actually, I just ordered another LG Wine 3. I also don't like the touchscreen of the android phone.

    • profile image

      HanSolo 7 weeks ago

      The article says "the most expensive models typically go for around the $100 range". Not true. In 2018, Nokia 6350 costs USD250 on Amazon.

    • profile image

      marvin nubwaxer 8 weeks ago

      Do You Still Use a Flip Phone?

      68% Yes

      i call bs

    • profile image

      Xander 2 months ago

      Any suggestions for a flip phone that can use Pandora?

    • profile image

      Tina L. Morgan 2 months ago

      I have always stood by flip phones. I never purchase any other type of phone. I have known in my HEART that flip phones are the best !! I am so happy that people are beginning to see that flip phones are better that iphones all the wayaround !!!

    • profile image

      Roughie 2 months ago

      No mention of the 3G Samsung GT-C3595, probably the best looking flip phone available. No WiFi but capable of connecting to the internet via data from your provider. It has a host of applications and is a joy to use, with definitely the best loudspeaker of any phone I've used. I've slipped in a 32GB card to store various bits of info, and the 2MP camera is more than adequate. Very classy looking piece of gear which I updated with from my previous Samsung 2G only GT-E1150i. This was ultra small with all the functions I needed, but when 2G was turned off, the GT-C3595 was it's natural successor .Samsung's latest flip, or 'folding'phone is grotesque and won't be finding a home in my pocket

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 months ago

      I left my samsung a997 in the pocket of my board shorts while I spent an afternoon going down waterslides at WhiteWater World I set it out to dry (after taking off the back) for two days &everything except the external speaker still works

    • profile image

      The llama 3 months ago

      I don't know about all these flip phones but they look good!!!!

    • profile image

      Robert 3 months ago

      Very surprising how they totally missed the rugged military grade 3G/4G Kyocera DuraXE world capable flip phone. I got mine unlocked and it was very dependable on trips to Asia. Just buy a SIM in whatever country you are in....good to go. The camera is also good enough to use as a backup cam. And you can boost the memory with a micro SD card.

    • profile image

      J. Andrews 3 months ago

      I'm very happy, to stay with a flip phone forever, but do any of them have a talk-to-text option? I can't keep up, with the people who text me this way.

    • profile image

      dashdotdash 4 months ago

      I wish I had a flip phone tbh cause not many have them.

    • profile image

      flip phone seeker 4 months ago

      Any reason why noone suggested LG exalt LTE? I don't have it but i am interested in it. Also the kyocera lte. they are VERY expensive.

    • profile image

      Kaye 5 months ago

      Is thiz still available in the market? I'm looking for this but i cannot find one.

    • profile image

      Fred Willis 5 months ago

      I got a LG flip phone tracfone for 4.99$ and it looks just like the LG in this story. It works great and I have had no issues in 2 years now.

    • profile image

      Elliott :3 6 months ago

      I honestly think the Alcatel GO FLIP is the best. I mean, it has good sound, good camera, so many functions(for a flip phone).

    • JynBranton profile image

      Jennifer B 6 months ago from Bolingbrook

      I’m debating going back to a “dumb phone “ for my next phone. I have a 6+ iPhone and even with all the notifications off, my battery lasts about half a day with texting and normal phone calls. I don’t really use my phone for much other than texting since I have a SIM card in my tablet or use it on WiFi so I think I could go back to something with a Qwerty keyboard again

    • profile image

      bill 6 months ago

      I just like the flip phones. They do all i need.

    • profile image

      Rae 7 months ago

      In my dreams I have a thin flip phone + smart phone system that is purpose built to work together.

      The phones would share an external quick swap sim card system - something bomb proof, perhaps some kind of compact cartridge system, in which most users presumably would only put a sim in one of the cartridges.

      Idea is to provide multiple modes to allow system to be configured to different needs in different situations. Either phone could be used on its own, but most importantly flip phone could function as a bluetooth tethered handset for the smart phone, for times when user wants to be able to just answer calls without looking at the phone & swiping a touch screen, or at times when user wants to look something up or whatever on the smart phone while talking on the flip phone.... flip phone would have to be designed to work for most people in old school hands free method (ie pinched between shoulder and ear)

    • profile image

      Robert 7 months ago

      Bleujay ..take a look at the Kyocera DuraXE.... it might be just what you're looking for...including rugged, (military spec rugged) camera...Bluetooth..etc.. Does me just fine in world travel to rugged and third world areas.. I just swap out the SIM card when I land in a different country and get a SIM for that country I happen to be in. I'm very happy with mine..

    • profile image

      Robert 7 months ago

      I bought an unlocked Kyocera DuraXE, a rugged flip phone built to military rugged specs. Did great for me on a more than two month trip through Cambodia and Thailand in 2017. Just swapped out SIM cards. It's 2G, 3G, 4G with multiple bands and frequencies cell phone good anywhere in the world.

      4G LTE, WCDMA, GSM. With 4 different bands on each. Don't have to worry if it drops, gets wet, or gets dirty. It can take it.... and it takes pretty good photos and video. The 8GB onboard user memory can be boosted with a micro SDHC card up to 32GB, for a total of 40GB . So I put a Sandisk Extreme 32GB card in.

      Love it.. :)

    • profile image

      Charles Lucas 8 months ago

      Have always used flips, but as texting becomes demanding, no qwerty. I don't want to give up my low tech rugged phone. Convoy 4 is my style of rugged, but no qwerty. Intensity comes close and I fear Blacberry to costly.

    • profile image

      John Baptist Bongomin 8 months ago

      I think the Samsung on top is the best.How much does it cost

    • profile image

      Bleujay 9 months ago

      I am looking for a flip phone that is bluetooth compatible, with text and camera, is inexpensive, has no contract and is durable, and, of course, does not cost a lot per month. Can you suggest one for me. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Michael Bear Trap 9 months ago

      I have the ZTE smart flip phone on Tracfone network. It works fine and I am 80 and not a Techie. I watch YouTube every day and Politico at Starbucks. My service runs $ 10 a month more or less.

      It's 2 downsides are weight and they send ads a lot. I use it as a smart phone mostly at places with WiFi so I don't pay much airtime. I do love the standard keyboard for Texting. It also has a good Camera

    • profile image

      Dave 10 months ago

      Normally I wait until a new device has been out for 6 months or so, let other find the "needs to be fixed'-__they research and upgrade. We have been with Version for over a decade, we all know I suppose about A T & T dragging behind. In mid-June, 2017 read an article the new LG 4G LTE, it was released just days before, did as much research out 'there', phoned Verizon tech- tier 2, they knew very little to nothing, phone store manger I knew, has one in stock, asked questions. one month return.

      Bought one that day, charging on way home, and full charge using a newer type with 'smart IQ' Anker. While still charging first time, LG/Verizon update notice popped up, two parts, allowed to upgrade in two parts. Watched the open phone screen telling 'how many minutes left to full charge. Took SD card out of Samsung Convoy 4, slipped inside LG 4G LTE and all contacts, pictures on card displayed in full rather large screen, one word over all_Outstanding, being in my late 70's, and hearing has left me with only, hm___dim hearing, phoned my wife's BB Q10, ( a 5 years old phone, it too is 4G LTE ) and was able to hear her loud and clear as in past years. Have to say, she asked where I was calling from, it was so clear for on her end also. Now 12 days later, it holds a charge for a long time. Have it set to only answer when phone is opened and one button pushed, I choose to press speaker button, and actually turn down volume, it is so clear. Yes, will say, I love this little flip phone. The only pictures I take with my Leica cameras, and being in high res, can view in full 4-6 mg pics, even has 'slideshow'. ( We don't own stock in LG or Verizon) Hoping this will help others who need nothing but simple 'flip'. $168.00.

    • profile image

      Khyte giezl 10 months ago

      I have a samsung grand and a samsung s4 mini.... Because of I am an anime lover, I want a flip phone. I want the ones with square corners.

    • profile image

      Gregory 12 months ago

      I still have a flip phone, but I want a smart flip phone. I've seen a few models on the net but they are not available in the states. I got a response from AT&T , they claim they have already tried to sell smart flip phones in the USA, but I don't believe them. If they are selling in China and Korea why wouldn't they sell here? Get with it AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon.

    • profile image

      BlogBlather 12 months ago

      I have had 5 LG Octane flip phones. Best basic phone! When I can't find any more on eBay I will be so sad!

    • profile image

      Anonymous 12 months ago

      AT&T regularly forces updates on smart phones. Eventually, the phone gets bricked by them, INTENTIONALLY. Then they just say it's no loner supported and you need a new one. This is really bad if you OWN your phone.

      Imagine if you got a new car, then every few months the manufacturer of the car showed up and "upgraded" it without your permission or knowledge. You like the old radio? too bad. You like the old seats? too bad.

      One day, one of the upgrades makes it so the vehicle will not even start any more, but the manufacturer won't fix it, and they won't replace it; instead they just tel you you need to get a new one.

      That is EXACTLY what phone carriers do.

    • profile image

      Regina 12 months ago

      I'm still missing my pink Razr , :(

    • profile image

      ANon 12 months ago

      Tottally agree with Kathleen

    • profile image

      Ding 12 months ago

      What Rachel said: is there a flip phone that's good for texting? Like, full keyboard but no data-plan required by Verizon?

    • profile image

      Lee B. 13 months ago

      As I understand, Verizon will discontinue 3G service soon and my current phone will no longer work. Will there be a version of the venerable flip phone, with buttons and no touch screen, available that will work on the new 4G lte systems?

    • profile image

      Paul Kamau 13 months ago

      I think my flip phone is still pretty good. Besides the awesome battery life It has an outer display which shows the number of the caller so I can decide if I want to take the call our not. Then there's the snap sound when ending a call by closing the flip.

    • profile image

      lollipop 13 months ago

      I so want to go back to a flip. sooooooo ova having a computer in my pocket, a tab is good enough for me if i want the apps.

      the only thing i want tho is to be able to record phone calls. I do story writing and usually get them out best when i tell them to a friend, i want to be able to record so i can than replay and type them out. Does any one know of a good flippy that records calls?

    • profile image

      Rachel 14 months ago

      I'm currently looking for a flip phone for my husband. He has a flip phone currently but the texting sucks big time. Is there a reg. flip phone out there anyone would suggested with easy texting.....?

    • profile image

      Jim Britt 14 months ago

      They still put lousy 2 or 3 MP cameras on these phones.

      Put a camera as good as what I have on my Galaxy S7 on a flip phone and I would GLADLY go back to using them.

      Cameras are cheap so why not offer a good one.

    • profile image

      vishnu 15 months ago

      which flip phone has a built in play store ...or atleast support whatsapp??????//

    • profile image

      FurryGnat111084 15 months ago

      I love to play with them although I'm getting one tomorrow to use as an everyday phone.

    • profile image

      Melissa Bassi 15 months ago

      I need a flip phone with a very loud ring.Which 4g phone do you suggest? This is for a 77 year old man.I can barely hear the one he has standing next to him and my hearing is perfect and yes,we have the volume turned all the way up!!!

    • profile image

      Derek 16 months ago

      I went from my iphone 7 to the LG flip phone.

      1. Signal better I can sit on my couch and talk to people my iphone had to use wifi calling from my house.

      2. Battery better. Charge every Sunday.

      3. I paid $140 a month for two iphones and an ipad. Now I pay $16.13 per month with Verizon. 300 minutes. Saving money.

      So happy now. I use my Mac for everything.

      4. Call quality is better.

    • profile image

      Iris 16 months ago

      This smartphone generation gall is looking for a flip phone which can work whatsapp and browsing. Anybody tips? does this excist?

    • profile image

      James 17 months ago

      I was a flip phone person and liked it very much but when can someone combine the smart with flip.That would be awesome.

    • profile image

      Matthew 17 months ago

      I use the Casio G'Zone Ravine 2. You can buy them new for about 90 unlocked on amazon and they are great. They are incredibly sturdy, I drop mine nearly daily. The only problem I've had was that the rubber port covers do break off. I've had mine 2.5 years and the battery still lasts 3 days on a full charge. Doubt you'd need the compass, pedometer, moon phase charts, themometers or any of the other cool features, but they're fun to mess with. Also, and I can't stress this enough, the GUI (graphical user interface) is the best I've had on a flip phone. Companies have been cheaping out on making the menus and buttons intuitive on flip-phones since smart phones came out. You can assign individual text tones for each person which I haven't been able to do since my LG Chocolate back in 2009. Camera quality isn't anything to write home about, and the memory is lacking, but it does have SD upgrade capability (beat that iPhone). You can save sound files directly as ringtones (which is a huge perk for me). I pay 31$ a month non-contract post-pay on verizon, and I couldn't be happier. I don't need or want internet and games on my hip every second of the day. It would occasionally be nice to look stuff up, but I pay for internet at home and get it free at work, so I don't need to dish out the extra dollars (which go a lot better into my student loans) for it everywhere I am.

    • profile image

      Chris 18 months ago

      I have an Alcatel 665 flip phone that has become a part of my family. It's small, rugged and takes my abuse. Unfortunately, I now have trouble accessing the T-Mobile network because this phone will not accept the upgrades recently completed on the cell tower nearest my home. It is my understanding that this phone functions on a 2g system and I am now in need of an upgrade. I don't want to re-invent the wheel if I can avoid it and am looking for either a solution or a suggestion for an upgrade.

    • profile image

      Kathleen 3 years ago

      I still have a flip phone and dread having to give it up for many reasons. I don't WANT instant access to a computer on my phone: I want a phone to be able to (a) call someone (b) text someone--which is as technically advanced as I get or (c) take a photo of something. I don't care if people laugh at me. Let 'em. I've always been a turncoat against following the herd. So if it amuses others to laugh, go ahead. I like not having to charge my phone continuously; I don't care if I don't have access to a computer; also, I am careless and clumsy and drop my flip phone a lot anyway.