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Pitaka MagCase: The Best Phone Case for the Person Who Hates Phone Cases

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Pitaka MagCase for Samsung Galaxy S10

Pitaka MagCase for Samsung Galaxy S10

Pitaka MagCase: Bulletproof Phone Case?

The Pitaka MagCase is a thin military grade phone case made from premium, bullet-proof materials that'll survive almost any drop.

Pitaka's phone cases are designed for high-end smartphones from Apple, Google, and Samsung. They come in a variety of colors and distinct patterns that'll make your phone stand out.

My Samsung Galaxy S10+ is currently using the black/grey twill phone case and it looks fantastic. It's incredibly thin for a military grade case designed with 100% genuine aramid materials.

Still the real secret is what's hidden inside the case, and it's potentially a game changer when it comes to phone casings.

Product Information

Product info taken from Pitaka product page and item box

Product specificationsDescription


100% Aramid (Military Grade)

Colors - Samsung S10e/10/10+

Black/Grey, Black/Red (Twill/Plain)

Colors - Samsung S8/9/8-9+

S8/8+ Black/Grey (Twill/Plain), S9/9+ Black/Grey, Black/Red (Plain), Black/Rose Gold (Twill), Black/Yellow (Twill), Red/Orange (Herringbone)

Colors - iPhone 6s/6-8/6-8 Plus/X/Xs/Xs Max/XR

Black/Grey, Black/Red, Black/Rose Gold, Black/Yellow, Red/Orange (Plan/Twill/Herringbone)

Colors - Google Pixel 2/2XL

Black/Grey (Twill), Red/Orange (Herringbone)

Minimum Thickness


Minimum Weight


Wireless Signal Interference



Scratch Resistant, 3D Grip Non-slip Coating, Built-in Metal Plates

What's Included

Pitaka MagCase - Contact Card

Why the Pitaka MagCase Is so Powerful

Inside the beautifully packaged product is something I didn't expect. Instead of big, hulking case, I unpacked a stunningly sleek item that made my last case look like a brick.

It was a pleasant surprise.

Best Features of MagCase

  • Military Grade Materials
  • Extremely Thin & Sleek
  • Creative Design & Colors
  • Scratch Resistant, 3D Grip Non-Slip Coating
  • Built-in Metallic Plates

Military Grade Materials

All phone cases are firstly designed to shield your phone against the elements, and the Pitaka MagCase embodies this.

The 100% high luxury aramid, military grade composition will protect your phone from any accidental drop. Just yesterday my S10+ fell out of my hands and onto a hard concrete surface and I was shocked to find there were no scratches, dents, or cracks.

It's even more remarkable given how slim the case is.

Extremely Thin & Sleek

This is the thinnest case I've ever had, and for once it doesn't turn your phone into a massive block of wood.

My S10+ looks just as slim and beautiful with the case as it did without, and I give major credit to the team that crafted this. There's no bulge, nothing sticks out, and it's catered to your phone.

Every speaker, port, camera lens, and button is fully visible. The case blends into the background with its elegant style in the foreground.


Creative Design & Colors

There are several sophisticated color couplets and design styles to choose from and they're all terrific.

The black/grey twill case on my phone compliments it beautifully and I'm certain the same would apply to the other color palettes as well.

iPhone users will benefit the most due to more plentiful color schemes that range from yellow to rose gold to black. Pitaka's iPhone cases start from iPhone 6 and go up to the latest devices.

For Samsung & Google it's more limited with current options being the S9/9+/10/10e/10+ & Pixel 2/2XL as well as phone cases for the brand new Note 10/10 Plus 4G/5G.

Scratch Resistant, 3D Grip Non-slip Coating

Not only are the MagCases built to last, they're also good with scratches.

I've already experienced several instances of scratching yet my case still looks brand new; it's a stark contrast from my previous case.

Additionally all cases feature a 3D grip, non-slip coating meaning your phone's less prone to sliding out of your hands or any surface. The combo of the non-slip coating & scratch resistant only elevate the tough as nails case design.

Built-in Metallic Plates

Perhaps the most innovative feature are the invisible built-in metallic plates that won't disrupt wireless charging, WiFi, GPS, etc.

The plates are placed in a way that's design friendly and fully functional. You can wirelessly charge your phone without signal interference or pair it with Pitaka's MagMount Qi, a magnetic car mount wireless charger.

I've used the MagCase with the MagMount Qi and it works flawlessly. My phone is completely secure and it fast charges while I'm driving; it's definitely worth checking out.


The Cost of Military Grade Phone Protection

There's very few downsides to the Pitaka MagCase though the biggest one is perhaps the most obvious.

Top 3 Cons

  • Higher Cost
  • No Front Screen Protection
  • Lack of Colors & Styles

Higher Cost

The MagCase will cost you around $50, which isn't terrible but not the cheapest either.

There are wallet cases and battery pack cases that'll cost 2-3 times that amount, but they also have extra features.

Still, for what went into these cases - specifically the luxurious, premium materials used to make these highly functional cases - $50 doesn't sound too bad.

No Front Screen Protection

The MagCase wraps around the back and sides of your phone but not the front, so you'll need a front screen protector of some kind.

It's a minor grievance but it would be nice if they included a free one.

Pitaka does have a more durable phone case option called the MagCase Pro but that's only for the iPhone X/Xs/Xs Max & XR for now.

Lack of Colors & Styles

As I stated earlier, the color/style options for Samsung and Google are few and far between, which is a shame because I love the choices that are available.

The colors they do have are black/grey and black/red (red/orange for Pixel) and for styles it's either twill or plain (herringbone for Pixel).

I hope they expand their set in the future so that it at least matches their iPhone offerings.

Black Twill MagCase for Samsung S10+

Black Twill MagCase for Samsung S10+

Pitaka MagCase: Final Review

I've been using the Pitaka MagCase on my Galaxy S10+ for the past few days because it's much more durable than my old one with additional perks the other didn't have.

I would give the Pitaka MagCase 4.5 out of 5 stars.

I love the style, color, and how thin it is. It already protected my phone from major damage, and I think it'll keep doing so. I've been using it with the Pitaka New MagMount Qi for road trips and my phone doesn't even budge.

Do I wish they had more styles/colors to choose from, sure, but I also like what they do have so I'm perplexed. The price may be high for some but the materials used ain't cheap; just be sure to purchase a screen protector if you haven't already.

All-in-all this is a creative, well-imagined phone case for people that hate phone cases. And if you own an iPhone or a Samsung S9 & up, then I would definitely recommend trying the very fresh, elegant, and thin Pitaka MagCase.

Air Case for Note 20 (left) - MagEZ Case for Note 20 (right)

Air Case for Note 20 (left) - MagEZ Case for Note 20 (right)

New Samsung Galaxy/Note 20 Cases

Pitaka's new MagEZ and Air Case's are a perfect fit for your new Samsung Galaxy S20/20+ or 20 Ultra phones as well as your Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra models.

Each case is made with 100% aramid fiber, which is extremely light weight, thin, and soft to the touch.

The Air Cases have 0.65mm of thinness, weigh only 9g, and sport a protective ring for your camera lens while the Note 20 EZ Cases have 0.85mm of thinness, weigh 16g, and are Qi charging friendly.

Like other versions these cases form a solid grip around your phone and they include functional cutouts for your camera lenses, buttons, and other ports. I still use my Galaxy S10+ for business and personal means, but I'll happily use my Note 20 with the updated case models.

Pitaka's cases remain extremely form fitting, stylish, and secure, and it's great that they continue to design new cases for each upcoming phone....oh and they haven't forgotten about all you iPhone users either.

Pitaka delivers iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max and iPhone Series 12 Air and MagEZ cases too, so please feel free to browse around and pick the right case for you.

Your Thoughts!


Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on August 13, 2019:

I like this case for its military-grade protection but I still look for extra features as a cardholder. I find this very handy when I got out as I can just carry my phone and I have everything I need.