Asus Zenfone Max: The Long Lasting Phone

Updated on August 23, 2016
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The Asus Zenfone Max, White Edition
The Asus Zenfone Max, White Edition

As smartphones are evolving with new exciting features, battery life often becomes a problem for people who intensively use these devices. Some models last more than others, but at the end many people are going to charge their phone every night after having used it for a day. When you are traveling you can carry a power bank with you, so that you can always charge your phone even outside home, however having a smartphone which can last for two days without having to carry other devices with you is surely a more comfortable option. Asus Zenfone Max actually seems to be the solution; in fact this phone, after having used it intensively for a day, showed around 50% of remaining charge, so that it was not necessarily to charge it during the night (even if you can do that if you want to start every day with a full amount of power, especially if you stay outside home for long times.)

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Cheap Phone, Big Performances

This smartphone is very cheap, although it is very performant: this demonstrate you do not have to spend a fortune in order to buy a good device (sometimes you are paying just for a cool brand). Zenfone Max looks very good esthetically (I think Asus is following Apple's road about attention to minimal details in design) and it is incredibly fluent, even when you have many apps opened. As this is a cheap smartphone, it comes with a limited 16 GB memory space (around 6 GB are taken up by Android), even if you can still expand it through microSD cards (as these cards are known to slow down smartphones, I suggest you to use them just to store music and photos, without moving apps to them). I think releasing different models varying in memory's size (just like it happens with iPhones) would have been a great idea, so that everyone could choose to spend more in order to have more space: instead, this phone will always be classified among other cheap phones, while it could have been proposed as a concrete alternative to iPhone (because of its design and of its preformances). Many people also tend to have prejudices against cheap smartphones, believing they are of worse quality compared to top models (that's often false), and may not decide to try Asus Zenfone Max because of this reason: instead, promoting Asus Zenfone Max just like if it was a top-model, by releasing it in different editions, probably would have led it to a bigger popularity. Anyway, even if it less popular than many other famous devices, Zenfone Max is a very good choice if you are thinking about buying a new smartphone.

Technical Overview

Qualcomm 896 x64
2 GB
Radio FM
SIM slots
16 GB
The Asus adapter, included in the package, allows you to connect other device to your Zenfone, so that you can charge them and use your phone as a power bank
The Asus adapter, included in the package, allows you to connect other device to your Zenfone, so that you can charge them and use your phone as a power bank
An Asus power bank (Zenpower). These devices can be used to charge your phone when you are out of home. With Asus Zenfone Max and its incredible battery, you no longer need to carry one of them with you
An Asus power bank (Zenpower). These devices can be used to charge your phone when you are out of home. With Asus Zenfone Max and its incredible battery, you no longer need to carry one of them with you

Extra Features in a Little Device

Asus Zenfone Max is characterized by many interesting extra features: you can listen to the radio without having an internet plan, there is dual SIM module, and even a laser meter, from which you can measure the distance between the phone and another object. The first two characteristics are also present in other Zenfone's models, while the last one is typical of Max edition. Finally, the phone can also be employed as a power bank: so you can use it in order to charge other devices (with such a powerful battery, that is a very good feature). Whenever you are out of home for long time and your parents or friends' phones are out of power, you can charge their through your device. The same if you carry an iPod with you and you want to keep it always at the maximum power.

Author's Rating

4 stars for Asus Zenfone Max

I reccomend buying this phone if you are in search of a final solution to smartphones' battery problems: if you intensively use your device every day and you need to have it always working even when you are out of home, Zenfone Max is a good choice for you.

Long Lasting Battery
No NFC Module
Good Performances
There are no memory size choices: if you want more memory, your only solution is to buy a microSD card
Cheap Device

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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