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5 Symptoms of a RAM Problem and How to Fix It

Updated on April 29, 2016
What does a RAM stick look like?
What does a RAM stick look like?

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory, or RAM, is a way for your computer to store temporary data, rather than in a cache or permanent storage. Storage, often wrongly referred to as memory, is permanent data stored on a hard drive or solid state drive. A CPU cache is a small amount of often-needed memory that is stored on a CPU chip. Both the RAM and CPU cache are temporary data stores that are cleared when your computer is turned off.

One way to think of the difference between these different types of storage is to imagine them as paper documents. The cache is a list of names or numbers you constantly refer to and keep close at hand. A folder full of papers you may need for your current task is similar to computer memory or RAM. The file cabinet full of folders for all your projects is like the storage on your hard drive.

Memory problems are less common than other computer problems because memory sticks have no moving parts and thus fewer points of failure. However, due to this many RAM problems go undiagnosed. Memory usually will last longer than other computer components so manufacturers offer longer warranties for it than other parts. If you buy brand name memory it will likely have a lifetime warranty.

Symptoms of a RAM Problem

  • When you first turn on your computer it runs fine, but as you go about your business you notice that its performance diminishes. By lunch time, websites take minutes to load and local programs run at a snail's pace. This type of gradual deterioration of PC performance, especially with memory-intensive programs, may be caused by a RAM problem.
  • Your computer randomly restarts while you are in the middle of something or freeze sporadically. It may also reboot almost immediately upon opening the desktop. This could be a sign of faulty RAM.
  • A blue screen with white text flashes before restarting. Blue-screen errors are annoying because you don't even have a chance to read the error message. Bad RAM is one thing that cause them.
  • Files—particularly ones you frequently access and save—seem to be inexplicably corrupted. RAM issues can lead to this problem, which can worsen over time. The file structure of your hard drive may slowly degenerate and you will no longer be able to boot your machine.
  • Your attempts to install a new program repeatedly fail for unknown reasons. You try to reinstall the operating system, but keep getting odd error messages.

There are certainly a variety of problems that could cause the issues above, but faulty RAM is an often-overlooked root cause of inexplicable issues. If you have one or a combination of the above problems you are likely facing a memory issue.

What Causes Memory Damage?

  • Power surges can damage most computer components, including RAM. You should plug your computer and other expensive electronics into a surge protector. Make sure you know the difference between a surge protector and a power strip.
  • Before you handle any parts in your computer, make sure you ground yourself by touching a piece of grounded metal to discharge static electricity. Electrostatic discharge can damage your computer.
  • Excessive heat can cause RAM and other parts to wear out over time. Individual components can overheat, or heat from one component can cause damage to adjacent parts.
  • If you have overclocked any part of your computer incorrectly, it may cause damage in the form of excess heat.
  • Your memory module may have some fault that passed through quality control and worsened over time. This is the most likely cause behind a damaged RAM.

It is also possible that the memory module is fine, but one or more memory slots on your motherboard are defective, hindering the RAM's performance. The defect may even be so bad that it damages the memory stick.

Diagnosing the Problem

  • If the symptoms started after you recently added more memory, the new module could be faulty. This seems obvious, but any time a problem begins after making a change, first check to see if the change caused the problem.
  • Your computer may produce multiple beeps or a continuous beep when you turn it on. These beeps can indicate many different problems, including being a symptom of bad RAM. Beep codes vary depending on the manufacturer of your BIOS. You can look up the beep codes for your specific computer to figure out its specific problem.
  • If you are not comfortable fixing your computer yourself, I recommend taking your computer to a local repair store rather than a big retail store. Big stores are in the business of selling additional parts, not fixing problems.
  • If you are an advanced user, there are diagnostic programs that can help you figure out if you have a memory problem. Your computer may have one pre-installed by the manufacturer or you can download a third-party program. The Windows Memory Diagnostic by Microsoft is also good if you suspect memory problems on a Windows PC.
  • If the above programs indicate your memory sticks are functioning, but you still suspect a RAM problem or if you need to find which memory module is the problem, you can try removing the modules and placing them in different slots.

Installed RAM

What installed memory modules look like.
What installed memory modules look like.

Memory modules, pictured in the image above, are small circuit boards that lay perpendicular to the motherboard. Note that I removed many of the other components to make the memory more visible. If your computer has more than one module you should remove all of them except one and then run the diagnostic tests above or perform the task that normally causes the problem.

Fixing the Problem by Removing Memory

  • To remove a RAM module you need to press the tiny levers on each end to release it.
  • Test each of your memory modules one at a time to find which ones are bad. When you find the sticks that are bad you can order replacements. It is possible all the memory modules are damaged if your computer experienced a serious power surge.
  • If all the memory modules appear bad, then the problem is likely with the memory slot itself. Try testing each memory module in each of the memory slots to find if one of the slots is faulty. To fix a faulty slot you would need to replace your motherboard.
  • When replacing a module, make sure the indention on the bottom is lined up correctly with the slot and then press it in until you hear the levers snap. Note that some levers do not make a snapping sound.

RAM Slot Levers

The levers for the memory slot are white in this example.
The levers for the memory slot are white in this example.

Other Possible Problems

RAM problems often go undiagnosed, but they also can be misdiagnosed. Some common problems that have nothing to do with memory can cause the symptoms listed above:

  • Many of the symptoms listed above can actually be caused by a hard drive problem. You can run a utility called CHKDSK by pressing the Windows button and R at the same time, typing CHKDSK into the dialog box, and pressing enter. Alternatively, you can click on Computer, right-click the drive you intend to scan, click Properties, then the Tools tab, and click Check now. Note you will need to restart your computer. Also, be aware this process may take an extended amount of time to finish running. If you hear your hard drive making lots of noise during normal operation, it may be the cause of your problems. Defragmenting your drive every few months is a good idea as well.
  • If the performance problems occur during graphic-intensive programs such as games or rendering, your graphics driver could be outdated. Be sure to always keep your drivers up to date.
  • Excessive heat in your machine can cause a variety of problems.
  • Random reboots can be cause by a failing power supply.
  • Dirt and dust can also cause issues that look like memory problems. It is a good idea to clean dust out of your computer at least once a year, more often if you have furry pets.
  • Your computer can also have a virus. Note that many people automatically assume any problem with their computer is caused by a virus and many large retail repair stores frequently misdiagnose hardware problems as viruses. Make sure you have a good anti-virus program and run scans on a regular basis.

About Me

I became interested in computers at a young age and took formal computer repair classes. I repair computers on a regular basis for family, friends and friends of friends. I have also worked in technical support and repair roles for various companies.

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    • Sidewinder6661 profile image

      Leese Wright 4 years ago from Manchester, UK

      Very helpful hub. My computer slows down quite often after a couple hours of use, which I at first just attributed to overheating, but even with a cooling pad it does the same. I think I'm going to look deeper into the problem.

    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 4 years ago from Central United States of America

      Thank you for these tips from your experienced training. Thanks for sharing your expertise in such a helpful manner also.

    • profile image

      entreri28 4 years ago from Joplin, MO

      I'm glad you found it helpful.

    • profile image

      Ind007 4 years ago

      very nice article ,thank's for writing ...

    • profile image

      Clyde 4 years ago

      Nice article but my question to this is this. Can a dirty motherboard or even say dust or what not cause a memory slot to not detect the ram or cause it to not function as it should. My issue is what was said in this article but I have done all the steps and more and have not really found the cause. However when removing the ram I did notice that there was dust down in the slot which I am wondering could be the reason. Btw both sticks of ram display in bios and both sticks are brand new and tested with memtest program which came back good. The hard drive was checked with windows scan disk as well as the western digitial test and the hard drive is good. CPU is not over heating nor is the motherboard cause I check my temps on that often. The only reason I can see is dust.

    • profile image

      entreri28 4 years ago from Joplin, MO


      It could possibly be dust. Compressed air works well for removing dust. Just don't hold the can of compressed air upside down and not too close to the objects you are blowing. If your computer is very dusty you may want to do this outdoors.

      It sounds like your RAM is working if it shows in BIOS and memtest. What is the problem you are having exactly?

    • profile image

      Deidre 4 years ago

      I can't detect of what the problem about my desktop computer.

      Every time I turned it on, it powers up properly, but when i turned it on my monitor, its light first is GREEN then is says "No signal detected" then it turns into ORANGE color.

      do you think it's a RAM problem? or motherboard problem?

      i have tried another RAM , still it doesn't work,

    • profile image

      entreri28 4 years ago from Joplin, MO

      The first thing I would suspect is your video card/chip. Did you recently get a new video card or update the drivers?

    • profile image

      Emma 3 years ago

      Windows Memory Diagnostic says my computer has a memory problem. I've run virus checks using Microsoft Security Essentials but that comes up with nothing, so I think it's because my laptop is overheating. How do I get rid of the memory problem, and if overheating is the cause, would getting a cooling pad stop it from happening again?

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO

      If your laptop is overheating that would certainly be the first that I would suspect is causing you problems. If you have had your laptop for more than a year I would clean it, or take it somewhere to have them clean it. Excessive dust can cause it to overheat.

      If your laptop is not that old, or you have cleaned it recently, a cooling pad will probably help.

    • profile image

      Emma 3 years ago

      Thank you for your advice :)

    • profile image

      sandraoh10 3 years ago

      Hi, i'm hoping someone can help me. I recently took my PC to a computer tech guy I know. I suspected the hard drive had crashed, which he confirmed. But do hard drive crashes completely damage RAM? My PC had 8gigs and this guy said he had to put new RAM and all he had available was a little under 1 gig. ONE GIG! So I have a PC with a new hard drive, but now I can't even use it much because it's somewhat slow. I'm kind of back to square one. :( Please help.

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO

      A hard drive crash should have no effect on your RAM. If you hard drive crash was caused by an electrical shock, dropping the computer or some other form of physical damage then it is possible both were damaged.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 3 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Why would a RAM problem make a computer run more slowly as the day goes by?

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO

      Throughout the day you will probably use various programs and some leave part of the program running in the background after you close it. This takes up available memory.

      So as the day goes on, more and more demand is put on your memory. If your memory is a weak point, either due to a fault or just having too little, your computer may slow down.

      If your computer becomes slower as the day goes on, it may also be malicious software that expands to take up memory. Be sure to run your security scans.

    • profile image

      Jenu Jazil J 3 years ago


      I would like to know wat exactly s wrong wit ma system for some long months.

      I start it

      T boots up

      Take sometime to settle with the CPU usage REDlight flashing hard for a greater time than usual I think.

      And frequently on the go with usual works I get " not responding" message


      And this repeats all the time am using t.

      Plzz HELP ME for at least to diagnose the pblm.

      Thanking U.

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      I would recommend that you first clean your system for dust if you can. Next start your system and press the windows key and R at the same time. It will bring up a small box. Type msconfig in the box and press enter. That will bring up a menu where you can disable unneeded startup programs.

      It is hard to say what is slowing your system down. The tips above will probably help at least some.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 3 years ago from San Diego California

      Useful information. I might be having some of these problems right now with my Netbook. Sometimes I get the blue screen you are talking about.

    • ud1093 profile image

      ud1093 3 years ago from ?

      What's the difference between 4gb 1333 mhz and 4gb 1600 mhz of RAM

    • ppc-specialist profile image

      ppc-specialist 3 years ago from Pakistan

      Well lots of mys confusion has been cleared... Nice hub for a person like me

    • profile image

      QJ 3 years ago

      Hi, 2 nights ago I was playing a graphics intensive game when my 2 year old laptop screen suddenly went black and then restarted itself. I thought it was the usual static/black screen error so I proceeded to do this:

      1)unplug laptop and remove battery

      2)press on the power button for 15 secs

      3) let the computer cool for 1 hour

      4)start the laptop

      However, 5 seconds after I opened the game, my laptop screen turned black and restarted itself. However, now my laptop became noticeably slower. I then tried opening a web browser to seek an explanation an fill in an RMA. But 5 minutes later my screen went black and restarted again. This would keep occurring whenever I tried again.

      However, I noticed that if I leave my laptop on but idle with no programs running, nothing will happen and everything seems normal.

      I then downloaded the newest Nvidia driver, but the same thing happened to me (black screen then restart when 10s into game, 5 mins into browser, nothing if idle)

      I then proceeded to disable my Nvidia graphics card, and something even more alarming happened: 1 minute after I disabled the graphics card, my screen would freeze, turn white but you could still hear the normal functioning sounds. I can't remember if the computer would crash after this.

      I think I should mention here that I just had my computer sent in and repaired 3 weeks ago for the same frozen screen turns white problem + a loose power jack repair. When I received the laptop back they said the entire screen was replaced but I though I could sometimes see 1 or 2 black lines on the screen sometimes. However this really happened too rarely for me to care.

      I also use my computer for extended hours, sometimes up to 10 hours a day non stop. If it is relevant the day my problems cropped up, it was a particularly warm summer day (25 degrees celcius, i'm from UK)

      My laptop is an ASUS A43S with GT540M graphics card, and it has and i7 2430QM processor. My hard disk was replaced in January after a slew of BSOD problems, but that has not happened again. I have had power jack repairs twice, once last summer and once 3 weeks ago.

      I can find no satisfactory answer to my plight on the internet, and was hoping you might help me out!

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO

      QJ my first thought would be that your graphics card is bad. It is hard to say though. I think you need to contact the manufacturer, especially if it is still under warranty.

      ud1093, the 1333/1600 Mhz is the RAM speed. The higher number will be faster.

    • ud1093 profile image

      ud1093 3 years ago from ?

      The better does it go higher than 1600mhz

    • profile image

      QJ UK 3 years ago

      Thank you entreri, I've posted on a few support forums and you are the first one to give me a reply. However when I disabled my NVidia graphics card , the screen would freeze and turn white, does not mean something more sinister? Thank you!

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO

      ud1093, you can get RAM with speeds over 1600mhz, but your motherboard must also support a given speed.

      QJ, many computers have built in video support as well. When you disable the video card the built in video controller will take over. Some computer actually switch back and forth based on how much power is needed.

      For programs that require more power, the video card will be used. For less graphics intense programs the built in video will be used. The built in video uses less power so it make your battery last longer by only using the more powerful video card when needed.

      So it may be your built in video controller that is malfunctioning. I would contact the manufacturer. They should be able to repair/replace whatever is needed.

    • receivetipstricks profile image

      Mrinal Saha 3 years ago from Jaipur,India

      Another tips:

      Do some good video editing , if you don't have good ram , you won't be able to anything,,

      Video editing requires a lot of ram and processor, hope it may help someone,


    • ud1093 profile image

      ud1093 3 years ago from ?

      What about music production and anything related to music does that require a lot of ram

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      Music production does indeed require a significant amount of RAM. Not as much as video, but it should be enough to test your RAM.

    • profile image

      Dereje Gerba 3 years ago

      It is very nice Thanks in Advance for your Notes

    • profile image

      vignesh 3 years ago

      my pc restart automatically as run time what is the problem pls help me

    • KenDeanAgudo profile image

      Kenneth C Agudo 3 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

      very good hub. It's nice to know and learn this. Impressive!

      P.S Im a computer engr, student and I am impress

    • toptengamer profile image

      Brandon Hart 3 years ago from The Game

      This is very informational - i hate dead ram!

    • profile image

      ann 3 years ago

      what would happen if I don't put RAM sticks in RAM slots and turn on my Toshiba A215 Laptop ? What kind of error message will I get?

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      Your computer will not start up completely. It will probably stay on one of the initials screens.

    • profile image

      spereira85 3 years ago

      Hi my laptop randomly gets a black screen when i am using it and i have to restart the computer and then it happens again. when it first started i was doing school work and a blue screen came up, but not the usual BSOD, it was solid blue, I turned it off and restarted and i can sometimes do work for awhile but now i randomly get the black screen at all different times. I have a dell mini 10. It tends to get really hot and i know it only has 1 gig ram so it tends to go slow anyway. Does anyone have any suggestions...I have run diagnositcs and anti virus as well nothing bad came up so far

    • profile image

      mona 3 years ago

      Hello. When i turn my pc on it starts up then stops. Then attempt to start up then stops. This will continue over and over. I took out the little battery and replace it. (csmos i think) and replace it. Didn't stop the actions of start and stop. All fans are oporational. I hit the kill switch gently couple times and pc did full boot only to be greated with a blue screen message that said (overclocking failed) I don't know what this is as i don't know anything about overclocking nor did i try to attempt it. (writing was in (red) WARNING.. I manage to use pc but as soon as i shut it down or restart for any reason the same thing happens again. tries to boot then stops starts stops starts stops . How can i stop this i have 3gig of ram windows 7 with 55gig ssd nvd drivers all up to date.

      did complete clean . virus check with avast. clean out %temp%. full scan malwarebytes. SSD is about 2yrs old . PC has MSI . forgive me i am not computer literate hope i have given enough info for you .

      regards. Mona.

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO

      @spereira Your problem is hard to diagnose. If it gets excessively hot, that would be where I would start. Try to clean some dust out of it if you are comfortable doing that. If not, have it done professionally.

      @mona I think your computer may have been affected by a power surge or some other electrical problem. Try resetting the BIOS to factory default. You can google how to do it, include your computer model.

    • profile image

      mona 3 years ago

      Thanks so much for your welcome responses. Yes i don't understand why its happening either. I do clean it on a regular bases and is quite dust free. As for the power surge this could be possible as ive been thrown of the internet through electrical storms. I will search how to set BIOS to factory and see if this may help this issue. Again tyvm .

    • profile image

      John 3 years ago

      Hello.when i turn on my pc it starts making noises and the light on the switch of the monitor kept on blinking,also the keyboard does not connect to the pc...what do you think is the problem?

    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 3 years ago

      What a great article! I love your idea of writing about problems and their solutions. I learnt something about ram today. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • profile image

      kk 3 years ago

      my windows xp takes too long to boot up... can't make out the reason... hardware or OS prob ?

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      It could be either. Google for some tips about speeding up your computer. You will find something that will at least improve it some, if not fix the problem.

    • electronician profile image

      Dean Walsh 3 years ago from Birmingham, England

      Great advice, voted useful, thanks.

    • profile image

      George 3 years ago

      Thanks for the useful info brother

    • Gabriel Banks profile image

      Gabriel Banks 3 years ago from Sneads Ferry, North Carolina


      I never used a forum before but My computer randomly restarts. I recently reformated it as well. I run windows 7 and my cpu and ram seem fine. Doesn't over heat . Doesn't show signs of over heating as well. I the ram and cpu and whatever else though the bios test run and it litteraly tested fine. I have 1 of my ram sticks ghetto rigged due to breaking the side plastic prongs but each time my computer will restart my computer would be static the entire time. I can run MMORPGS the entire time and then only after would it restart. I would run 10 programs at once (just various windows) and only after several hours would it restart. It typically interupts a long download a lot of times being a hit or miss. Theres no bells or whistles that go off when it restarts on me. I orignaly thought it might have been virus related which is why i formated my computer, no backup files at all. My battery was getting low i thought that might have messed with it took the battery out and just used adapter still shuts off. Used adapter for other laptop and still shuts off.. Please help me out It's an HP G72 I3 with 8g of ram.

      CPL Banks USMC Active

    • fossmaniac profile image

      fossmaniac 3 years ago from Earth

      Great article that sums up most memory problems. For those who reside in tropical countries, I'd like to add another overlooked problem to the list and that is moisture. If moisture collects on your RAM, it might prevent it from getting detected. A good way to solve this issue is to take out the memory module and rub the golden rim with a clean eraser (yep, the same eraser you use at schools). Then, replace the memory module into the slot and voila, you'll find that it works again.

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      It is very odd that your computer only restarts during idle times. I would assume it is RAM, HDD or battery/power supply problem. It is good you have already checked the battery and RAM. Try to run CHKDSK to check for hard drive problems. You can do it just by pressing the windows key and "R" and then typing "chkdsk".

      Make sure your chipset drivers are all updated. It may be a problem with your computer going to sleep/waking up. You might try turning off all energy saving options and see if the problem still occurs.

    • profile image

      Lalit Kumar 3 years ago

      I have recently changed my motherboard & CPU with a Nvidia geforce 210 & a hard drive of 500 gb. Now I have 2 Hard drives & I am using both of them but installed Windows 7 in my new hard drive. After installing window it worked perfect but after 1 days when I started my PC, it stopped at Windows logo and not going ahead or any thing else. I restarted my pc but same thing again happened. Then someone told me that you should reinstall or repair the windows with the help of installation CD. I run a repair but same thing happened after one time use. Now question is that if this problem will remain in my system forever? Or there is any chance of solving of this problem. I do not have much knowledge of computer but I can do it with the help of Google. I am unable to find out the problem. May be as you said above, it can be a problem of RAM but please ensure me about this.

    • profile image

      Kim 3 years ago

      Hey, my desktop lets me turn it on and it just turn off after a few minutes and have beeps sound. It's from dell. I know it is a ram problem and I really would like to know how can I fix it? Should I bring my computer to a shop where they fix it? If I can fix it myself, how should I fix it? Any replies will be appreciated.

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      I think you probably have a problem with the new video card drivers. You should start in safe mode and try reinstalling the drivers and/or updating them. Power on your computer and hold the F8 button to start safe mode. You will get a prompt and select Safe Mode with Networking so you can access the internet to get the new drivers.


      I would call Dell tech support. If it is still under warranty they will have you run through some steps to check if it is unfixable and will have yous end it in to be fixed. If it is not under warranty, take it to a local computer repair store.

    • profile image

      Carolina 3 years ago

      when i watch a movie after almost 1 hour the sound quality gets really bad and the laptop strats to work really slow.. sometimes it may start running slow after i spend some time on it.. is it a RAM problem? if yes how can i fix it?

    • Jessica Bosari profile image

      Jessica Bosari 3 years ago from Plymouth, Massachusetts

      You're really awesome to be so responsive on this page. It's hard to find someone who knows a lot and is willing to take the time to share that knowledge too!

      So, here's my problem... I'm loathe to give up on the RAM I bought for my upgrade and am hoping you can spot the problem. Here's what I've done so far:

      I purchased a used PC that was described as functioning except for a bad PSU. The machine came with:

      Asus M4A78L-M Mobo (64 bit)

      2 GB (1 x 1) installed DDR2 RAM

      PowerColor ATI 5670 graphics card

      AMD Phenom II 955 black Quad Core CPU

      No HDD

      I replaced the failing PSU with a Corsair CX500M (500 Watts)

      I installed a Western Digital black caviar 1TB 7200 RPM HDD

      These two improvements had the system up and running (I'm writing you from the machine now). When playing Minecraft on 32 bit windows, it had some intermittent, jerky, stop-and-start type lag, but was playable.

      I decided that upgrading the RAM may help with this lag.

      I ordered generic RAM because DDR2 is so ridiculously expensive. I know generic is not ideal, but...

      The memory is 8GB (2X4GB) NEMIX RAM Memory DDR2 800MHz PC2-6400 Desktop DIMM 240 PIN - I checked with a Tom's Hardware geek (I mean geek in a good way) and the seller of the card. Both thought the RAM should run in this system.

      Mobo specs page (http://www.asus.com/Motherboards/M4A78LM/#specific... says the mobo can take the following:

      2 x DIMM, Max. 8 GB, DDR2 1200(O.C.)/1066*/800/667 ECC,Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory

      Dual Channel memory architecture

      *DDR2 1200(O.C.)/1066 is supported by AM3/AM2+ CPU only. Refer to www.asus.com for the AM3/AM2+ CPU models.

      *Due to OS limitation, when installing total memory of 4GB capacity or more, Windows® 32-bit operation system may only recognize less than 3GB. Hence, a total installed memory of less than 3GB is recommended.

      ** Refer to www.asus.com or user manual for Memory QVL (Qualify Vendor List)

      So, when installed, the computer would boot, but not post, no beeps, no bios, just blank screen.

      I tried the following trouble shooting measures:

      Flash update of BIOS to most recent version.

      Reset CMOS (which also resets BIOS to default) by removing and replacing coin battery.

      Tried each stick individually in each slot, also tried switching the slots while running both sticks.

      Upgraded to 64 bit Windows 7 instead of 32 bit, updated all drivers and ran all windows updates.

      Wash and repeat of trying each stick in each slot, etc.

      Tried running without graphics card.

      Visually compared the card configuration against FBDimm to be sure it is the right type of card.

      The card was made in US by Texas Instruments.

      So, with a heavy heart, I reinstalled the original 1x1 RAM, which has the system running again.

      So, I'm sure the board is fine and the slots are fine. What I don't understand, even with generic, is how both new sticks of memory (not used or refurbished) could fail. Wouldn't just one or the other fail when you have a matched pair like this and try them individually in each slot? I understand that new memory failures are rare, so both failing seems twice as rare.

      Another confusion comes from looking at the Qualified Vendors List for memory from Asus. The machine is supposed to take up to 8GB, but the list only shows up to 4096MB(Kit of 2). Is that saying 2 sticks of 4GB or 2 sticks of 2GB to make 4GB? Just want to be sure there isn't something I'm missing as far as how much RAM the machine can handle.

      So... I very much appreciate you taking the time to try to help me out of my pickle. I can return the generic ram, but I'd rather get it running, Also, I really don't want to go spend $250 on QVL ram and have that fail on me too. Thanks so much!

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      It seems you have tried many different ways to fix the problem. I don't really know what else to recommend you try. The RAM may or may not be faulty. Sometimes even RAM that is supposed to be compatible does not work. I would try to return it and try different RAM honestly.

    • TOPTENTECH profile image

      James Richton 3 years ago from USA

      I have had some ram problems. I took my ram into a shop and they couldn't do anything. I'll be trying out some of these options.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 3 years ago from Ohio, USA

      I have Ram problems too. Its a 2012 and it won't start in cold weather. I think it's the fuel filter. Next time I'll buy a Ford.

    • profile image

      Narendranbarath 3 years ago

      i have a strange problem for years, totally changed 3 hard disks,, but the problem is not in hard disk. i start my computer and work with chrome mostly, within 15 minutes my computer will turnoff, (not shutting down or restart) it shows no signal in monitor but the cpu will run even after that. I have to use restart button to work on it again. My first hdd. it corrupted after several turnoff. i dono anything abt pc at that times, service center man just told there my hdd is corrupted and that's the problem. I believed that. and bought my 2nd hdd. Again several turnoff occurred. My 2nd hdd shows error msg indicating there is a problem with hard disk of this computer. finally it also failed. i contacted a different service man, he said ram slots are not good and that's causes the problem and we paid 1200 for him, He confirmed me there is no heat problem and mother board is just fine and he even assures me that there will be no problme anymore. So i bought a new 3rd hdd. The problem started within 1 day itself. again system getting turnedofff showing no signal msg in monitor.. The 3rd hdd is running for past 3 months, till now there may be approximately more than 30 turnoff occurred. An now i am in fear that this would also may get corrupted soon. One more strange thing is if i opened mozilla no problem occurs, but i only use chrome, the problem will also occur if i open microsoft preloaded chess game. I don't know what exactly going on my pc. Can anyone help me??

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      I want to make sure I understand completely. Your problem only occurs in certain programs(Chrome and a chess game)? If you run Firefox and other programs it runs fine?

    • Carla Mae Tucz profile image

      Carla Mae Tucz 3 years ago

      hi i have a problem with my ram also and i don't know if its ram .. i know you can help me with this ... every time i click the launcher and i got some message pop up and its says

      ''you currently do not have enough RAM.

      you are recommended to have at least 1GB of available RAM for optimal gameplay. any lesser than that my render your game unstable''

      but i have 4Gb n ram and i have 1 online game installed on my drive C .. and my drive D is empty ..

      i tried to follow the 3 ways to fix virtual memory but my ram is still in 87% which is not

      good i think.. because if it's normal it will 30% only

      sorry bad english... pls help me

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO

      Carla, does your computer recognize the 4GB of RAM?

    • Carla Mae Tucz profile image

      Carla Mae Tucz 3 years ago

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      Try to shut down any programs you are not using. Programs running in the background still take up RAM. It would probably be best to buy more RAM. Even if the game recommends 1GB it would probably run slow if that is all that is available.

      Make sure you run your anti-malware scans to make sure you do not have programs running you do not know about.

    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 3 years ago

      This is really a very helpful article. I did not knew this much. Dust does effects the performance and hardware, specially RAM. Sometimes the system seems to be dropping the processing speed, but cleaning RAM can just solve the problem.

    • profile image

      carla mae tucz 3 years ago

      yes sir entreri28 but still the % of ram still high [cpu meter].. maybe you're right.. i guess i will need to buy new one..

      your hub-pages is very helpful... thank u so much sir entreri28

    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 3 years ago

      Carla, you can try to increase the Virtual Memory of your system. It sure does help.

    • profile image

      john 3 years ago

      I have a problem I remove my ram then I returned it back then whe I turned on my laptop my computer screen went to black..

      please help

    • profile image

      entreri28 3 years ago from Joplin, MO


      The only advice I have is to make sure you put everything back in properly.

    • profile image

      carla mae tucz 3 years ago

      @westelCS hi sir yep i tried that method already but i don't see any changes.. And i don't know if my #'s is correct.. Can u teach me how.. Got new already but still the same :(

    • profile image

      ZU 3 years ago

      since last day my laptop is showing weird!once my screen became black n cpu usage increased,n after 1 hr while surfing,suddenly screen became blurred like in tv when there is no channel signal coming...

      what can be cause of it?

    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 3 years ago

      @Carla. I am sorry I could not come online for three days. I was not feeling well. I hope the issue is resolved by now. But, just in case it isn't, here is a link to help you out of it.


      All the best.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 3 years ago from Ohio, USA

      I wouldn't mess with virtual memory size on a Windows box...

    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 3 years ago

      @nicomp... It is safe. All you need to get the thing working is a reboot. But, be clear about the knowledge of virtual memory. Peace.

    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 3 years ago

      @carla... a little bit of cleaning took care of the problem, I got to say I never suspected that... ;) By the way, I would be more than happy if that link I gave helps you in any way to add to your knowledge of computers.

      This hub entreri28 is really very nice and informative. I am confident many people will surely find it very helpful and informative. :)

    • profile image

      adam 3 years ago

      Hi there I recently encountered a problem. My computer started freezing them blue screened I restarted the computer and it wouldn't get to windows. I thought it may be a ram problem. I took the ram out of the 2nd slot and it booted no blue screen I also cleaned the registry as it had conflicts. So I assumed it was the 2nd slot was bad. All seemed well and then the next day it started freezing again. Any suggestions.

      I have 2x4gb ddr3 ram.

      Oc. 3.8ghz athlon ii x4 with uprated cooling. Cleaned on a regular basis I mean weekly I haven't checked the ram slot for dust yet though.

    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 3 years ago

      @adam You do not need to clean your computer once every week. It's a good habit to take care of your system so nicely. Once a couple of weeks shall do just fine.

      About the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death), I suspect it is just a RAM slot issue. I recommend you to inspect recently installed/uninstalled software that may concern the system files. You mentioned that there was some kind of conflict with the registry, hence I recommended you so. Please tell me which operating system you have? Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, and the operating system version please.

    • profile image

      Sapatya 3 years ago

      Comp. starts, but not showing anything on screen. Give me some extension plz.

    • profile image

      Josh 3 years ago

      Ok let me get your advice on this. I had a computer at work I was using to program Plc. My boss's son got on the computer's and invited a rather nasty virus in which crashed all the computers in the office in one day. Since then the teck came in and cleaned house. My boss asked if I could build a computer to use for myself rather then buying one. Knowing a "little" bit and being and idiot I said I would try. I build the computer and pulled what data I could off the old hard drive. "It had files on it worth far more then ten computers" it worked fine for 2 month then the "blue screen of death" which was how the old computers started dying. So my first guess was" virus" it must have been brought over with the data. No problem I have made paper copy of the programs by now. So while it is painful I could retypt the programs back in. I then reformate hard drive and reinstall os "windows 7 home " . It then works for 2 weeks then bsod. Ok I googled the problem and read that in some cases it can live through a format and still be on the hard drive. Ok so I pull hard drive out and replace it with a brand new one. Again 2 weeks and bsod. So more googling .I call motherboard manufacturer they say to update bios I try that still 2 weeks in bsod. Ok by this time I am mad. time to pull out the big guns . I Pull out the credit card. New mother board new hard drive new power supply.Install all this and again 2 weeks later bsod. I didn't get new ram I used the old one from the computer that I just build. Not from the computer that had the virus . I talked to a guy he says" you probably just had bad ram and it just looked like a virus was transferred " so ok I put new ram in it and again bsod 2 weeks later. I ask him again. He said well some times when you have had bad ram it can corrupt the virtual ram and just replacing the ram won't do it. You need to reset the virtual ram as well . That is we're I am now. O I also upgraded to windows 7 professional durring all this. What do you think?

    • profile image

      adam 3 years ago

      i m having problem whenever i extract zip file (1 gb or more) it gives CRC failed error at some point during extraction and sometimes i get BSOD while surfing and playing games i tried running memtest but i could not reach any conclusion about this problem bcz whenever i tried memtest on combined ram it fails and when i tried memtest on individual ram.,No error found and tried on every slot as well so what should i do in this situation???Any suggestion ??

    • profile image

      Arpan Gupta 3 years ago

      my system problem is diffrent-

      i have a pair of 1 gb ram, if i apply one of them my system works but if i apply both of them my system starts restarting after using it 5 to 10 minutes. please give me some suggestions to solve this problem .

    • profile image

      Mike 2 years ago

      Hi . i have a amd pc & i know it have a overheating prob. i game on it so u can understand my prob. my question here is would a new fan replacement will solve the issue? if yes then what kind of fan should i buy ?

    • profile image

      kittu4805 2 years ago

      Hi i have problem with my pc. Its starting and with in 2 seconds its getting turn off.. i removed ram and tried system is getting started. What's the probleme how could i get rid out of the problem

    • profile image

      Michi 2 years ago

      Hey :),

      i got a 'BSOD' with 'NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM' error on Windows 8.1. I added to my laptop a second HDD 1 TB and 8 GB RAM. After a few weeks i get this smiley blue screen, do you know how to solve this? (I hope my motherboard is ok)

    • profile image

      charlie 2 years ago

      my pc froze on me last night the screen became a light blue.Now I can't get in my pc.What would cause this problem.Was reading a lot of post and I removed one ram and the screen black is it a bad ram or worse.

    • profile image

      perumal 2 years ago

      hai friends im using dynet ddr3 ram now this is can't proper work so i need a help how to cure the problem

    • profile image

      Aman 2 years ago

      RAM problem is a big issue in computer. Due to my faulty RAM, I was getting Blue screen memory dump error in my PC till I solved the problem through http://www.infocurse.com/fix-blue-screen-memory-du...

    • profile image

      akashay 2 years ago

      Hi i have problem with my pc. Its starting motherboard & processor fan & smps is on condition but keyboard & mouse is off condition bios not appear monitor screen does not show what is the problem pls help me

    • nathalia27 profile image

      Nancy 2 years ago

      Thanks for giving me ideas how to fix computer.

    • profile image

      Freaksense 2 years ago

      I gain more knowledge from your blog. Now, I can fix Upgrade RAM memory. Thanks a lot.... Please post more blogs related it. If you want to know more about it, then visit on this link http://freaksense.com/2014/08/error-ram-memory-mac...

    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 2 years ago from Japan

      Nice Hub, when ruling other issues out with PC problems, or by process of elimination, RAM is the last thing I look at. Maybe it's something I should consider a little more.

    • profile image

      ttayo 2 years ago

      Sorry my hp system usually display blue light nd restarts immediately but now when I switch it on the caplock would blink several times and the screen wouldn't display anything!...what can u diagnose from this please?

    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 2 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Excellent advice about RAM, which can cause all sorts of problems. Adding extra is also a great way to speed up your PC, but it's important to get the compatible variety. So far, no problems with mine. :-) Touch wood.

    • profile image

      wawie 2 years ago

      I have a problem with my desktop.. when i turn on i heard 3 beeps..

    • profile image

      ravi 2 years ago

      Sir .some time my computer make continue beep when i start my com....but some time my com work correctly.......is there ram's fault.

    • profile image

      Karl 2 years ago

      I have a Dell D630 which started displaying pink lines across the screen as it was in use, then started to turn off by itself, then it wouldn't boot up at all I suspected a bad hard drive to be the reason, replaced the 160 gb HDD with a larger capacity (1TB HDD) one. Now I press the On button but it will not boot up, I can hear the fan spinning and the HDD attempting to start but no booting up at all, I should mention I noticed the new HDD does not have a 4 pin block in next to the SATA data and power connectors. any advice will be very much appreciated.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i saw the technicians used erase to rub the ram and install again. No problem with that

    • Angela Kane profile image

      Angela Kane 2 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      I have owned computers for years and I have all those problems at one time or another. Many were attributed to other things, but the main cause seemed to be the RAM. I will definitely use these tips the next time I have an issue with my RAM.

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

      Thank you. This gives me some areas to check out.

    • profile image

      Ed 2 years ago

      Hi, i have a dell inspiron 580 one day while working on my proyet the scren wen black and my power buttom star flashing amber!! After that happen i have been able to start my computer a couple times ,but some other times i try the power buttom just keep flashing amber and beeping noise ..please help

    • bhabna profile image

      Bhabna 2 years ago from bangladesh

      surely this great article will help us lot.but i think it is practical thing rather then theoretical.

    • profile image

      Alex 22 months ago


      I have a Mac and recently it's has been very slow and often freezes so I have to force quite applications. It also doesn't make the chime it usually makes when I turn it on. It now has completely frozen and even when I restart it it just loads up with the spinning wheel. I did a diagnostic start up and it said there was an error in the memory module. How do I fix this and how did it occur? Thank!

    • profile image

      deepesh 21 months ago

      i have a problem in my new pc it shows me blue screen it shows memory management problem i run mtest86 to check my ram but it found no errors...should i replace my ram i m running windows 8 and i reinstall window also but again i get this blue screen problem..please help me to solve this problem..

    • profile image

      drprasad 21 months ago

      Very good article & is very useful

    • profile image

      Caro 19 months ago

      My cpu gives out 2 beeps after start up. The RAMs seems to be loose. I took them out and replace. But still the same.

    • profile image

      Nikhil 19 months ago

      I was using my cpu with 1gb ddr2 ram. When I change it's slot and start my cpu it is giving a beep like sound . Will you please give me the reason and solution of this problem

    • profile image

      Nishant 19 months ago

      Hi my problem is that some time before i am getting blue screen but i ignored because it would come sometime. I ran anti virus nothing found then now i getting it blue screen much and much so i just install a new windows also clean pc at home but not able to clean motherboard . sometime the windows setup would stop in between get some error but when one time it install it started pc also before i have tried every slot of ram i only have one ram stick of 4 gb. So when i started pc it ran for some time then i connected net to update driver or i work some time on it again blue screen theen every time it give blue screen also repeated the process but nothing work i think that it might be my ram has some problem what do you say

    • profile image

      mannu 19 months ago

      hi my laptop has 8 gb of ram but it is showing 3.49 gb usable. is this a big issue of concern? how can I make sure dat it show me full ram to be usable

    • profile image

      mico 18 months ago

      Hi my cpu is turning on but im hearing 4 beeps and my monitor is turning into power saving mode

    • profile image

      Zahib Imtiaz 16 months ago

      Does putting the desktop computer to sleep instead of shutdown degrade the RAM? My computer sleeps after 30 minutes, I have allowed hybrid sleep, hibernates after 60 minutes.

    • profile image

      amogne 16 months ago

      good notes

    • profile image

      Ashish Chaudhary 15 months ago from New Delhi

      Very Nice!!!

    • profile image

      sam 15 months ago

      Whenever i try to start

    • profile image

      sukere 14 months ago

      Excellent post.Thanks for sharing this message.Really,Your blog is not only instructive but useful too. http://sukere.com

    • profile image

      dan 14 months ago

      I had a Packard bell laptop resent ones made in 2014, after I have used it for a period of 13moths, it went off like a TV when power cut off. and since then it never start up. help…

    • profile image

      fgt123 10 months ago

      guys pls i need some free ram i is very poor!!! tyyyyyy'

    • profile image

      Mohammed Arafath 10 months ago

      Well somewhat I'm able to understand , I'm using a transcend ram which works and sometimes does not work when fixing into the slot , the manufacturer on replacing me with new motherboard told me that there is a problem with ram , however I didn't respond to it , eventually after a few days mistaken my mother dropped the cpu , on turning on the smps shouts a lot giving a fast fan noise , and drastically the system slowed down , Is this a problem of Ram or HDD ,Kindly help me with this issue

    • profile image

      alvin koshy 10 months ago


      I am not able to detect what is the problem with my computer. Earlier it kept giving me BSOD and the computer was getting slow and kept hanging when i played any game. So i changed my HDD and thought it would work well now. It has gotten better but it still keeps hanging every now and then and sometimes gives me BSOD. THe mouse cursor works but i am not able to refresh (F5) the screen. It keeps on showing the circle icon. I can access My computer but i cannot play anything. I am able to work the computer for 1 -2 hours or so normally but after that it keeps giving me problems. My config is Dell XPS L502x, i7 2nd gen. 6 GB RAM. 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD. NVIDIA 2 gb Graphic card GT540m.

      Please help me to find what cud be the main cause. Also i did get the laptop cleaned 2-3 months back. Thankyou

    • profile image

      Nightmoan 9 months ago

      Hi, my laptop gets glitches in video and sometimes in videogames. It happens randomly after an hour or after a few hour of using it and it gets worst. If I restart it goes away. I have two 8Gbyte ram memories. Windows Memory Test said one of my memory is bad. I took out one, same problem, switched it with the other same problem, put the second in the other slot, same problem, put the first one back in the same slot as the second and still same problem. Can it be that, both of my memories or both of my memory slots are faulty?

    • profile image

      Syd 9 months ago

      I've had problems with a certain thing inluding the app Steam, I play CS:GO Constantly and It always gives me vpk file errors, I've tried everything the forum has said for me to do and nothing works longer than a week, Ive read the article and I have several problems leading straight to a ram problem, Ive had my computer since 2012 and it has worked well but It has forced me to factory reset it a year or so ago and Im thinking that may be the source of my problem. It's as if I can't keep the files from corrupting and I have no idea what to do at this point. I just want it to be fixed so I can play my game with no worries anymore. If anyone has any suggestions that could lead to this problem I would love to hear them. In kind regards, Syd.

    • profile image

      harsh 8 months ago

      Windows diagnostic detected a problem,after that I cleaned my pc ,but that hasnt changed a thing. Is there any thing else I can do other than replacing the RAM

    • profile image

      kera 8 months ago

      When I try to switch on my pc and press on the power button, the monitor does not give any signal of switching on. It just black out and doesnt display anything at all.

      Could u please help me how to fix this problem.

    • profile image

      Raphael 8 months ago

      Ran memtest86,

      bootable it found more than 900 errors,

      1) are errors repairable ?

      2) the cache is on, how can I disable this ?

      3 how can I update the bios if I cant run any OS ?

      4) the bios does not have usb boot option.

      Machine info hp desktop, 64 x.

      ran a test diagnosis , no hard disc errors , no memory errors. , no cd /dvd errors,

      hdd one main nfts primary partition, formated.

      I tried to install linux , this is the result

      BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at fffffff68d5b6470

      ffffffff814f80 ? panic+0x193/0x1d7

      RIP: fffffff810b0837 cpuacct_charge+0x27

      CR2: fffffff68d5b6470

      Could you please send me answer to my internetcourrier.att. gmail

    • profile image

      shravan 7 months ago

      i have Two rams each one is 512 mb

      i have tried to install operating system but i shows nothing

      only booting,then the blank screen and it gives a small beep sound

      is that a problem of RAM?

    • profile image

      kazakslv 7 months ago

      i stick one ram then i flash a bios the stick back second ram and it works for my fine.

    • profile image

      Shubham 6 months ago

      Thank you for this helpful article. My question is that I have Asus Notebook X550C. I Removed its battery for one month and when I put it on and power on with charging It turned on. But when I enter my window password its display automatically shutted off and RAM was got heated. I have virus in my notebook and all drives are full memory including C drive. Please help me with this.

    • profile image

      sphinx3217 5 months ago

      I find this blog useful for everyone. So as a tech guy also I subscribe to your blog. This is a good blog.

    • profile image

      Jyoti 5 months ago

      My laptop is not working properly. Like if i want to search somthing and if I press T something else start running and not performing the key function. It is happening with most of the keys (T,P,R,V) and other than these, all works perfectly. Pls help me how can I solve this problem.

    • profile image

      Ankit 5 months ago

      the same things happened to my PC. i added a new RAM in the second plot. At first, it worked smoothly but after a week it my PC showed the above symptoms. From no.1 to no.5 everything happened the same. I took my PC to a local shop but without the new RAM. They repaired it in few hours. thenafter I inserted the new RAM again and it showed the same symptoms. So, i immediately removed it. Now, can't I use that RAM nomore? Is it totally damaged? Need help!! Please!!

    • profile image

      jj95 4 months ago

      when iopen mycomputer in desktop it takes too much time to show the localdisk' is it problem of ram

    • profile image

      Senior IS Specialist 4 months ago

      I've never seen more misleading publication, written by somebody who has never completed even starting base of A+ in computers!

      Hey, Administrators, where are you?

      Ban this perdoon forever!

    • profile image

      Mike Miller 3 months ago

      Thank you for writing such a detailed article explaining many different things, its obvious that you not just know these things but understand them, and as a technician in an unrelated field the difference in knowing something and understanding something is night and day

    • profile image

      zeleke marew 2 months ago

      This is helpful to me Little Tanks .

    • profile image

      rakesh nayak 2 months ago

      nice suggestions

    • profile image

      Pamela 6 weeks ago

      My Asus notebook freezes on the desktop after it boots up. Sometimes it says battery not detected. I can do nothing on this computer. tonight I found that after I left it on for almost an hour I can finally use it. Please help.

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