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Cooler Master Devastator II Keyboard and Mouse Bundle Review

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Hello everyone, Will here. Today I am reviewing the Cooler Master Devastator II keyboard and mouse combination PC peripheral kit. This is a budget keyboard and mouse combo that is also worthy of the mid-level casual gamer. The kit comes in three colors: red, blue, and green; I chose blue. So, let’s get on with the review.


The Cooler Master Devastator II keyboard is a standard membrane keyboard that features Cooler Master’s “Mem-chanical” switches. These switches are very durable and actually do feel like mechanical keyboard switches. They are so much like mechanical keyboard switches that you can actually replace the keycaps included on the Devastator with Cherry MX keycaps. The keys have a crisp, mechanical response.

So, what are Mem-chanical switches? They feature keycaps that are UV coated. They allows for a longer lifespan than other keycaps and are removable; they are interchangeable with Cherry MX keycaps. The switches offer steady support housings which keep the keycaps and plunger steady. This provides a linear, tactile feel. The transparent plunger allows for increased LED brightness. At the base of the keys is a tactile dome foundation which provides a satisfying tactile feedback, increased durability, and low noise level.


My Experiences

I have used this keyboard now for nearly three months and have gotten a good feel for it. I have to say that I am fairly impressed with this keyboard. The Cooler Master Devastator II feels extremely durable and well put together. There is a nice, blue LED backlight that gives this keyboard great character. After using the keyboard for gaming, casual usage, web browsing, and word processing, I really cannot tell much of a difference in this budget keyboard compared to the much more expensive mechanical keyboards. The response time in gaming with the key presses are lightning fast and without delay making all of my intended moves in the game happen as I intend for them to happen. The keyboard also sports dedicated media keys as well and allows you to start, stop, pause, skip forward, and go back on media files and also allows you to raise and lower the volume.

The Mouse

The mouse included in this budget combo kit comes with a DPI of between 1000 and 2000 and has a dedicated DPI button on the mouse that allows you to switch between 1000, 1500, and 2000 DPI settings on the fly. There is a lower lift off distance for first person shooter (FPS) gamers and the durable switches give you a better click feeling. The mouse offers a solid control and grip with solid rubber sides and an ergo-ambidextrous shape. The mouse also comes in three different LED backlight colors: red, blue, and green.

My Experiences With the Mouse

Again, as with the keyboard, I have used this mouse about three months. The mouse is very durable and has a durable, yet comfortable feel. The buttons do have a solid feel when clicked and the side buttons are placed in a nice location giving them a good feel. The buttons are very handy in gaming as they are programmable to games. There is a scroll wheel in the middle of the right and left buttons that is handy when surfing the web but not so much anywhere else. The DPI button is a welcome addition and is very handy during gaming. I like the fact that I can change DPI settings from slow to fast and back for different situations such as using a faster DPI while using a standard assault rifle vs using a slower DPI while using a sniper rifle. Again, as with the keyboard, I have the blue backlight LED on the mouse and it’s bright and gives the mouse a nice ambiance.


Conclusion and My Thoughts

This keyboard and mouse combo are budget but feel far from budget. They are both very comfortable and both feel like they should cost more than the $25 I paid for them. They feel just as durable and comfortable as the more expensive gaming lines such as Corsair or Razer but at a far lower cost. I absolutely recommend this combo kit for gamers of any level though, higher level gamers may wish for more options in the more expensive offerings. Go get yourself one of these budget combination kits today. You will not be sorry.

Update: Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello everyone. I just wanted to provide a quick update for everyone stopping by. I stopped using this keyboard just a few days after Thanksgiving 2017. It was still working fine but I had lost the desire to play any game on it as it started to feel like it was wearing out on me. The keyboard didn't seem to keep up with my input though, I was probably just imagining this. I had always planned an upgrade and when I found the Corsair K70 Rapid Fire on sale at Best Buy, I just had to pick it up. At any rate, the one thing I can say that I was not happy with about this combo was the mouse. The mouse definitely had started acting up in late September or early October 2017. I purchased the Corsaid M65 RGB gaming mouse to replace it and man, it was night and day difference. I will be reviewing both the Corsair keyboard and mouse in the near future. Please stop back by and check those out.

Hardware Canucks Review the Cooler Master Devastator II Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

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