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Electronics Review: Redragon K561 Visnu Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Natalie is a writer who works at her local library. She enjoys writing reviews, watching anime and TV shows, and playing video games.

The Redragon K561 VISNU Mechanical Gaming Keyboard as shown on

The Redragon K561 VISNU Mechanical Gaming Keyboard as shown on

What Is This Keyboard?

The RedDragon K561 VISNU Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a keyboard specifically made for gaming. I got it through an Amazon Lightning Deal, and I got it at a good discount and had free shipping too.

This keyboard is for gamers on a budget who cannot afford a fancy gaming keyboard and still want to buy a gaming keyboard for both gaming and typing.

The Packaging Is Nice!

The packaging for the Red DRagin K561 VISNU Mechanical Keyboard was very nice. Amazon just shipped it to me in the box with no special packaging. The box itself was very nice and had a detailed description of the keyboard on the back.

The manual is very handy; it has written instructions for how to change the lighting settings for the RGB lighting on the keyboard, along with all the commands for the Function key.

This is also a very handy manual because it’s not just in English, it’s written in many different languages because it’s a very small instruction manual. I think that’s very considerate for customers all over the world so you can buy this keyboard and be able to read and follow the instructions very easily.

The Setup Is Extremely Easy!

Setting up this keyboard was extremely easy for me. All I had to do was find an empty USB connection on the back of my gaming PC and hook it up. It registered right away, and I was able to start using the keyboard instantly. It also comes with a nice long cord so you shouldn’t have any problem setting it up and connecting it to your PC.

The keyboard is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Mac computers. Since this keyboard can work with most Windows PCs, it’s a great keyboard if you’re on a budget.

The RedDragon K561 VISNU Mechanical Keyboard on a desk.

The RedDragon K561 VISNU Mechanical Keyboard on a desk.

The Keys Feel Great When You Type

The keys feel great when you type. I don’t even have to tap them very hard, and they’ll input to the computer. That’s very nice when you’re gaming since you’re not pushing down on the keys to control something in a game.

It’s also a nice keyboard for typing, and that’s an added plus. It feels great to type on this keyboard. I’m writing this review on this keyboard, and the keys are responsive, and it’s really easy to type with this keyboard. The packaging says the keyboard is water-resistant and that’s nice; fortunately, I haven’t spilled anything on it to test that.

The Price for This Keyboard Is Great!

Even though I got this keyboard at a discount because of an Amazon Lightning Deal, I do find the price of $ 39.99 to be an excellent deal for a gaming keyboard.

Some gaming keyboards can cost over $100+, and that’s very expensive for just a keyboard, and while this keyboard does lack some features, for this price point, I feel I got a great deal for what I bought and all the features this keyboard has.

The RGB Lights Are Nice!

The RBG lights are very nice and there are all sorts of settings you can do with the settings for the lighting for the keyboard. If you’re not one for the lights there is a setting to turn them all the way down but there is no off switch for the lights.

One thing I really enjoy is that there are so many different light settings, but I just use the default setting because I really like it. This Keyboard comes with a Key Cap Remover if you want to replace the caps.

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Overall, this keyboard has a lot of options for the RBG lighting on your keyboard.

The Redragon software settings program.

The Redragon software settings program.

It's Easy to Remove and Replace Keys

Recently I had to take off the left arrow key to clean my keyboard and I used the key removal tool that came with the keyboard and I did have a little trouble getting the key removed but it did come off and I cleaned my keyboard, fortunately, it was extremely easy to put the key back on so it is easy to replace keys if you wear them out or if you have to take them off to clean the keyboard.

It's Easy to Clean!

I hadn't done a thorough cleaning of my keyboard so I took off all the keys and cleaned it but I made sure to have a picture of my keyboard up so I could put all the keys back in the right place. It only took me about an hour to take the keys off, clean my keyboard and put all the keys back in the correct places, the longest aspect of the cleaning process was removing the keys and replacing them when I was done cleaning.

Make sure to have a plastic bag or a small box to put your keys in so you don't lose them, it made the cleaning process easy and I only had some keys that weren't easy to pull out but the key remover worked and they did eventually come out, but the bigger keys were harder to remove.

This Keyboard Lacks a Number Pad

One thing that did disappoint me about this keyboard is the lack of a number pad. I am used to having one, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me. I can always buy a USB number pad if I really feel I have to have one. If you’re used to a number pad, you might have to get a gaming keyboard with a number pad instead of this one.

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If You Don’t Put the Back Feet Down, the Keyboard Slides

I have been using this keyboard for a short amount of time, and while I do like it, it does slide on my keyboard slide on the desk I use. It is very annoying, but I did find that you can put the back feet on the keyboard up and that does make it slide less, but if you’re not comfortable typing that way, it could be annoying when the keyboard slides while you’re gaming or doing a lot of typing.

It’s Good for What It Is

While this isn’t the greatest keyboard ever, I really love it. The keys feel great, and I love using the keyboard for both gaming and typing. It would be perfect except it does have some flaws.

I miss having a number pad, but that’s not a big deal to me since I’ll be buying a number pad eventually to hook up to USB on the back of my computer. I do wish the keyboard didn’t slide around when it’s flat, but it’s still a great keyboard.

Quick Summary

What Works:What Doesn't Work:

Great build quality

Keyboar slides when placed flat on the desk

The keys feel nice when you type

Lacks number pad

Nice RGB lighting settings

Removable keycaps

My Grade: A-

This is not a perfect gaming keyboard, but it definitely worth the money I paid for it. It’s very high-quality material and well-made. It arrived in excellent shape and was undamaged by shipping. It was super easy to set up, and the instructions come in a variety of languages and show you all the options.

I love the way this keyboard feels when I type, I love the lighting options, and for me, this was a very affordable keyboard. It’s not a perfect product, and I miss having a number pad and if you don’t put the rubber feet down the keyboard can slide on the desk surface, but it has everything else that I love, and since I’m not into buying expensive accessories for PC gaming, this was a great purchase for me.

If you’re looking for something with more features you’ll probably have to buy another keyboard, but it has everything I need, and I really love it. It was already a decent price when I bought it, but thanks to an Amazon Lightning Deal, I got this even cheaper than the retail price.

This keyboard has become the more expensive model since the K552 model is now $39.99 and this model the K561 now costs $80.00. I would recommend the K552 if you're looking for the newer "budget" model of this keyboard.

If you’re looking for a great keyboard to use for typing or gaming, you should get the Redragon K561 VISNU Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It’s worth the money if you’re looking for an affordable mechanical gaming keyboard.

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