FL Studio 20 Crack: 5 Reasons to Never Steal or Share a Free Regkey

Updated on March 19, 2019
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Isaac is an online music writer with years of experience in helping indie artists learn how to use digital audio workstations.

For a long time, FL Studio producers who have lacked the means or desire to purchase the digital audio workstation have resorted to unlawful manners to unlock FL Studio. In this day and age, one would expect that bypassing the rules and breaching the policies of Image Line—the company behind FL Studio—would be effortless. Sadly, to a large extent, it is.

With over 30,000 daily downloads for the music software, the FL Studio community’s growth is incessant, with no signs of a slowdown anytime soon. As new FL product versions get continuously released for Windows and Mac, with captivating enhancements on both functionality and features every once in a while, demand for the DAW is set to further increase.

FL Studio 20 was the first version of the software to be available as a 64-bit native macOS application.
FL Studio 20 was the first version of the software to be available as a 64-bit native macOS application.

However, with a larger number of downloads comes an expanding pool of illegal users. Image-Line’s efforts to persuade users to pay for FL Studio are mainly aligned with two justifiable strategies. The first consists of convincing users that they would be given value for money; the second involves taking disciplinary actions against wrongdoers.

Arguably, the greatest benefit FL Studio license holders get when they pay for the software through authorized channels comes in the form of Lifetime Free Updates, which grant automatic access to newer versions of the software to those who have already paid for it. Immediate support, access to user forums, access to older versions of FL Studio and opportunities to try beta releases are additional incentives for those willing to spend on the software.

FL Studio has built a tremendous reputation in the music industry over the years, with renowned artists like Martin Garrix being notable power users.
FL Studio has built a tremendous reputation in the music industry over the years, with renowned artists like Martin Garrix being notable power users.

On the other end, those who download free FL Studio cracks risk being dealt with. For valid license owners who decide to share their regkey files as free cracks, getting their license revoked or account closed is always a possibility—if not a strong likelihood. In the event of such an action by the Belgian company, the registry files in question may be invalidated.

Online sources hosting FL Studio cracks at present seem innumerable, and that perception might very well be what triggers new distributors of regkeys to quickly develop a sense of security. The towering wave of web pages listing illegal cracks will inevitably cause Image-Line’s legal team to skip or omit some of them… or so you might think.

In fact, aside from the company encouraging honest users to report links to pages containing FL Studio cracks via a form on their website, the format of their registry files goes great lengths in helping them identify those sharing their licenses on the web. This is exactly what we are about to dive into, as we get slightly technical and look into the much-wanted FLRegkey.reg file, in an attempt to understand why sharing or going after cracks is not worth the hassle, after all.

Reason #1: FL Studio Regkeys Are Unique

Starting with the basics, it is worth noting that an FL Studio regkey is a unique file containing the license holder’s registration codes for all purchased Image-Line products. In case you did not know, the registry file you get upon purchase of an FL Studio edition isn’t some sort of mysterious file that you can only double-click to install. The reason why it succeeds at doing what it is intended to do is because it contains all the activation codes necessary to unlock Image-Line products under the licensed user’s account.

For crack users, this means that in the event the initial registry file’s owner gets their license revoked or activation codes canceled, attempting to use the distributed regkey to unlock FL Studio might fail. Such heavy dependence on a user you might not even know guarantees no peace of mind.

Reason #2: FL Studio Regkeys Contain Identity Information

We just talked about how the file is exclusive to every license holder, and this is possible because of specific information that is added to it. Let us take a brief look at what .Reg files usually contain, syntax wise:

  • A Registry Editor Version
  • Registry Paths
  • Data Item Names
  • Data Values

Image Line purposely have two important data item names in their registry files:

  1. "FL Studio user name"
  2. "FL Studio webpass"

The FL Studio user name is what you see after unlocking the software when you open the application and go to the About section. There would normally be an indication along the following lines: “Registered to [user name]”

If you are an FL Studio crack distributor, then not only does your information become visible to whoever uses your license, but also does it become easy for Image-Line to track and identify you as the initial culprit. Choosing to pay good money for a product only to lose your rights to use it is undoubtedly an unintelligent decision.

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Reason #3: Data Values In FL Studio Regkeys Change

If you think that you are sorted for all eternity the moment you get hold of an FL registry file, you are wrong. One of the data item names contained in the file is “ILRegKey”. It comes under numerous registry paths pertaining to different FL Studio releases, and the data values associated to it are not cast in stones. Download the file from your account months apart between different releases and you will notice that you have different values.

Whether this change is due to security measures taken by Image-Line or otherwise, honest license holders never have to worry; whatever the encrypted values read, the file always gets the job done. FL Studio crack users, on the other hand, may have to worry about unexpected results if a regkey is too old.

Reason #4: The Regkey File Is Constantly Updated

Remember the Lifetime Free Updates highlighted in an earlier paragraph of this article? This isn’t just a chain of buzz words that Image-Line have come up with in a desperate attempt to get their users hooked to their product. Downloading a fresh copy of your regkey from your dashboard and installing it will truly unlock any newer version of the software that you have.

The logic behind the scenes is straightforward: the registry file gets constantly updated to include registry paths for newer FL Studio versions. If this sounds confusing, here’s an example for you below.

At the beginning of last year, an FL Studio 12 regkey would include registry paths and keys for FL Studio 9, 9.5, 10, 11, 12 and 12.5. This year in 2019, with a newer version already out, a fresh regkey includes data for the aforementioned versions, plus FL Studio 20 and 20.1. If FL Studio 21 were to come out next month, the file would reflect that release as well.

That’s what is meant by Lifetime Free Updates—quite a bonus for producers who are only required to make a single purchase and abide by the rules thereafter. There is no such thing with FL Studio cracks, nonetheless; the file you get from whoever distributed it remains the same, with no room for updates. As time goes by, it easily becomes irrelevant and unusable.

Licensed users can download a valid FL Studio regkey directly from their Image-Line account dashboard.
Licensed users can download a valid FL Studio regkey directly from their Image-Line account dashboard.

Reason #5: An FL Studio Crack May Cost You Your Musical Career

This isn’t far-fetched. Keep in mind that the software is protected by applicable copyright laws, and misuse or unauthorized use of the product may be regarded as a criminal act. The Image-Line End User License Agreement already states that the FL Studio Demo is limited to private use only, forbidding the use of projects (or FLPs) for commercial purposes.

This goes to say that making a career or a living out of your FL Studio-produced tracks is strictly prohibited, so long as your copy of the software is not legally registered. Yet, isn’t earning money one of the end goals of virtually every amateur FL Studio producer showcasing their work on streaming platforms such as YouTube or SoundCloud? Surely, building an audience is part of the motivation to release tracks to the public, but growing a following is almost always done with the intention of selling to them or generating an income in one way or another (e.g. via advertisement).

Unfortunately, if you happen to be an FL Studio crack user who has been producing and releasing tracks for commercial purposes, trouble is lurking around. Is that an exaggeration? Not in the least manner possible. As the EULA states, failure to comply to this obligation will cause Image-Line to gain full ownership over the user’s projects and the company will therefore be entitled to all revenue generated by commercial usage. It may sound harsh, but it makes total sense.

By now, it should be unquestionable that there is no point risking having your efforts nullified and your peace disrupted by falling for FL Studio cracks. An illegal regkey is nothing but a nuisance to avoid at all cost.

Note: This article on FL Studio 20 cracks was directly reviewed and approved by Image-Line.

Questions & Answers

  • How do I download FL Studio?

    You may download the FL Studio software directly from Image Line's website. The software's demo version is what will be installed. To fully unlock FL Studio, you may purchase a license from Image-Line.


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    • isaacasante profile imageAUTHOR

      Isaac Asante 

      5 months ago from Accra, Ghana

      @FL studio In order to sign into your Image-Line account, you need to have an active FL Studio license associated to it. In other words, you need to have purchased an FL Studio edition. During the purchase process, an account will be created for you and you'll be able to use it to unlock the software later on.

    • profile image

      FL studio 

      5 months ago

      I can't sign in it show authentication failed why please help me

    • isaacasante profile imageAUTHOR

      Isaac Asante 

      8 months ago from Accra, Ghana

      @janarthanan For your case, you need to purchase an FL Studio license to own an Image-Line account.

    • profile image


      8 months ago

      hey please tell about the fl studio sign in because when I input my g mail id then it show authentication fail so please I want this software so give sum ideas for unlock the fl studio 20


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