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How to Fix Windows Store Errors 0x80070002 & 0x80070005

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The Problem

These steps will be addressing these two error codes (0x80070002 & 0x80070005), specifically when they are given by the Windows Store when downloading and installing an application. The errors (in my experience) were given when the application had "completed" installation but gave one of these errors instead of allowing the application to be launched.

Following these steps will essentially clear the local store cache and allow the store to view the install as finished, and thus, allowing you to run the application. These steps only relate to Windows 10 but may work on Windows 8 as well. Resolving these errors should be fairly quick. Completing both solutions, rebooting and finally launching your app should take, at most, 15–30 mins, depending on reboot times and barring any other issues.

My personal experience with these errors comes when I was attempting to install a game (Sea of Thieves) that I purchased from the Windows Store. The game seemed to successfully download and run through the full install but wouldn't let me launch the game. Instead, an error message appeared above the (full) install progress bar. I first saw the 0x80070002 error and then subsequently the 0x80070005 error. I was able to resolve both errors using the same steps below.

Feel free to post comments of any lingering errors after attempting to follow these steps. Of course, also let me know if these steps worked for you! :D

Run Windows Store Reset Tool

These steps will show you how to run the wsreset.exe tool to clear the Windows Store cache. Afterward, I will provide some supplementary information about the tool.

  1. Do not restart, end or delete the error-ing install and just close the Windows Store
  2. Launch a command prompt as admin (Windows Key + S -> type "cmd" -> right-click on "Command Prompt" -> click "Run as Administrator")
  3. Type "wsreset.exe" into the command prompt
  4. Hit Enter

The tool should run for a few moments and then a new command line should appear, meaning the tool has finished running. A Windows Store window may pop up when the reset is complete as well.

Wsreset.exe is a small utility that has existed since Windows 8 to help reset and clear the Windows Store cache. It goes through and empties your local cache folders the same way Internet Explorer clears its temporary files. This utility can usually also be found in C:\Windows\System32, if you would like to run it from there.

Running wsreset.exe in command prompt

Running wsreset.exe in command prompt

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wsreset.exe completed

wsreset.exe completed

Manually Clear Local Store Cache

In addition to running wsreset, you will want to clear the store cache manually. There is a LocalCache folder located in each user's appdata folder, which steps below lead you to clear.

  1. Make sure the Windows Store is closed, without ending, restarting, or deleting the error-ing install.
  2. Open a Run command window (Window Key + R)
  3. Type in "%appdata%" and press Enter - a file explorer window should open to AppData/Roaming but we want AppData/Local
  4. Click on AppData in the address bar to go up a level
  5. Navigate to Local -> Packages -> Microsoft.WindowsStore_[unique ID] -> Local Cache
  6. Select and Delete everything in the LocalCache folder
  7. Reboot computer
Entering %appdata% into Run command window

Entering %appdata% into Run command window

Current view of my LocalCache folder - Your path should look similar with your own PC username and unique Windows Store folder ID.

Current view of my LocalCache folder - Your path should look similar with your own PC username and unique Windows Store folder ID.


After you complete both solutions and reboot your PC, you should be able to open the Windows Store and actually launch your app. From my experience, the app will just display as installed with no need to redownload/reinstall anything. When I fixed these errors for my game install, I was able to just launch the game and play it after reboot.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below. Hope these steps help you resolve both of these issues!! :D

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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