How to Create a Simple List Box in Microsoft Excel 2016

Updated on January 9, 2018

First, find a range to put the data that you want to appear in your list box. I usually create a new sheet to store my data sets.

Create Your List Data

Next, select cell(s) or a column where you would like the list box to appear. Click on the data tab then on the data validation drop down arrow.

Go to the Data Tab

Next, click on 'data validation' from the drop down menu.

Find Data Validation

Select 'List' from the 'Allow' drop-down menu.

Select List Option

Click in the source box. Now select the range where you inputted your data set. Select 'OK' when the range you selected appears in the source box.

Input source

Go back to the cell(s) that you selected prior to selecting the data tab. There should be a drop down arrow to the right of cell(s) that will allow you to select data from the data set you created.

If you are using MS Excel 2016 at the beginners level, I recommend the textbook that I have provided below. I was able to navigate through the book from start to finish with no problems. After reading the benchmark series, you should have good working knowledge of MS Excel 2016.

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