How to Concatenate Data in MS Excel

Updated on February 3, 2018
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To be able to concatenate data you must have data from different cells that you like to see in a single cell. If you want to follow along with the data in this tutorial download the file here.

Step 1: Adding the Concat Function

Go into the cell where you would like to join cells and type "=concat(", then type in the cell location of the first cell in the series. Each location needs to be separated by a comma. Continue typing in the other locations in the series separated by commas in the order that you would like the information to appear.

Step 1: Add Function

Notice below that all of the data is pushed together. You can edit the spacing inbetween each text string by adding two quotes and another comma with whatever data or spacing that you want within the quotes.

Step 2 Correct Spacing

If I only want to place a period after Mr then this is what the formula would look like without the outer quotes "=CONCAT(C2,".",B2,A2,D2)". I'd really like to add two spaces between each word so I'll add two spaces after the comma, then add two more sets of quotes with two spaces between the next text strings. See text and screen shot examples below:

=CONCAT(C2,". ",B2," ",A2," "D2)

Step 2: Spacing Added

If you are using MS Excel 2016 at the beginners level, I recommend the textbook that I have provided below. I was able to navigate through the book from start to finish with no problems. After reading the benchmark series, you should have good working knowledge of MS Excel 2016.

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    • Joshua Crowder profile image

      Joshua Crowder 2 weeks ago from SE United States

      Awesome! I hope to make a lot of hubs about Excel. Do you use Excel for your job?

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 2 weeks ago from Norfolk, England

      I'm a new user to excel, so still learning how to use it. So reading this has been very helpful. Thankyou.