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How to Convert a PDF to Word With Adobe Acrobat DC

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As we dig ourselves deeper into the digital age, we find that document types are becoming more plentiful. So plentiful that some may choose that you send them a document in their preferred format. Of course, maybe you are sent a document and prefer to edit it in another format.

Converting a PDF to a Word Document

Whatever the case for switching to another document type, we will cover converting a PDF document to a Word Document with a few easy steps. You must have Acrobat Adobe DC and Microsoft Word on your machine to follow complete the steps in this tutorial.

The Adobe Acrobat DC user interface is shown below.

Adobe DC


The necessary tool for this operation is located on the toolbar on the right side of the screen. The export tool is a green Adobe document icon with an arrow pointing to the right. Click on it to show additional options.


Next, select "Microsoft Word" from the list of export options followed by the Word document option. The second option should give you the most updated document version of Microsoft Word as an output.

Keep in mind that there is an abundance of export options for different situations.


Next, select the location where the file will be saved.


Lastly, type the new file name and click on "export." Note that you also have the choice to change to another type of Microsoft Word file extension at this point.

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After clicking "export," Word should open your converted file.


Converting a Word Document Into a PDF

Microsoft has a PDF format built into its "save as" function so documents can be saved directly as a PDF. Start this process by clicking on the "save as" icon at the top of the screen.


Next, enter the name that you want to call the file. Also, select a location for the file to be saved at.


Next, click on the "file format" drop-down and choose PDF. Two options will appear after doing so. Choose either the option for "electronic file transfer" or for "best printing."


Finally, choose "export," and your document will save to the location that you selected.


A good digital reference book to have handy when learning Adobe Acrobat DC is Adobe Acrobat DC Classroom in a Book by Lisa Fridsma.

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