Fix BlueStacks Physical Memory and Graphics Card 25000 Errors

Updated on September 2, 2019
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In case you didn’t know, physical memory refers to the Random Access Memory (RAM) and it may include hard drives. On the other hand, a graphics driver (also known as a video card or GPU) is software that controls graphics display. In simple terms, graphics drivers enhance the display of pictures, videos, animations, and 3Ds.

You might be familiar with some of the following errors if you have been installing "heavy" software.

  • "This application requires at least 2 GB of physical memory." (common in BlueStacks)
  • "This application requires at least 2 GB of physical memory.','(NULL)', '(NULL)', '(NULL)', '(NULL)', '(NULL)',"
  • "Your graphics hardware or drivers do not support apps that need high performance graphics. A limited version is being installed, some apps may not run." (common also in BlueStacks)
  • "You may update the graphics drivers and re-install software to try to resolve this limitation."
  • "Graphics card should be updated."
  • "Graphics card not supported."
  • "Insufficient memory or hardware error."
  • "Your desktop resolution is set to smaller than 1024x768. The application will run, however the layout may not be optimal." (common in Google Earth)

physical memory error
physical memory error | Source

"Heavy" software here refers to applications or programs that consume huge space, need high performance graphics, and require strong processors. A good example of these applications is BlueStacks.

BlueStacks allows you to run Android apps on your PC. The size of the latest version of BlueStacks is more than 260 MB. You need at least 1 GB of space (not RAM) to install the program on your computer. The RAM should be at least 2.048 GB, and the graphics drivers should be up to date. Other "heavy" applications include Photoshop, SketchUp, AutoCAD, and ArchCAD.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to solve the 2GB of physical memory error and give you solutions for the graphics drivers error 25000 when installing BlueStacks or any other software.

If you have been coming across these errors when installing iTunes and other popular apps, read on to know their solutions. See how to install BlueStacks on a 1GB RAM Windows computer. I’m also going to sample a few problems encountered when installing game apps.

How to Fix "This Application Requires At Least 2 GB of Physical Memory"

If you are getting this error, it means that your RAM is below 2.048 GB. Yeah, the software cannot work on your 1.024 GB or 512 MB RAM computer. The problem is common with mini computers and the old ones.

You can identify the size of your RAM by using the DirectX diagnostic tool. Press the Windows Key and R together and type "dxdiag" in the prompt. You will see information about your system and also display, sound, and input specs.

One solution to this problem is to use an older version of the application. Try some versions which were released earlier. Download a number of the older BlueStacks programs and install them one by one to find the one which works on your computer and exactly suits your needs.

Try also to use the software alternatives to see if you can avoid the physical memory error. Find a similar program and install it instead. You may miss some features in the alternative application, but better one with limited features than none.

Some software has been developed to help in the installation of "heavy" programs on computers with small RAMs. You can try software such as Orca or Oracle. Download and install them on your computer and then follow their guidelines to solve the problem.

You can also upgrade your RAM to access the software. There are some external memory devices that can add some bytes to your physical memory. They may cost you a few bucks, but they are a great way to install space-demanding applications on your PC.

Personally, I have used a memory kit to upgrade RAM in one of my laptops. The best kits are quite rare which means that you have to take your time to search for a kit that can work with your computer. But I found the Crucial DDR3L 1600 MT/s SODIMM 8GB Memory Kit being able to work with all kinds of computers.

This RAM upgrade kit is designed to add more memory and increase your laptop's performance and thus reliability. It increases your computer's responsiveness and makes it run faster and smoother, load programs faster, run data-intensive applications with ease, and increase its multitasking capabilities. The easy-to-install kit also extends battery life with the DDR3L technology which increases energy efficiency.

The last solution is to buy a new computer with the required physical space and other features that support "heavy" programs. If you really want the "space-hungry" software on your PC, then spend some cash for a more "capable" machine.

Summary: How to Solve "This Application Requires At Least 2 GB of Physical Memory"

  1. Try older versions of the program.
  2. Use the software alternatives.
  3. Use applications that help with installation such as Orca and Oracle.
  4. Upgrade your RAM.
  5. Buy a new computer with enough physical space.

How to Fix "Your Graphics Hardware or Drivers Do Not Support BlueStacks Software"

This error message can also appear like this: "This application currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card. It is possible your graphics drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try installing again."

graphics hardware/drivers issue
graphics hardware/drivers issue | Source

As the message above suggests, you can solve the error by updating the graphics drivers. Before updating, confirm the type of your drivers. Use the DirectX diagnostic tool as described above. See all details about GPU on the "Display" option.

You can also check if your graphics card is available. Go to My Computer (right click) > Properties> Device Manager. If there is any red or yellow symbol, then the drivers are missing. You should install them again.

The quickest way to update the drivers is to apply the Windows updates. Go to Start Menu> All Programs> Windows Update. Apply the graphics card updates. If you have time, apply all the listed updates. It’s good for your computer.

After knowing the exact type of your video card, find the latest version of the drivers online, download, and install them. It is advisable to get updated drivers from trusted sites like the manufacturer’s platforms.

Make use of update tools to install the latest drivers on your computer. You can get some for free from your computer manufacturer. You can also buy efficient tools that can scan your system to identify outdated software. It is highly recommended to always update or reinstall any outdated applications.

The graphics card error can also be caused by power settings on your computer. Some settings can lower the capacity of the card. Try changing the settings to see if the problem can be solved. You can also connect the machine to its charger to see if the program can work.

In addition, try Orca, Oracle or other software to see if you can install the program. Yeah, these software and others can help you install applications (on your PC) that need better display. As mentioned earlier, download and install them on your computer and then follow their guidelines to solve the problem.

Summary: How to Solve "Your Graphics Hardware or Drivers Do Not Support Software"

  1. Update the graphics drivers.
  2. Reinstall missing graphics drivers.
  3. Try changing power settings.
  4. Try to troubleshoot with Orca, Oracle or any other application that can help with installation.


See how to solve the graphics card error 25000 and other 4 common computer errors below.

How to Fix "Fatal Error" (4 ways)

1. Remove earlier installations. Use Windows Installer Cleanup to remove old files.

2. Get administrative privileges to install software.

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management> System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users (right-click) > Properties> Member Of> Confirm "Administrator".

3. Resolve issues like inadequate space.

- My Computer> Drive (right click) > Properties (know available space).

- Clean temp directory: Start> Explore> Temp directory (C:\\Windows\Temp) > Edit > Select All/Select File > Delete> Yes.

- Unlock file: Close applications> Reboot> Run installation.

4. Resolve application-specific errors.

Software Deployment> Package> Action Field> Edit Package> Advanced Options> Installer/Uninstaller Settings> Enable Logging For Troubleshooting (check box) > Modify Package.

Check also for logs: C:\\programFiles\\DesktopCentral_Agent\\Logs\\. The log name is usually like this: (some number_packageName.log). Find msi based application errors.

How to Fix "This Software Cannot be Installed on this PC Because the Graphics Card is not Compatible with the Software"

This is a graphics card incompatibility error, and can be resolved by getting a card that works with the program.

You can also try this: Uninstall Program> Registry Editor> Type "regedit"> Backup Your Registry> Search For Program> Delete Keys and Values> Download Program> Change Program Name to runme.msi> Install.

How to Fix "Dock Conflict"

Some programs can prevent game apps from getting installed. A good example is RocketDock. You need to uninstall these programs to enable the installation of new apps.

In the case of RocketDock, change the file name (RocketDock and StackDocklet) in the following two lines. For example, a new name would look like this: "viberforpc.reg", "whatsappforpc.reg" or "clashofclansforpc.reg".



How to Solve "Graphics Card Error 25000"

This error is common when not using Windows 7. BlueStacks is developed for Windows 7 and Mac, and so you need to use either of these OSs. Other solutions include:

  • Updating your graphics card driver.
  • Downloading and installing an older version of BlueStacks, like and .
  • Updating .NET Framework and DirectX.
  • Upgrading your graphics card.

The last solution is recommended when all the other solutions have failed. If you decide to upgrade your card, I would recommend that you go for a NVIDIA one like EVGA GT 710! This card is powered by NVIDIA Pascal which is the most advanced GPU architecture. So the graphics driver provides incredible performance on "heavy" software and game apps, and boosts other things like photo and video editing and web browsing. In addition, it is power efficient, and if you have a tight budget, it is the cheapest NVIDIA 2GB graphics card. If you can't install graphics-rich software or your PC is slow, I would recommend that you buy this card.

How to Fix "Your Desktop Resolution is Set to Smaller than 1024x768. The Application Will Run, However the Layout may not be Optimal"

This issue is common with mini computers when running applications like Google Earth. Use a normal-sized computer or a larger one with a resolution of 1024x768 or more.

desktop resolution error
desktop resolution error | Source


The physical memory and graphics card errors are some of the most annoying problems when installing BlueStacks or other graphics-rich software. But the best thing is that they can be resolved, including the loading problem. Just use the most suitable solution (described above) for you to get that "heavy" program on your laptop, PC or Mac.

Have you ever dealt with the physical memory error or the graphics drivers error?

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If you happen to come across these errors in the future, do you think you will solve them with the help of this article?

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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