How to Print Handouts with Notes Using PowerPoint 2007

Updated on November 26, 2012
Print handouts with notes in PowerPoint
Print handouts with notes in PowerPoint | Source

When printing slides in PowerPoint 2007, you have four different options: Slides, Handouts, Notes Pages and Outline Views. We will cover what these options mean and how to use them so you can use what best suites your needs for your presentation.

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Print Options in PowerPoint 2007

Open Print Preview:

Click the Microsoft Office Button and run your mouse over the Print button. The Print Menu will appear to the right. From this menu, click the Print Preview button.


Once you open Print Preview, this is what your ribbon should look like:


View the Print Options:

Under the Print Setup heading, click the arrow to open the menu under the option Print What:. In this menu, your print options will show up. These options include: Slides, Handouts, Notes Pages and Outline View.


Printing Slides:

When you choose the option Slides, PowerPoint will print off one slide per page.

Printing Handouts:

With the Handouts option, you have the choice of printing 1-9 slides per page. Examples are shown in the screenshot below.

Printing Handouts with Notes:

If you choose the Handouts (3 Slides Per Page), then PowerPoint provides lines for taking notes.

Handouts (3 Slides Per Page) option
Handouts (3 Slides Per Page) option | Source
Handouts (6 Slides Per Page) option
Handouts (6 Slides Per Page) option | Source

Printing Notes Pages:

The Notes Pages option will print out each slide with your personal notes.


Printing Outlines:

The Outline View will print out the outline of your entire presentation.


Printing or Editing Your Presentation:

Once you decide and select which printing layout you would like to use, click the Print button.


If you see something in your presentation that you would like to go back and adjust, click the Close Print Preview button.


Other Printing Options in PowerPoint 2007

While in the print preview window, there are some more options that you can play around with if you want.

To see these options, while in the Print Preview window, click the Options button. A popup menu will appear with a list of options. If you click on Header and Footer, you can add headers and footers to your slides, such as date and time, your name or your company name. The next option is Color/Grayscale.Here, you can choose if you want to print your slides in color, grayscale or in black and white only. If you select the option Scale to Fit Paper, your slides will be adjusted to fit the page. The Frame Slides option will place a border around your slides.

If you are printing more than one slide per page, the Printing Order option will let you choose if you want the slides to print in order horizontally or vertically.

More print options available in PowerPoint 2007
More print options available in PowerPoint 2007 | Source

A Short Cut to Printing Handouts with Notes

You can select all of the print options discussed above without opening the print preview window. To do this, start by clicking the Microsoft button and the mouse over the Print button.


Click the Print button and the window pictured below will appear. In this window, you have all of the options available to you that is available in Print Preview, just in a condensed version. If you want to print slides with notes, select Handouts from the Print What menu. Then, to the right, select 3 under the Slides per page menu. This option will print 3 slides per page with lines for taking notes.


And that covers your options when choosing print layouts in PowerPoint 2007. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to cover anything else more thoroughly. Thanks!

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      • profile image

        Fwinter1 15 months ago

        When you said 'with notes', I kind of assumed it meant with the notes that you add in the 'click to add notes' box below slides.

      • Jenna Estefan profile image

        Jenna Estefan 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

        Thanks for your comment! The handouts with notes options is kind of hidden, so I hope it's helpful :-)

      • Dreamhowl profile image

        Jessica Marello 5 years ago from United States

        I like the handouts with notes option - I don't use Powerpoint much, so I didn't really know about it. Thanks for sharing!