How to Wrap Text Around an Image in OneNote

Updated on November 11, 2016

OneNote Limitations

Microsoft OneNote 2007 can wrap text around an image, sort of. OneNote is not a full fledged word processor or graphic editor. Microsoft Word and Publisher were designed for those purposes. Unfortunately, that means the programers at Microsoft did not feel the need to offer the capability of inserting an image into a text box and wrapping the text around it. However, do not despair, there a few options to work around this short coming.

OneNote Word Wrap Solution 1

If you find the need to wrap text around an image in Microsoft OneNote, your first option is to use multiple boxes. This is most easily done if you need a traditional image on the left and text on the right, or vice versa, layout. First, position your image and size it as desired. Next, create a text box of desired width and the same height as your image. Fill it with as much of your text as will fit. Finally, create a text box below the picture and text which is the same width as the two boxes combined and fill it with your remaining text. You will now have the appearance of a word wraped image on your OneNote page.

Word wrapped photo in OneNote using multiple text boxes
Word wrapped photo in OneNote using multiple text boxes
Text wrapped image in OneNote using the WINDOWS + S technique.
Text wrapped image in OneNote using the WINDOWS + S technique.

OneNote Word Wrap Solution 2

If you need a more sophisticated layout, such as an image surrounded by closely wrapped text on all sides, then this solution might be your better option. In this senario, you need to create your desired layout in another software program such as Microsoft Word or Publisher. When your layout is complete, hold down the WINDOWS button and press S. This will give you a cross hairs mouse and allow you to draw a rectangle around any part of your visible screen. Once your rectangle is complete and you release the mouse button, it will automatically paste an image of your selection into an unfiled OneNote page. You can then copy and paste that image wherever you need it. The biggest draw back to this solution is that your full layout must fit on your screen. If you think you will just zoom out until it fits, think again. Enlarging your clipped image back to a full zoom size will produce a low quality image.

Publisher Grouping Button
Publisher Grouping Button

OneNote Word Wrap Solution 3

If you are still reading this article, you probably find yourself needing a complex layout design covering a full page and are praying that I have the answer for you. Today, you might just be in luck. My final work around to achieve the look of word wrapped text in Microsoft OneNote requires that you have Microsoft Publisher. Create your full page layout in Microsoft Publisher. When it is complete, press Crtl + A to select everything on the screen. Then press the group button (show to the right). Now that all of your text and text wrapped pictures have been grouped together, right click and select "Copy". Go back to OneNote and paste. As you can see from the image below, I have placed an entire page of text and two word wrapped images into OneNote.

Full page of text wrapped images in OneNote
Full page of text wrapped images in OneNote

More Ideas

If you have any other ideas or suggestions to achieve the look of text wrapped images or pictures in Microsoft OneNote 2007, please share them in the comments below.


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      Max Turner 10 months ago

      Option 2 needs tweaking for Windows 10.

      Windows-S will launch Cortana.

      You need to use Windows-Shift-S to switch to screen capture mode. To its credit, it then allows you to either save the capture as a file, or copy it to clipboard.

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      droj 4 years ago from CNY

      Good topic! I personally like this solution, by using a table:

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      Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

      Thank is super. Thankyou for sharing and a well explicit hub.