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How to Recover Your iCloud Keychain Security Code

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Apple has proprietary software mechanisms which help you to manage all your digital information throughout several devices. This guide is all you need to understand about iCloud Keychain security code recovery. Before we get into the technical stuff, let’s have a look at the basics.

What Is iCloud Keychain?

iCloud Keychain helps to keep your selected digital information across all your devices using iOS or Mac OS. It has a security code which gives all of your selected devices authorization to your email, passwords, accounts, etc. As the name suggests, it is similar to a keychain where the keys represent each of your devices. The security code also helps to recover any information from any outlet using iOS or Mac OS.

What Is iCloud Keychain Security Code?

When you want to setup an iCloud keychain, you have to protect it with a code which will be known only by you. It might be a complex code of six digits. You can choose to have both alphabets and numbers in your code or you can have a complex code generated for you by Apple. The security code for your iCloud Keychain will give access to any iOS or MAC OS devices that are exposed to that code. The code is for authorizing different devices and recovering your iCloud Keychain if you happen to lose all your connected devices.


How to Setup New iCloud Keychain on Any Device Having iOS or MAC OS?

For iOS:

You need to follow some simple steps to setup your iCloud Keychain on your iOS devices with iOS 10.3 or newer versions.

These are:

  • Update your device
  • Go to settings
  • Select on your name with which you registered
  • Select iCloud
  • Tap and slide the keychain option to enable iCloud keychain.
  • Enter the password for your Apple ID.
  • Follow the instructions, displayed on screen, to complete your iCloud Keychain setup process.
Mac OS

Mac OS


The following steps are applicable for systems running MAC OS X Mavericks (10.9) or newer versions.

  • Go to Apple menu (with the apple logo)
  • Select system preferences
  • Select iCloud
  • Select Keychain
  • Enter your registered Apple ID and passcode when asked for.
  • Go through the rest of the process by following the instructions displayed onscreen.

You can add multiple devices to your Keychain. And when you want to add new ones, all your devices already using your iCloud Keychain feature, receives a notification. The process also seeks approval for new devices from existing ones. Once approved, the iCloud Keychain starts updating information on your new device. Another way to approve your new devices to use iCloud Keychain is the “Two Factor Authentication” method. if you follow this method, then no approval will be required from existing devices.

How Do You Get Locked Out of iCloud Keychain?

If you enter the security code incorrectly for a certain number of times, then the device will be locked out of the iCloud ecosystem. In addition, the whole keychain will be terminated due to security issues. This is a failsafe mechanism to keep hackers and robbers away from your personal information. After being locked out, you will see a message which will either tell you to enter the keychain security code from another device or it will ask you to reset your iCloud Keychain completely.

“Security Code Incorrectly Entered Too Many Times. Approve this iPhone from one of your other devices using iCloud Keychain. If no devices are available, reset your iCloud Keychain.”
“Your iCloud Security Code has been entered too many times. Approve this Mac from one of your other devices using iCloud Keychain. If no devices are available, reset iCloud Keychain.”


How to Recover Your iCloud Keychain Security Code?

Now let’s have a look on how to recover the security code in different scenarios.

If you have access to a device authorized to share your iCloud Keychain, follow the steps below.

From iOS devices, you can change the password in the following manner:

  • Go to settings
  • Select iCloud
  • Select keychain
  • Select Advanced
  • Tap on change security code
  • Enter your Apple identification password when asked for
  • Enter new iCloud Keychain security code

For MAC users, the keychain function can only be accessed through OS X Yosemite or any newer version of MAC OS. Follow the included steps to change your iCloud Keychain security code:

  • In the Apple menu select System preferences.
  • Select iCloud
  • Next to Keychain, click the Options button.
  • Click “Change Security Code”
  • Enter new iCloud Keychain security code.

If you don’t have access to a device authorized to share your iCloud Keychain:

For iOS devices:

The following method is only applicable for iOS 8 or newer versions. The steps are:

  • In the settings menu select iCloud
  • Select Keychain
  • Turn on iCloud keychain.
  • Type in Apple identification password if asked for.
  • Select “Approve with security code”
  • Select “forgot code”
  • Select “Reset iCloud Keychain”
  • Confirm your reset action.
  • Follow on screen instructions to create a new iCloud Keychain security code.

For MAC OS devices:

As mentioned earlier, the method is applicable for MAC OS X Yosemite or newer versions. The steps are:

  • Select system preferences in the Apple menu
  • Select iCloud
  • Select Keychain
  • Enter your Apple Identification pass word if asked for.
  • Select “Use code”
  • Select “Forgot Code”
  • Select “Reset Keychain” (this will replace your iCloud keychain with a new one)
  • Confirm your iCloud Keychain reset.
  • Follow the provided instructions on screen to complete your iCloud Keychain Security code setup.

When you are connected to the internet through several platforms, sometimes it might get very hard to remember all information relevant to those respective platforms. You save substantial amount of time when you can get easy access to all your emails, credit card information and social media platforms on the go. The iCloud keychain enables users to do so. The security code associated with individual iCloud Keychains can be used to protect and access important information from any device having iOS or MAC OS. Your digital security is as safe as it could be with Apple products and their services.

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