How to Dismantle and Clean a Razer Deathadder Mouse

Updated on January 7, 2017

This is a mouse. You may have one. If it's not working properly, read on.

Double click not working properly?

My mouse has been irritating me for a while as it was double clicking by itself so I decided to do something about it as I was on the verge of launching it across the room and buying another.

Instead of that I started fiddling with it and got it working perfectly again. Of course nowadays when I'm about to take something apart I get the camera out just in case I can share the info on here. Here's how to do it.

Run the blade round, blunt edge first.

Dust.... Anybody?

Usually if your mouse has stopped working properly it's because it has got clogged up with dust. My Razer Deathadder is a great mouse, but the click is super sensitive. That's great when you're using it as just a thought clicks the button, or so it seems, but a bit of dust in there and it seems to love to double click by itself.

First things first turn off the computer or unplug the mouse. You don't want to blow anything up.

To get inside the thing you need to get a blade in-between the casing and run it from the front all the way round the edge. There is no need to lever it up, just the thickness of the blade running around it will do it.

Look at the state of that thing!

Get right into every single nook and cranny.

Did you fix yours and did it work?

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If all else fails, buy a new one here!

Clean up operation

Once you've ran the blade all the way around there, then you can simply lift the top off the thing.

Then you get to peer inside the beast. As you can see, mine was absolutely disgusting and filled with dust, hair and all sorts of stuff. I get hassled at home for being lazy with the vacuum, well I have to admit that in this case she's right, the inside of my mouse needs a bit more regular love and attention.

To get on with things I got a cotton bud, some alcohol and some antibacterial spray and got busy wiping up. Run the bud around the outside and basically anywhere that's dirty. The whole of the top of these mice is what is used to click, there isn't a separate button, so any dust around the edge stops it from working properly.

After giving it a good scrub down inside I sprayed the top with antibacterial cleaner then rinsed it under the tap.

After that it's simply (well I say simply..) a case of popping the top back on without breaking any of the tabs. The best way of doing this is to put the buttons back into position but don't push them down all the way, then pop the back part down. Then you can pop the button part down properly.

That's it! It's about as simple a guide as you can get really, but that's good as it means you'll be back up and running in a few minutes with no need for any screwdriver action or any swearing. The mouse now works perfectly again.

No need for a new mouse, I can now use the money saved on something more useful, like another bottle of cognac or something. What a result! If you have any comments, leave them below.

Thanks for reading.

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      • profile image

        Kryziven 2 months ago

        My mouse doesnt work anymore I can only use my left click now if I remove the top and poke it with a needle when the top is still there it makes the characteristic click sound but no clicks get registered

      • profile image

        Ryan 2 months ago

        Didn't break the mouse, was careful, but that second extra click still exists. Guess I need to get a hold of Razer.

      • profile image

        Naga 2 months ago

        Thanks for the tips to get the case off, I would however clear up putting it back on. I tried the back first and then the front, this snapped one of the tabs, making left click unusable. To clarify, get the mouse buttons in FIRST as these are the most important and fragile, the back ones dont matter so much for usability. I would add though, after super gluing the tab back on, I got the whole thing working again just fine.

      • profile image

        Shelley 3 months ago

        Thank you so much this fixed my mouse. My right click was getting so jammed to a point where i thought i had to buy a new mouse. For 'Dudodian' below who asked what to do when you clean it and it still isn't working- at first I just cleaned it and it still felt jammed buy when I got a cotton swap, put rubbing alcohol on it and cleaned where the actual click is on the inside, in the two small holes, my clicker is working perfectly now. I cleaned the 2 little white clickers you can see on the inside.

        Again thank you for this! saved me hundreds.

      • profile image

        orthene 8 months ago

        Thanks so much; I wasn't sure this type of mouse could be disassembled. Works like brand new now. You just have to be gentle when you disassemble it and have some good lighting to line up the tabs before finally snapping the top back in to place.

      • profile image

        Unit_108 20 months ago

        You have no idea how happy I am this worked, I hit my mouse against my desk a bit too hard and the clicker didn't click right, so I just googled it and cleaned it out (also to see if there was anything else wrong) and it works like new, this really saved me because I have a Battlefiled 4 Tournament in an hour and I almost had to drop. Thank you so much and I hope this helps others!

      • profile image

        Dudodian 21 months ago

        My mouse has a weird left click that feels almost jammed. I tried cleaning my mouse out as you described here, but it still feels like it did before cleaning. Any suggestions on what to do past this?

      • profile image

        Beck 2 years ago

        Followed this with a Razer Deathadder Chroma. They seem to have changed the clicker design. I got in there with the electronics cleaner and isopropyl and it seems to be still doing it from my limited testing in the double-click dialog. I think I'll use it a bit more before I decide whether to strip it down further or just buy a new one.

      • profile image

        DDz 3 years ago

        Thanks a lot worked like a charm

      • DaphneDL profile image

        Daphne D. Lewis 3 years ago from Saint Albans, West Virginia

        Great tips for cleaning the mouse! I've done this before and it works.

      • profile image

        Caw 3 years ago

        Maybe you could update with a pic showing the location of the tabs and a few more words on the technique?

      • Rain Defence profile image

        Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK

        It's not impossible as I managed it without breaking any tabs, but it is tricky. All you have to do is take your time and do a little bit of swearing.

      • profile image

        erock124 3 years ago

        broke 2 tabs as well. This is impossible to do without breaking a tab. mouse still works fine with 2 tabs. just notice a looser click since back top cover isn't as tight held down.

      • Rain Defence profile image

        Rain Defence 3 years ago from UK

        Well it worked fine for me. Maybe you should've been more careful.

      • profile image

        3 years ago

        "Once you've ran the blade all the way around there, then you can simply lift the top off the thing."

        Completely false. It requires a considerable amount of pressure to get the clips undone, and in specific places. I'd completely advise against this - my mouse still works, but one of the inner clips is now broken from attempting to "simply lift the top off the thing".

      • Rain Defence profile image

        Rain Defence 4 years ago from UK

        Thanks, glad it was useful!

      • idigwebsites profile image

        idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

        That's awesome! All it takes is just cleaning. Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked for future reference, and shared. :)