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How to Fix Part or Full Excel Spreadsheet Page Not Printing



I received an Excel spreadsheet via email from a colleague, and I added two rows of data at the bottom of the page. I went to print the spreadsheet, but the whole page would not print out. Everything would print, except the two rows that I added.

There are a couple obvious options to fix this, but none was working. I tried "Page Set Up" and tried the "Adjust To" % settings, but that did not work. Since I only needed to print one page, I then tried the "Fit into 1 Pages Wide by 1 Pages Tall" and that didn't work either. For the life of me, I could not capture and print out the data I wanted. I also tried highlighting the entire spreadsheet area and then checking "Print Preview," but that didn't do squat either.

Here is the solution that ultimately wound up working for me. Hopefully, this applies to your problem as well.

As I do so often, please accept my apologies for the rough screen pics (I'll get better at it someday :-)

Step 1

Open your Excel Spreadsheet. You may want to try the solutions I described in the third paragraph in the introduction. If those doesn't work, continue to the next step.

Step 2

Look to the top right portion of your PC screen.

Click on "View."

Step 3

Then, look to the left side of your screen. Just to the right of the words "Page Layout," you'll see "Page Break Preview."

Click on "Page Break Preview."

If you don't see "Page Break Preview," you're probably seeing three tiny icons next to "Page Layout."

Click the top icon that is just to the right of "Page Layout" and "Page Break Preview" will appear..

Step 4

The screen will change, and your spreadsheet page will appear smaller. You will see a blue border around your spreadsheet.

The blue border defines the region that will be printed. You might notice that the cell data that's not printing is outside of this region.

You will want to expand this area so that the area that's not printing, falls within the blue boundary.

Position your cursor over the blue line that you want to expand. If your printer is missing cell data at the bottom of the page, position the cursor over the blue line at the bottom of the page. If you were missing data at the side, place your cursor to the blue line on the side. Your cursor will turn into an arrow that points in two directions.

Step 5

Then, drag the line so that the area that is not printing now falls within the boundaries of the blue line.

Step 6

Then go ahead and print as you normally would. The entire spreadsheet should come off the printer just as you hoped :-). I did a video on this below also just in case you're having a bit of trouble.

Here's a Video I Did Showing You What You Just Read

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