How to Fix Part or Full Excel Spreadsheet Page Not Printing


I received an Excel spreadsheet via email from a colleague, and I added two rows of data at the bottom of the page. I went to print the spreadsheet, but the whole page would not print out. Everything would print, except the two rows that I added.

There are a couple obvious options to fix this, but none was working. I tried "Page Set Up" and tried the "Adjust To" % settings, but that did not work. Since I only needed to print one page, I then tried the "Fit into 1 Pages Wide by 1 Pages Tall" and that didn't work either. For the life of me, I could not capture and print out the data I wanted. I also tried highlighting the entire spreadsheet area and then checking "Print Preview," but that didn't do squat either.

Here is the solution that ultimately wound up working for me. Hopefully, this applies to your problem as well.

As I do so often, please accept my apologies for the rough screen pics (I'll get better at it someday :-)

Step 1

Open your Excel Spreadsheet. You may want to try the solutions I described in the third paragraph in the introduction. If those doesn't work, continue to the next step.

Step 2

Look to the top right portion of your PC screen.

Click on "View."

Step 3

Then, look to the left side of your screen. Just to the right of the words "Page Layout," you'll see "Page Break Preview."

Click on "Page Break Preview."

If you don't see "Page Break Preview," you're probably seeing three tiny icons next to "Page Layout."

Click the top icon that is just to the right of "Page Layout" and "Page Break Preview" will appear..

Step 4

The screen will change, and your spreadsheet page will appear smaller. You will see a blue border around your spreadsheet.

The blue border defines the region that will be printed. You might notice that the cell data that's not printing is outside of this region.

You will want to expand this area so that the area that's not printing, falls within the blue boundary.

Position your cursor over the blue line that you want to expand. If your printer is missing cell data at the bottom of the page, position the cursor over the blue line at the bottom of the page. If you were missing data at the side, place your cursor to the blue line on the side. Your cursor will turn into an arrow that points in two directions.

Step 5

Then, drag the line so that the area that is not printing now falls within the boundaries of the blue line.

Step 6

Then go ahead and print as you normally would. The entire spreadsheet should come off the printer just as you hoped :-). I did a video on this below also just in case you're having a bit of trouble.

Here's a Video I Did Showing You What You Just Read

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X-factor 4 years ago

that was helpful. I was going crazy with this!!

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 4 years ago Author

Thank you for reading my Excel help article ! Glad to hear you are now about to get the whole worksheet.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 4 years ago Author

Thanks Veronica! Glad you were able to get your entire Excel worksheet to print again

Veronica (too!) 4 years ago

OMG, thanks for posting this! I thought I had tried this already but when I went back I noticed that there were two blue lines, a top and a bottom, and bother were near the bottom so they were only printing the bottom of the work sheet. i moved the "top" line all the way up- setting a blue border at the top and a blue border at the bottom and voila!!

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 4 years ago Author

That is a bad feeling when your Excel sheet is only partially coming out. Glad you were able to fix the blue borders so the whole thing appeared. Thanks Veronica!

Brad 4 years ago

You are a hero! Thank you so much.

(Why on earth is this even an issue? Excel should just assume I want everything printed - not the other way around!)

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 4 years ago Author

Thanks Brad! Glad you could get everything printed.

Frost 4 years ago

Screenshots are so easy I don't get how you can fail. :) Just fire up the built-in "Snipping Tool" (available in all modern Windows iterations, under Accessories) and screenshot away to your hearts content.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 4 years ago Author

Thanks Frost! Yeah, I've since picked up on the right way to do it. I'm a little slow sometimes :-)

GDilly 3 years ago

You can achieve similar result by clearing the print area. In Excel 2007 click the print layout tab next click the print area icon then clear print area.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

Thankd GDilly! I'll have to try clearing the print area sometime!

newusedcarssacram profile image

newusedcarssacram 3 years ago from Sacramento, CA, U.S.A

I have to use spreadsheet a lot, thanks for the step by step tips.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

Thanks I'm glad this helped to print your worksheet. Appreciate you stopping by

byshea profile image

byshea 3 years ago

yeah.... this is awesome! You just saved me a lot of time. Thanks.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

Thanks byshea! Glad I could pass along a tip.. Appreciate your comment thank you.

Timbo 3 years ago

Great Kickass answer. I figured out that the columns not printing were hidden by the way the page break preview was set up. Moved that vertical bar to the left (my left) of the columns I wanted to print, and fixed it 100%. Thank you!!

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

You are so welcome Timbo! Glad I could help get the entire page to print out. Thanks for the comment!

livewirez profile image

livewirez 3 years ago from Pearl of the Orient Sea

Nice Information... I always adjust the rows and column just for the printing area to fit in a legal size bond paper, that is why I will try this idea next time.

cathie bridges profile image

cathie bridges 3 years ago from Pakistan

what an effort by your.really great

Aprl 3 years ago

Thank you!

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

You are so welcome! Thank you!!

Olivier 3 years ago

Pure Genius, this is something that has messed with me for a while-Thanks

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

I'm real happy that this helped to print your entire worksheet. Thanks for the message!

Rob-Smart 3 years ago from Greece

I have to use spreadsheet a lot, thanks for the step by step tips.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

Thanks Rob-Smart !

Carl8033 profile image

Carl8033 3 years ago

Wow, printing Excel spread sheets has always been a nightmare for me. Thank you for the tips and advice.

Thief12 profile image

Thief12 3 years ago from Puerto Rico

Good tip. You can also get to the Page Break Preview from the bottom of the Excel window, on the status bar, next to the Zoom slider.

AM 3 years ago

Awesome... I was so frustrated about being bested by Excel! Thanks very much

Makayla 3 years ago

Thank you so much! It cut off at page 12 and I had another 9 more to go...I did what you did with the pages tall and it went from 12 to saved me from ripping out all my hair!

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

You are so welcome!

AL 2 years ago

Thank you!!!

ChrisM 2 years ago

Okay, TurtleDog, I've got another one for you. I used to teach Excel and this had got me completely stumped. I have a spreadsheet (Excel 2013)someone else made, and when I try to print it, it not only cuts off column A, it cuts off HALF of column B. It's landscape mode, fit 1 x1, and the print area covers all the columns I need. The columns are not merged. Just a regular ol' simple spreadsheet. I've changed margins, cleared and reset print areas, tried printing few columns, everything I can think of. The Print Preview screen shows all columns ready to print, but when I print, column A and half of B are missing. And the half column B starts right on the edge of the paper, looking like it bled over from another page, though the 1/2" margin is set and the other three sides have the correct 1/2" margins. What in the world is it doing?

ChrisM 2 years ago

Aaaghh! Okay, I just figured it out! Sheesh! The person had set the sheet size as 8.5 x 14, instead of 8.5 x 11. That's why it was cutting off. Thanks anyway!

KTMYS 2 years ago

Thanks a ton...

Nichole 2 years ago

You are a genius, thank you!!!

Suzy 2 years ago

Good tip. Unfortunately not working for me. My View / Page Break shows I have 6 pages within the blue lines. But when I print the active worksheet only page 1 comes out. I also went to Page Layout and select Clear Print area. Same result. Only 1 page prints. I use Excel everyday and have never had this happen. Any ideas?

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 2 years ago Author

I'll be honest with you, I'm not sure of the answer to this unless your printer setting is only set to print page one, though you'd be aware of this as by default all pages should print and would have to manually change that. Another thought is put your worksheet in page break preview mode, right click and play with the 'set print area' and 'add to print area' option , which I admit I don't have much experience with. Hope that works, but I can't assure you it does. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you Suzy

Thief12 profile image

Thief12 2 years ago from Puerto Rico

Suzy, this might sound simple, but it can be something that's overlooked. If you are using Excel 2010 or 2013, go to File - Print and check what is selected under Settings (it must read Active Sheet) and that there are no specific pages listed in the boxes (Pages ___ to ___ )

Another thing is that it might be a printer setting issue, which can be checked in File - Print - Printer Properties. Settings are different for each printer so you'll have to touch-and-feel your way around.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 2 years ago Author

Thanks so much for checking in here Thief12

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 2 years ago Author

Thanks so much for checking in here Thief12 !

Suzy 2 years ago

So I tried all that and no change(?). The worksheet in question had one pivot table, so I deleted and started over. Same result. Then I copied whole worksheet to another tab...same problem. But here is what finally worked, but I have no idea why: I selected the entire pivot table, copied it and pasted it on a new page, then voila--all the pages printed! Go figure.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 2 years ago Author

Thanks for the advice Suzy!

Michell 2 years ago

Thank you so much.

Mike 2 years ago

Thanks man!

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 2 years ago Author

Mike and Michell you are welcome! Glad this fixed your problem on MS Excel

Lumi 23 months ago

Tk's for posting, it helped me too.

TTGReviews profile image

TTGReviews 22 months ago

I never thought about changing the Page Break Lines. Also, keep in mind that you may only be printing selected cells. I ran into this issue a couple months ago.

Kelly 21 months ago

Oh man...thank you for posting this! I was going nuts trying to print 4 extra pages that I needed. It becomes more stressful when the taxman is waiting for you. Haha! You made my day!

Ronald 20 months ago

Thanks a lot

Tom 20 months ago

Really appreciate how you started your explanation at Ground Zero. So often tutorials begin about halfway through the process, and I'm going, "but I don't HAVE that function on my toolbar!"

pbiTeach 17 months ago


I have been at my wits' END trying to problem-solve why in the world 6 of the sheets on my spreadsheet booklet were coming out with NO problems whatsoever, yet for 2 of them, they would not print the entire sheets-- & I had already tried every trouble-shooting idea myself that you mentioned (plus sev. others). YOUR POST WAS A LIFESAVER!!

Thank you again, so much!! :-)

Vi 16 months ago

Thank you so much

MMH 16 months ago

THANKS!!! So helpful and I found this solution so quickly!

turtledog 16 months ago

you guys are soooo welcome. thank you for stopping by!

JC 14 months ago

Thank you so much. you're a life saver

Ammu 14 months ago

Very useful!

Nanna6 13 months ago

Finally found the blue lines. Still cant get the document to spread across A4 sheet.

13 months ago

u saved my day!

Patrick 12 months ago

thank you!!!!

Thief12 profile image

Thief12 12 months ago from Puerto Rico

Nanna6, are you choosing the A4 paper size for your spreadsheet? You can do this from the Page Layout tab on the Size button, or when choosing Print from the Print Options.

Thato 12 months ago

You're boss!

11 months ago

Thank you very much for this.

Becca 10 months ago

THANK YOU! You just saved my butt!!! :o)

Rob 10 months ago

Hey everyone, I found that going to file, print area and then delete print area (on a mac and in French so hope the translation makes sense :) the problem was solved as well.

Didier 8 months ago

This was driving me nuts at work. This really was a simple fix thank you!

CiCi 8 months ago

Thanks. With Excel 2013 had a grayed out page, only on one of my two sheets! I had to right click on grayed area and re-set page. Voila~! The rest of my sheet reappeared.

Dianna 8 months ago

It worked!! Thank you ever so much!!

Bad_replay 8 months ago

Simple Solution:

-Go to "Page Layout" tab

-Click on "Print Area"

-Select "Clear Print Area"



Ambrosia 8 months ago

Thank you so much!

Ryan 8 months ago

Brilliant. *Thumbs up*

Suzie 8 months ago

After a lot of frustration, I came across this which fixed the problem. Thanks so much!

Isaac 7 months ago

Thank you!!!!

Candice 7 months ago

It worked! Thank you!

Shadi 7 months ago

LMAO, you would figure that the blacked out cells would print on another page! Thank you for saving my sanity.

La 6 months ago

Thank you!!!

Thief12 profile image

Thief12 6 months ago from Puerto Rico

You say it like it's a glitch :-D Obviously not every spreadsheet will have the exact same amount of columns, so there's no way for Microsoft programmers to establish a fixed set of columns to print.

Nicole 6 months ago

Thank you so much! You just saved me at work!

John 6 months ago

VERY helpful...thanks!!

Joel 5 months ago

Alternative crappy solution: take a screenshot then ctrl-v in MS paint, crop it, then print.

Becky 5 months ago

Thank you--I've been trying to fix this for 30 minutes!

Andrew 4 months ago

Saved me a lot of time. Been playing with it off and on for a while and this worked!

wass 4 months ago

you are a hero man :)

Danny 4 months ago

OMG i had the same problem i could not figure it out for the life of me. THANK YOU soooooo much

LASAuckland 4 months ago

Brilliant thank you. This was driving me nuts.

KSU 3 months ago

Thank you

John C 2 months ago

I was struggling with this one off issue all day today and all my breaks and such are done grammatically. I followed your advice and moved the break manually, then moved it back to it's original place and now it works! Thanks!

Gabi 2 months ago

Brilliant, thank you!!! I thought I was losing my mind, couldn't for the life of me figure out what was going on.

Gloria 2 months ago

Thanks so much. I could follow the directions and it worked.

Orla 2 months ago

Cool, I was so confused, thanks so much for the help!

Gayle 2 months ago

Thank you so much for this, I had to add some required information to an invoice and every time I exported to PDF the new information was missing.

Now fixed thanks to your instructions!

Trish 2 months ago

You saved me!

Richard 2 months ago

thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane 2 months ago

Thank you!!! Well written and successful fix!

Robin 2 months ago

So helpful thank you!!!!

Sheryl 7 weeks ago

Thank you! I've been looking everywhere for a solution. although it didn't work exactly the same for me (moving the blue lines didn't solve the problem) it gave me a way to solve it. I was able to manually expand each row (nearly every cell was being cut off, not just the last on the page) by simply pulling the line down at the left row marker (hope this makes sense). When I did this in other views it didn't change printing, but when I did this in page view, it worked. You're the best. Keep blogging!

Alex 6 weeks ago

THANK YOU! It was driving me mad, but that was it!

Joanne 6 weeks ago

I just stopped hitting my head against the wall. Thank you thank you.

Byron 5 weeks ago

thanks for teaching me

POCallaghan 4 weeks ago

Thank you, this worked perfectly. Learnt something new today.

Stefan 3 weeks ago

thanks, worked perfectly. Excel is driving my crazy sometimes

Joe 2 weeks ago

This worked perfectly per your step by step instructions. Thank you so much!

Melanie 2 weeks ago

Ditto - Finally a solution to this very aggravating issue! Thank you!!!!!

A. kulkarni 2 weeks ago

thank u so much it was very helpful

Jessica 6 days ago

Thank you so much! I wasted much time on this today and you've solved the problem in 2 minutes of reading.

John 5 days ago

Thank you so much!! I was going crazy with this issue

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